Hellbound With You Chapter 484

482 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxviii

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Alex was able to successfully enter the palace, taking just a few of his men with him inside.

But Dinah, being the only one among them who had closely witnessed Alex's movements and physique in the battlefield realized that the man leading the army wasn't Alexander. She alerted the vampire king and thus Alex and his team were greeted in the courtyard by the royal family and the elite vampires.

The princes and princesses were there to welcome him. He could see in their eyes and feel their killing intent. He was not welcome here and his betrayal sealed his fate. They were all ready and willing to kill him. The sight of them made Alex's lips curved up wickedly. Who would have thought that his perfectly crafted plan would go awry in this way? He hadn't planned on annihilating the royal family or even killing a single one of his so-called family. He only planned to rule over them but it seemed that that wasn't an option now. He could see that at this point, a bloodbath was inevitable.

"Good to see you again, Alexander," his oldest sibling who should have been the crown prince said with eyes filled with hatred as he looked at Alex.

Alex couldn't really blame his brother for his hatred towards him. He had jumped the line after all, even if it wasn't really his choice.

"Give me back the girl and I will spare you all," Alex said but like always, his haughty brothers considered his words a joke.

"Spare us all, he says. Ha!" the oldest prince snarled. "Shouldn't you be the one kneeling and begging us right now? Don't you see how badly disadvantaged you are?"

Alex realized it was useless and a waste of time to try and talk some sense to any of them. Glancing at his men, Alex's eyes glimmered with pure danger.

He didn't speak anymore and with a single signal, he and his troops rushed forward to attack those who stood in his way.

An evil smile flashed on his face as Alex fought like the untouchable god of war that he was. His movements were so precise and cold-blooded, not giving an inch to his opponents. His aura was so intense that his men also fought with the same intensity, as if this power that Alex emitted enveloped his men, giving them some of his willpower and strength.

The royal vampires found themselves overwhelmed. They had heard of Alexander's five glorious victories but all of them simply shrugged it off, fooling themselves into thinking that it was because Alexander's opponents were mere humans. Little did they know that the sheer number of the human soldiers and his intelligent war tactics were more than equal to the vampire's brute force. They had belittled humans for so long that they had forgotten what these humans were really capable of doing.

Only Alexander, who had fought against them, knew the real power of these 'weak' humans. He had learned a lot from his battles and the experiences he gained from those battles made him stronger and smarter than ever, something that none of these pure blooded vampires would never understand.

As the fierce battle between Alex and his men against the royal family unfolded, Dinah was anxiously watching on the sideline beside the weakened king and his officials.

"What's going on? Why are they fighting Alexander like they want to kill him?!" Dinah complained.

"Silence, human. Can't you see how fierce he is? There is no way that man will surrender. They need to fight him with all they have until he falls to his knees. Don't worry, he heals fast and I ordered them not to kill him," the king replied and Dinah finally shut her mouth.

When Dinah left Abigail's house that day, she actually went to Astheria to make a deal with the vampire king. She knew that the vampires valued their promises so she made the king vow to give her Alexander in exchange for the information she had about the last dragon and its dragon keeper. She was quite convincing. She told the king that she was a member of the noble family of dragon keepers. She told the king about the current dragon keeper and her powers and said that once the current keeper died, she would take over that position and be able to control the dragon. The deal was that if he killed Abigail and gave her Alexander, then she would give him the dragon in return.

The greedy vampire king couldn't resist this offer. To have the command of a dragon under his rule would be the ultimate kind of power. He would be able to rule over the world. However, there was one flaw in his plan. He wouldn't be able to get close to Abigail because of that strange power she possessed so he sought help from the witch queen and both of them made a deal with each other.

The king vowed that if the witch queen helped him, he would be willing to give the witches half of the world to rule and the witch queen's thirst for power got the better of her and she agreed.

The alliance had been formed quickly and now all they needed was to devise a plan to get to Abigail. They still couldn't quite figure out how to do this until Dinah revealed that Zeres was very good friends with the current dragon keeper. The witch queen was shocked as she had no idea that her son even knew this dragon keeper but she didn't waste time in finding out everything about this girl by forcefully reading his memories. That was when she found out that her son was in love with this Abigail.

The witch queen immediately thought of using her son to get close enough to Abigail to put her under a spell. Unbeknownst to Dinah, the witch queen spoke to Zeres about their plan to destroy Alexander. She told Zeres that once Alexander was out of the picture, then Abigail would be his. She also promised that she would keep Abigail safe and that all they needed was her power to control the dragon in order to defeat Alexander.

Zeres still refused. However, his mother had another ace up her sleeve.

She revealed to Zeres the vampire prophetess' prophecy - that Alexander was destined to kill the dragon. She showed him a fake conversation between the vampire prophetess and the king, where in the prophetess revealed that Alexander wasn't just destined to kill the dragon, he was also destined to kill the last dragon keeper.

Those words broke the last string of Zeres' resistance. There was no way he would let Alexander kill his Abigail. After that, Zeres went back to Abigail and taking advantage of her trust, he easily managed to hypnotize her, using the most powerful spell his mother taught him.

And with just one order, Zeres managed to make Lexus fly her to Ashteria.


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