Hellbound With You Chapter 490

488 Thousands Of Years

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Abigail's lashes fluttered like butterfly wings as she finally woke up. The room was bright, so she placed her arm across her eyes. She rolled on her side and blinked groggily. Her head was throbbing with pain, but the second something yellow, a sunflower, registered in her vision, Abigail's dazed eyes widened as everything she saw in her dream flooded back into her awareness.

She sat up immediately, eyes still wide and filled with utter disbelief. Her heartbeat raced as she clenched her chest. She knew that wasn't a dream. That was her and Alex's past life!

Before she realized it, a silent tear fell from her eyes, and she looked around the room, looking for her Alex. Her heart was still aching. It was as if she had just watched the most heartbreaking movie she had ever seen in her life.

Climbing out of bed, Abi called out for Alex. She felt like it had been forever since she last saw him. She missed him, so damn bad as if thousands of years had gone by the last time she saw him.

"Alex" she called as she frantically headed to the door. She must see him and hold him, or else the pain in her chest won't subside.

As if a killer was chasing her, Abigail descended the grand staircase as fast as she could. Everyone who was sitting by the fireplace turned, and Alex immediately stood upon seeing her.

His brows creased with worry and surprise as he walked towards her in haste. However, Abigail ran, and she threw herself in his arms, surprising Alex. She gripped him hard as she buried her face on his chest. Her body was trembling, and she was sobbing.

"Oh, Alex," she uttered. "I've missed you so much."

Her words confused Alex, and he held her shoulders as he bent and looked into her eyes. "Are you alright? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" he asked, worried sick.

"I'm fine. I just I just missed you." She replied, and she hugged him again.

Realizing that Abigail was too emotional, Alex lifted her up, and he carried her back upstairs.

Last night, he never left her side. Alicia told him that Abigail was inside a dream that she must be seeing someone's memories.

Alicia said that the things she was seeing would be the answer they were looking for, so Alex didn't expect that Abigail's first reaction upon waking up was this. He was expecting that she would wake up scared like how she acted when she had nightmares, so he stayed with her all night. So why was she crying? And why was she saying that she missed him? Just what kind of memories did she see?

Upon reaching the room, Alex put her down, and they both sat on the bed. Though Abigail still didn't let go of him. She was acting like she hadn't seen him for a very long time.

"My wife, tell me. What did you see in your dream for you to cry like this?" he asked as he gently wiped her tears.

Abi looked up at him reached out to touch his face as well.

"You," she answered as her tears fell again.

Her answer made the lines in his forehead deepen. His puzzled eyes slightly circled.

"Me" was all he could utter, and Abigail nodded.

"Mm, you and I, Alex," she bit her lower lip. "I saw our long lost tale."

Alex opened his lips, but nothing came out. He didn't know what to say as confusion glimmered in his eyes.

Seeing the questions and confusion in his eyes, Abigail knelt on the bed, straddled him, and then hugged him tight before their eyes locked.

"Would you believe me if I tell you that" she paused, gazing at him intently, "that you and I have met and were in love thousands of years ago?"

Alex was speechless, still utterly confused. But her question made him think. Would he believe it? As he thought about it, 'no' was never an option. He would definitely believe it even if it was just a fairytale.

He nodded at her, and Abigail finally smiled.

"I remember Alicia said that you couldn't see memories through witches' crystal ball, right?"

"Yes. Vampires can't."

"Then, do you want to hear it? Our long lost tale?"

Alex stared deeply into her eyes, trying to see if she was just kidding. But she was extremely serious. And for some reason, Alex suddenly felt his heartbeat accelerate, and he found himself waiting in anticipation of what she would say next.

Abi gently stroked his hair, remembering how Alex continued stroking the hair of the dead girl in his arm. That broke her heart into a million pieces, seeing Alex's agony because of her death.

Taking a deep breath, Abi held her necklace without averting her eyes away, and she finally started to speak. She narrated from the very beginning until the very end. From that night she saved her in the forest until he drunk Lexus' blood and left the black dragon hill.

She smiled and then cried throughout her narration. Her emotions were raw, and she was telling the story in a way that Alex could see and feel everything she was feeling and seeing. And then, he started to see a single hazy memory in his head. He saw young Abigail, wearing a golden yellow dress, smiling at him. Telling him to wait for her no matter how long it takes. And then, the memories flooded in as if a dam broke.

When the story ended, Alex just sat there, still as stone. He couldn't describe what he was feeling. At last, the missing link in his memory was found. Who would have thought that everything that had happened all this time was for a reason?

Alex suddenly pulled her and hugged her tight. His heart was squeezing in pain, remembering about Abigail's death in the past. It made his body shook again, just like that day when he was holding her lifeless body.

But at that moment, Alex finally felt that the world might not hate him as bad as he thought. Despite all the pain and suffering, it seemed the world still wasn't that bad. Because at the very least, they were still able to find each other again.

"Thank you for waiting for me, Alex," Abi told him, her emotion overflowing. "I am so glad I approached you bravely that night in the garage," she smiled with tears, remembering her crazy stunt that night.

Alex held her face and gently bumped his forehead on hers.

"Mm. I am glad you didn't chicken out and persistently came after me despite how I treated you the first time we net again, Abigail." He replied, trying to lighten up the heaviness in his heart.

The two chuckled at each other, and then, they kissed passionately. They felt like their already almost excessive love for each other reached another level. And it was just amazing, how their hearts forever beat only for each other.

But Alex knew that they can't even fully celebrate yet. He knew he couldn't let their guard down at all or have any break from all of this. He can't rest and breathe until all this was over. Because dread now filled Alex's heart. He feared that what happened in the past will be repeated, and he would lose Abigail again. No, he will never let that happen. Never again. Over his dead body!


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