Hellbound With You Chapter 496

494 Someone

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Suddenly, blood gushed out from Zeres' neck. His eyes widened as his hand flew to his neck, touching his deep wound.

"Oops, I'm sorry. My hand slipped." Alicia said as she put down her sword.

Zeres' veins popped in exasperation as he bit his lower lips hard. "Stop doing that, you"

Alicia simply tilted her head, ignoring the man's words as her eyes zeroed on his healing wound. She couldn't help but be fascinated. She noticed that he was taking a tad bit slower to heal compared to Alexander.

"Are you listening? How did someone like you became the queen when you're this violent? You can't just slash someone's throat like that when they're talking to you so nicely!" He scolded. "Act like a queen, will you?"

Alicia: ". . ."

Speechless, Alicia could only blink at him. She had slashed him for a reason. She wanted him to start showing his real self or any darkness he was hiding and suppressing behind his angel face, but all he did was scold her, like a frustrated old man? Was this still not a big deal to him?

Alicia's eyes narrowed as she stared at him, watching his every expression closely, when Zeres sighed, pressing his temples like he was dealing with a problematic child.

"Well, you became queen just a few days ago, right? And I think you're still too young," he looked at her, and his frustrated eyes suddenly became gentle as he lifted his hand and patted her head softly. "Okay, I think I need to lend you a hand and help you act like a real queen." He smiled encouragingly at her. "Don't worry. I will help you become a good queen the best I can."

Once again, Alicia was rendered speechless. Her lips parted in both surprise and disbelief. But at the same time, she also couldn't help but pop a vein. What the hell was this immortal talking about? Was he treating her like a child? Sure, he's thousands of years old but still

"Please take your hand off me before my hand slip again and cut it." She told him, coldly, not pleased with how he was treating her. She was a queen now. She refused to be treated by anyone like she was a child.

"Geez." He bent closer, his hand still on her head. "A good queen shouldn't talk so coldly like that, got it? Or else, you'll end up being like that guy." He pointed behind her, to the approaching man in the black cloak. "What I mean is, at least, don't be so cold to your allies. That guy right there is always spitting ice whether he spoke with anyone, friend or foe. He's definitely a bad example, so don't be like him."

A deep sigh escaped from Alicia's lips. 'When did you even become my ally?' she muttered inside as she glanced at the man in the black cloak before she finally grabbed Zeres' hand away from her head. She realized that it was impossible to decipher this Zeres just by observing his words, expressions, and action. She also realized that he seemed to be too laid back. Was he like this to everyone? Was this really how he was?

Alicia shook her head inwardly. It was too early for her to judge, but for now, no matter how confusing he acts, she will not trust him, even if he was literally the only one in this world now that shared the same physical features and ability as her. Alicia also thought that she might as well go along with the flow as the vampire prince said and let Zeres think that she was a naive, cold, and violent queen. Maybe this was the fastest way for him to drop his guard down and finally show her who he really was.

Once the three of them were inside the castle, Alicia's brows were creased the entire time. It was because, contrary to what she was expecting, the interior of the old castle they entered was utterly shocking. It was an abandoned castle that was taken over by nature. There was a garden inside and a clear stream flowing in the middle. The sunrays that were peeking through the windows were giving the interior's view so picturesque. The castle was definitely looking nothing like a witch's den at all. It was like a fairy's lair instead.

"This is where you live?" Alicia asked Zeres.

"Yes. A nice place, isn't it?"

"So, you lived here for 22 years?" Alicia wondered what Zeres had been doing since he awakened 22 years ago.

"No, not 22 years. I came here just three months ago."

His answer immediately made Alicia tear her eyes off the beautiful view before her and looked at him with questions in her eyes.

"Where did you live before coming here?" she asked, a little hesitant.

Zeres leaned against a wall. "I don't know. The last thing I remembered is that Dinah and I stepped out of a crystal cave in the middle of a desert. We wandered for days until a sandstorm came and separated us. The next thing I remember after that is waking up somewhere I don't know. I can't see anything and" he trailed off as he flicked a deliberate glance at the ceiling. "After that, I woke up outside this abandoned castle." He then grinned.

Alicia narrowed her eyes again. 'He couldn't see anything and what?' She could only ask herself. She wanted to ask more, but maybe this was not the time for that yet. She will wait patiently.

"So? Why did you kidnap me and brought me here?" Alicia finally changed the topic. She needed to know why he brought her to this place first.

Zeres averted his gaze from her and fell quiet for a while before facing her again. "Because I need your power."

Alicia frowned. "I don't understand. What power exactly are you referring to? Don't you already have every ability and power that I possess?"

"I cannot use crystals balls. I don't have that ability."

What he said made Alicia remember Abigail's story, that this half-witch was like Alexander. The two halflings both lack abilities that an average vampire and normal witch have.

"You only need me for that? Any normal witch can do that for you."

Zeres shook his head. "I tried. The normal witches couldn't see the person I am looking for. They said someone powerful is blocking their vision."

Alicia silently swallowed. "You're looking for someone? Who?"

A smile crept on his angel face as he happily spoke. "My wife."

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