Hellbound With You Chapter 494

492 Silver Haired Man

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The witches weren't actually hypnotized. They were merely shocked and were unable to believe what they were seeing.

In all the history of witches, there was never a silver-haired male witch. And there was only one silver-haired witch at a time. Unlike the vampires, witches didn't have a royal bloodline. Once the current queen starts to weaken, the queen's power will be slowly transferred to someone among the witches. The current queen cannot choose her successor either because the witch queen's power would be the one to choose its next host. The witch who will receive the power will start to have some changes in appearance. Her eyes and hair would turn silver, which would be the ultimate proof that she was the next chosen queen. To the witches, the silver hair was the crown of their ruler. A crown no one could take away by any force.

Over the past countless years, the queen's power never chose a male host, and it had been like that until now, so why was this man had silver hair?

They knew he was a witch, and he had the same aura as the witch queens. The witches could sense if he were an imposter, but they could tell his silver hair wasn't an illusion or a result of any underhanded methods. It was real!

Confusion and wonder could only paint everyone's face. They had never seen a male witch with silver hair in their existence. Moreover, there was no way their new queen, Alicia, was already starting to weaken. Her reign had just begun, and her power was currently at its prime! This man was someone who shouldn't exist!

"Where is the queen?" his deep voice echoed, jolting the witches back to reality.

The man looked as ethereal as their queen. Every single part of his body was a definition of perfection nobody could ever ignore. Even his voice was as mystifying and breathtaking as his look. But the witches couldn't feel any animosity from him. As if he just came here like an old friend and he was definitely not looking for a fight. He even came all by himself and didn't have any weapon at all.

When everyone couldn't say a word due to hesitation, whether they should answer him or not, the man faced forward, and a soft breeze blew.

A smile suddenly crept on his ethereal face. "I think she's already waiting for me," he said, seemingly thrilled. He began to walk forward, nonchalant and calm as ever despite the heavy atmosphere between the witches.

He was looking around as he walked. "Ah this place is almost unrecognizable. I remember this place is quite livelier back in the day."

The silver-haired man continued talking, almost like a carefree child who got lost in wonderland. As the witches were moving backward while maintaining their alertness, they finally realized that there was something different with him. There seemed to be something off with his aura. As if he wasn't just a silver-haired witch. His appearance was also a little strange because of his long hair, and he was dressed in an ancient black robe. He looked like someone who came from the ancient world. Just who the hell was he?!

Upon arriving at the heart of the forest where Alicia was waiting, the witches finally took their eyes off him and faced their queen. They were surprised to see that their queen didn't seem as shocked as they were upon the sight of him.

But the moment the witches took their eyes off the man, he disappeared, and in the next second, he landed in front of Alicia. Alicia was quick, and she trusted her sword at him, creating an air that blew his long silver hair.

The man's eyes circled as he halted, looking at the sword that was now pointed at his throat. But then, a smile still broke from his face next. "What a warm welcome. It seemed witch queens in this era are quite aggressive." He jested, grinning.

Frowning, Alicia ignored his still unbothered reaction. "Zeres, right?" she asked as her grip on her sword tightened, not daring to let her guard down at all.

The man slightly creased his brows. "Oh, as expected of the witch queen. It seemed I don't need to introduce myself anymore."

"Why are you here? Are you here to capture me?" Alicia questioned, and her glares at him intensified.

Zeres was silent for a moment. "No. I'm not here to capture you." He replied. "How about you introduce yourself first, queen? I want to know your name."

Alicia narrowed her eyes. She had been trying to decipher something, anything from his face for a while now, but she couldn't find what she was looking for. Now that Alicia was the queen, she could now decipher lies and pretension in anyone's face. She could feel the darkness and evil motives within someone's heart. So why can't she feel anything from this man? Wasn't he supposed to be an enemy? And more importantly, why the hell did he have such an angel face?!

The way he spoke and the seemingly genuine smile made Alicia want to facepalm. If this man appeared before her before she heard Abigail's story, Alicia would have never doubted him like this, especially since she couldn't even sense a single sign of darkness coming from within him.

But in the end, Alicia decided not to trust her own power and forced herself to believe that this man was just impossible for her to figure out because he was like her, or he was using an ancient kind of spell no one ever knew about.

"If you're not here to capture me, then why are you here?" Alicia asked again, ignoring his request to tell him her name.

The man slightly tilted his head, and his face became a little serious. "I am here to borrow you for a day or two."

Alicia: ". . ."

The god of silence seemed to have passed by above them. The breeze blew, and everyone just parted their lips in disbelief.

A deep frown appeared on Alicia's face again, and her deadly glare was back.

Seeing her expression, the silver-haired man scratched his head. "Uh Could you come with me? I need your help," he added.

"Help? And why should I help you?"

The man's eyes wandered. "Hmm because I'm a witch."

"Because you're a witch, I should help you?" Alicia echoed, and the man nodded. "And if I refuse?"

Zeres blinked, looking quite surprised. "I'll stay here and persuade you, I guess."

"And if I still refuse?"

"Then, I don't have a choice but kidnap you."

At his answer, Alicia's intense eyes immediately began to glow into something dangerous. Her hair danced behind her back as a silver glow appeared from her body.

Zeres seemed to realize that he had angered her immediately, so he took a step back as he forced a smile. "Hey queen, calm down. Don't be so violent. I am not here to start a fight. I said that because you don't seem to like the proper and gentle method "

Not letting him finish his statement, Alicia attacked him, and in one slash, Zeres fell on the ground. Blood gushed out of his abdomen as Alicia stood before him like the badass queen that she was.

However, Zeres still flashed a smile and bit his lower lip as he looked up at her. "Geez," he uttered as he stood. As expected, his wound already healed.

Alicia leaped back upon seeing that his wound had healed. She confirmed it. This man really was the immortal half which. What should she do with him? Even if she will fight him now, she would eventually lose. There was no way she could win against an immortal. She'll just exhaust herself! Then, should she just let him capture her? No way! She will fight him and find a way to escape!

Determined to fight, Alicia spread her arms wide. The glow coming from her body strengthened. Her cloak danced along with her silver hair, and the green-colored lights also began to envelop her.

The wind blew harder around her, and then, the trees began to move.

Zeres didn't move from his spot and just watched her silently, even looking amazed.

When Alicia opened her eyes, she saw that the man still didn't try to bring any weapon. He was just watching her. However, Alicia didn't falter. This was the best time for her to attack him and escape. She must give her all in this one attack while he still didn't know what she was capable of.

Gathering an even more substantial power, Alicia was giving her all. This attack would definitely pierce him into pieces. Even if he didn't die, she would get enough time to escape while his body comes together again and heal. Thus, closing his eyes, Alicia opened her mouth to finally chant the curse when out of nowhere, someone landed before her, daring to enter inside the cloak of lights moving like a slow tornado around her. It wasn't Zeres.

Alicia was surprised, but this man could no longer stop her. This man will get pierced into pieces along with Zeres. However, when the man's face registered in Alicia's vision, her eyes widened, and her lips instantly halted. E-Ezekiel?!


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