Hellbound With You Chapter 501

499 Not So Wonderful

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When Alicia, Zeres, and the man in the black cloak finally arrived in the vampire's country, the sun was already setting.

"I am leaving," said the man in the black cloak, and Zeres just nodded at him.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow, Kiel."

Alicia had been continuously glancing at Ezekiel during their entire trip. She was still waiting for any sort of signal from him. But as expected, she received nothing from the man. And now, he was leaving. Alicia so wanted to ask, but she knew that wasn't an option when the man himself didn't even look at her at all the entire time. It seemed he really wad supporting this decision and was now leaving this immortal witch in her care. But what if something will happen? What if Alexander and Zeres will end up fighting tonight the moment they met? Ezekiel's presence was definitely needed in this crucial moment, and yet he's leaving because of that woman's order? Was that woman's order really more important than this?

Alicia couldn't help but feel dismayed.

Even though Alicia still doesn't know the extent of Zeres' power, that color in his eyes that was so much akin to Alexander was enough to make him another dangerous creature. That was why the thought that this man and Alexander might end up fighting tonight alarmed her.

However, since that vampire prince was so carefree leaving them like this, maybe she didn't need to worry this much. Moreover, Abi was there. Abi's presence would be enough to calm Alexander and perhaps, Zeres as well.

Ezekiel was long gone, but Alicia was still staring at the direction where he had disappeared. She was thinking so deep that she didn't notice she'd been staring with a far off look in her eyes for a long while now until Zeres' angel face appeared just inches away from her face.

"Queen, tell me, do you seriously like that guy?" he asked, gazing at her with intense curiosity.

Alicia simply sighed, unbothered by his words.

"Zeres, I think you should stop minding such kind of silly things right now. If I were you, I would start preparing myself for what's coming ahead, instead." She told him. An obvious warning resonated in her tone.

But Zeres didn't seem to take her warning seriously. "Geez, I am just worried about you." He mumbled.

Alicia raised a brow. "Worried about what? About that man, you called Kiel?"

Zeres hesitated for a moment. "Well, even I could feel something is off with Kiel. I mean, I am not against a relationship between a witch and a vampire. Although I still never heard about such a relationship happening in my life until now but anyway, I am not talking about the forbidden love between a vampire and a witch. It's just that" he trailed off and peered at her through his thick lashes, flashing that seemingly genuine kindness in his eyes again. "It's just that I think Kiel is too heartless for you and, in fact, for anyone looking for love. How should I say this anyway, you're the queen, I'm sure you already know what I am trying to say."

Averting her gaze away from his earnest eyes, Alicia calmly spoke. "Don't worry. I am not liking that vampire nor falling for him. It's just your imagination," her voice was soft as she told him those words before she moved forward. Alicia didn't want this conversation. But she honestly thought that Zeres was right. She was a queen now, so she already knew what Zeres was trying to tell her. And it was funny, but Zeres' definition of Ezekiel was precisely how she would describe that vampire prince. Heartless. Yes, she too thought that it seemed impossible for Ezekiel to love anyone because there was nothing inside him but a void radiating no light nor warmth nor darkness.

But then, whenever that memory of that vampire saving her that night in the Ziggurat popped in her head, Alicia couldn't help but...

"Really? Are you sure? Queen?" Zeres' voice abruptly pulled her attention back to him, and a deep sigh escaped her lips again. And then, she just continued walking ahead, ignoring him.

"Sigh I am just truly worried about you, okay? You're young and "

Abruptly, Alicia halted and swirled towards him. "Actually, I am the one who's damn worried about your fate, Zeres!" Alicia almost yelled at him, but again, Zeres reacted differently.

A smile crept on his angel face, and his eyes glimmered. "Eh? Really? You're worried about me?" he asked with slightly widened eyes, causing Alicia to fall speechless for a moment. Why did he look like he was delighted? This guy

"Just a little," she replied. "I hate to tell you this, but I am sensing a not so wonderful future for you."

Zeres let out a pleasant chuckle. "A not so wonderful future, huh" he echoed. "Even if that's true, no need to worry about me, queen. And I've been preparing myself in the last three months, so stop getting worried and just smile, okay?"

It was exactly twilight when Zeres and Alicia arrived at the forest near the Reign's castle.

Alicia knew that Abi and Alexander frequently stayed in the forest since they arrived in this country. She also saw that Abi awakened the dragon keeper's power, and she was doing her best to control it perfectly now.

Abigail's dedication and will power amazed Alicia. She was confident that Abi would definitely play a crucial role if the war they were preparing for will finally break out.

But right now, things might go in a completely different direction from what they initially expected. Because Zeres was here and he's about to meet them now. Alicia believed that if they could take Zeres to their side, the winner of this war would already be decided and that Dinah would never have a chance.

Once the two were about to reach Abi and Alexander, Alicia halted and turned to face him. She wanted to speak to him one last time before they appear in front of the couple. However, Alicia momentarily froze, and her eyes widened upon realizing that Zeres' irises had already turned gold.


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