Hellbound With You Chapter 493

491 Trespasser

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The mists around Abigail was gone. The ice sheets were scattered around her like white blankets. They were all over the place, crushing against each other and crumbling into pieces.

Alex smiled, seeing that it was finally working. Although Abi still couldn't transform the ice into weapons, her first try was an absolutely huge success. His eyes glimmered with pride as he looked at her.

After another long while, Abi's concertation broke, and the floating ice sheets fell on the ground before they turned back into mists again.

"Good job, wife." Alex was already standing before her when she opened her eyes. She looked a little upset, but when she saw the look in Alex's eyes, a smile broke on her face. "See? I told you, you can do it. You did such an amazing job for a first try." He grinned, still looking proud of her.

The smile on Abi's face widened, and she hugged him, suddenly feeling a little sore for standing for hours. "Thank you, Alex. I thought it's not working."

"No, you did well, Abigail. All you have to do now is practice how to control them. And how to turn them into weapons that you can easily control. Once you can do that" he paused and gently bumped his head on hers. "As long as we're in an open place, you'll be untouchable."

Abi nodded at him, excitedly. Her determination and fighting spirit intensified. She could finally be useful. Gone are the days when all she could do was watch and cry. From here on, she would fight alongside him. She would do everything to be useful, and she wouldn't let Alex fight all alone again. She must become stronger.

"Come, let's go back to the castle. We will continue your training tomorrow." Alex took her hand and was about to lift her up, but Abi protested.

"But Alex I think I can still practice for a while. It's still early," she said, persuading him. "And If something unexpected happens tomorrow, I might not get any chance to practice anymore."

A hint of disapproval flashed in Alex's eyes. But he eventually relented, knowing that she was right. Any time soon and a storm might come.

"Okay, just one more hour." He told her with a firm voice, but Abi still smiled, ignoring the fact that Alex was obviously forced to agree with her wish.

Once Alex returned to his spot, Abi didn't waste any moment, and she closed her eyes again.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Forest, the witches had just finished their rituals for the former queen's funeral. Alicia was standing before the entrance of another secret crystal cavern. This cavern had been the grave of all the previous queens of witches.

The witches were all dressed in a white cloak as they formed two lines in front of the entrance while Alicia was chanting. Her mystic voice echoed in the quiet, dark forest. It was mournful and filled with sorrow.

Few teardrops quietly fell from Alicia's eyes as the entrance slowly closed. The tomb was now shielded by a powerful spell that could only be opened again once another queen dies.

Sorrow enveloped the entire Dark Forest that night until the witches slowly dispersed. But before Alicia had let them leave the forest, she had ordered everyone to prepare themselves for an upcoming battle and wait for her call. All of the witches already knew about the immortal woman who had captured and killed their former queen, so they all bowed their heads to Alicia, showing her that they were more than prepared to aid her in any battle and protect her.

Once most of the witches were gone, Alicia asked the remaining witches who were living in the Dark Forest with her to leave her. The witches then immediately nodded and left Alicia alone in front of the queens' grave.

Alicia looked around and saw a little white flower blooming near a rock. She walked towards it and took the little flower and planted it in front of the grave. She then placed her palm above it, and a silver glow appeared from her hands.

The next moment, the small flower began to grow. Its vines crawled up, enveloping the entrance of the tomb as it's little flowers bloomed in the dark.

Alicia took a step back and stared at the beautiful wall of flowers. "Rest in peace, my queen," she then uttered, and she wiped her tears before she finally turned to leave.

However, Alicia hadn't even taken three steps when something halted her. A cold breeze blew her long silver hair, and she lifted her face. Her eyes slightly widen as she looked straight ahead. She could sense it. The danger was coming her way.

She grabbed the hilt of her sword as her eyes glowed in the dark. She didn't move and just stood there. The atmosphere in the forest had changed. It had become tensed and heavy. The strangest thing was that Alicia couldn't sense any fight going on. The witches had already sensed the invasion. She knew they were already at the forest entrance. So why was everything still so quiet?

The witches should be fighting the trespasser by now, no matter who it was. Could it be that Alexander came? That was why her witches weren't fighting him?

Alicia creased her brows. There was no reason for Alexander to come to this place. Moreover, she wouldn't have felt this danger and strange unease if the one coming was Alexander.

With an extremely alert expression, Alicia kept her calm. Her eyes turned fierce but patient. She knew they were coming, and nothing would change if she charged or ran away from them now. So she decided to wait for them in this very place instead because this forbidden place in the forest will give her a huge advantage, even if the one coming was that immortal woman.

Finally, the enemy seemed to have reached her. She could finally see her witches, and her brows creased in surprise. The witches were retreating as if they were unsure whether to attack or not. They almost looked like they were hypnotized.

Narrowing her eyes, Alicia unsheathed her sword, and then, the creature she was waiting for finally appeared. Her intuition was right. It was indeed himthe silver-haired half-witch named Zeres.

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