Hellbound With You Chapter 502

500 Reunion

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Alicia's heartbeat hastened. Her body subconsciously froze at the sight of Zeres' golden eyes. She could sense a foreign and powerful aura oozing from him. He wasn't just a witch anymore.

But somehow, Alicia was glad because she didn't feel that intense fear she always felt around Alexander when his eyes turned this golden. Or maybe, was she less scared around Zeres because she was queen now? Or was it because Zeres was a witch?

Making no movement, Alicia watched him as he focused his gaze forward. She could tell that something had triggered him. Did he already sense Alexander, or was it Abi that triggered something in him, so his eyes turned golden?

Zeres moved, but Alicia was quick to block him. "Wait, Zeres!" she placed her hands on his chest to stop his advance. The man looked at her, his eyes still alert and the golden hue in his eyes was dancing in chaos.

"I could sense someone nearby," he said.


"Mm. I feel strange. I suddenly feel like my blood is boiling. Let me go see who it is."

He moved again, but Alicia held on to him.

"Wait." She told him, firmly. But this time, the man didn't seem to hear her and tried to dodge Alicia. Without a choice, Alicia grabbed his collars and pulled him close, forcing him to look at her. She was surprised by her own bold move. Even if Zeres was a witch, she knew he was undoubtedly like Alexander. There might be some gap in power between them, but Zeres was indeed powerful. Who knows if he would lose himself and go berserk like Alexander? And yet, here she was, grabbing a dangerous creature's collar like this.

"Listen to me first, Zeres." She pressed, trying her best to keep her calm.

The man gladly halted and stared back at her, so Alicia immediately continued. "Whatever you will see and find out, please promise you will stay calm, okay?" she pleaded.

For the first time since they met, Alicia looked at him with genuine concern. Her gaze on him no longer hard and doubtful.

But deep lines appeared on his forehead upon hearing her words, and he looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Don't ask me why right now. Just promise me you won't start a fight. I mean, whatever happens, please don't fight anyone. Just do your best to stay calm and don't do anything rash, understand? I assure you, everything will be alright if we do this peacefully. Yes?"

Alicia's effort and the way she spoke to him at that moment somehow made the atmosphere less heavy. His hand softly landed on her head, causing Alicia to freeze in surprise again. She didn't expect him to do that. And why was he doing that to her, anyway?!

"It seemed deep down, you are truly a good queen." He uttered smoothly, and Alicia immediately let go of his collar. He took a deep breath as if he was calming himself before he dragged his gaze back to the thick forest ahead. "I got it, queen. I will stay calm. I won't do anything rash. Now shall we go?"

His eyes didn't return to its normal silver hue, so Alicia didn't dare drop her guard down. "Please stay behind me." She told him, and when the man nodded, they finally moved forward. She could do nothing now but hope that this reunion will not cause a disaster.

Zeres was obediently following her, but he was obviously holding himself back. Impatience painted his angel face, and his grips had turned into tight balls.

As they were getting closer and closer, the atmosphere became grave again. The next second, Alicia's palm landed on Zeres' chest, and she pushed him back. Her sword swung in the air like lightning, creating silver glows as she cut through the air before her. Sharp and thin ice crystals fell on the ground as Alicia continued swinging her sword with ease and power.

Zeres, who was stunned by the sudden attack, was now awed as he stood there, watching Alicia and her silver hair that was dancing fiercely behind her. He looked amazed at this witch queen's skill.

The deadly sharp ice crystals didn't stop coming. Alicia didn't mind dealing with this. In fact, she wanted Abi to keep attacking because she wanted to check how strong she had become in just a couple of days. But Alicia was worried about Zeres. She didn't want to give Zeres a reason to ignite a fire within him and fight alongside her, especially now that his eyes were already blazing like a sun.

Thus, Alicia called for her. "Abigail, it's me," she said softly, knowing that Abi could hear her from this distance.

The ice crystals abruptly disappeared and turned to mists.

As the mists gathered on the ground, Alicia lifted her gaze, and Abi was right there, standing in the middle of a thick mist. She opened her eyes and when she saw Alicia, a smile broke on her face. "Alicia!" she called out.

"So, your name is Alicia. It's a beautiful name." Zeres smiled at Alicia before lifting his gaze and looked ahead while someone suddenly blocked Abigail, who was about to run towards Alicia.

Alexander had landed right in front of Abigail like a phantom that appeared out of nowhere.

The world seemed to turn to a halt. Alicia felt Zeres' body became immobile as he looked at Alexander with utter shock.

Alicia dragged her gaze from Zeres to Alexander, and she couldn't help but hold her breath with what she saw. Just like Zeres, Alexander's eyes were blazing like a golden furnace as he stared back at Zeres.

The atmosphere became tensed and heavy. The mists dissipated, and the quiet surrounding became almost deafening. It was so quiet and still that a single sound and movement might spark something dangerous.

At that moment, Abigail's head craned from Alexander's side, and when she lifted her face and looked ahead, her eyes widened.



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