Hellbound With You Chapter 506

504 Lets Save Him

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Alex's lips twitched.

"What an idiot," he said through his teeth, utterly pissed. "Why the hell did he make himself endure something like that for so long? It's not like he's a weakling," he added, controlling his anger.

Alicia looked away and stared at the city lights below them. "When he was under that spell, Zeres' consciousness was like drifting clouds wandering about aimlessly." She started. "He couldn't even listen and understand the voices. The pain was the only thing reaching his consciousness, maybe because it was too intense for his body to ignore. The spell had shackled him tight, not just his body but his heart and soul too. Dinah knew that, so she didn't hold back at all. Until eventually, she started feeding Zeres her blood. I don't know where she got that idea, but it seemed it worked."

Abi's eyes widened and looked at Alicia in horror. "She knew the forbidden secret of the family," Abi said, causing Alicia and Alex to look at her with curious gazes.

The memories of her past self played in her head as she spoke. "There was that time when the dragon keeper had twin sons." She began, telling them the same story her past self had heard from her mother. "When the dragon keeper died, the younger twin was unexpectedly chosen as the new dragon keeper. The older twin was furious because first-born sons had always been the one being chosen. He couldn't accept it. He became hostile until he eventually tried to do something crazy. He desired to steal the dragon's loyalty from its keeper by feeding the dragon with his own blood. Dragons don't drink blood, but it seemed they would drink it as long as the blood belongs to a member of the noble family of dragon keepers. And it worked. The dragon began to obey the older twin instead of the real keeper. But the dragon slowly became violent and uncontrollable. Once the blood he drank runs out, it will go on a rampage and will not stop until it gets its fill. The older twin succeeded, but the price for that was the older twin's life."

Abi's story made Alicia's lips parted in disbelief. She was speechless. "So, that's where Dinah got the idea." She shook her head. "And Dinah did that without fear because she wasn't just a mere human anymore. She is now an immortal, so death was something she need not fear anymore. What a crazy woman." She scowled before she took a deep breath to calm herself.

"What happened to the dragon after he died?" Alicia then asked again after a momentary silence.

"He went on a rampage," Abi answered. "But the real keeper was able to tame him again by giving his blood to the dragon. It appeared the keeper's blood could calm dragons."

"So that's why Alexander can control himself now since he drunk your blood."

They both looked at Alex with eyes asking for confirmation.

"I believe what you said is right. That's the only explanation I could think about." Alex said to Alicia before his gaze return to Abi. "Since I drank your blood, I don't feel like my body is owned by someone else's anymore. I can control everything with my own will now."

"Wait," Alicia exclaimed as her eyes stretched slightly wide as she looked at Abi. "Dinah wanted your blood, right, Abi? Why? I don't think she'll use it for Zeres because back in the Ziggurat, she wanted to drink your blood herself. Does this mean she couldn't control herself? That's why she wanted your blood so she could take full control of her body!"

Abi creased her brows. "But you said, she didn't have any power," she argued.

"The memories I saw were only from the perspective of that witch queen. And it stopped when she died years ago. I couldn't see anything more from Zeres' memories because Dinah had kept Zeres away from her and never told him anything about her plans. Because to her, Zeres was just her weapon in a stock room that she'll only call when war breaks out." Alicia explained. "That Dinah must be hiding something. Or else, why would she want Abigail's blood?"

After another brief silence, Alex spoke. "I believe that woman wanted Abigail's blood to keep her human form. You saw what happened to Zeres' body a while ago. That's the same thing that was about to happen to me back in the Ziggurat. I knew I was transforming into something else" he trailed off. "I believe the dragon blood was trying to take over my body at that time."

"So you mean, if Zeres don't drink Abi's blood, he will turn to a dragon?"

"I don't know." Alex leaned against the wall, and his face became grave. "But I think his body will not transform into something like the actual dragons from ancient times. He could only grow scales or wings. But the real problem here is that once he fully transforms, he might not return to his original form again, even if we could manage to give him Abigail's blood. And it would be harder for us to save him once that happens. Because once he fully transforms, he will lose his rationality. He'll turn to a beast that knows nothing but to protect his master like a pet."

Silence reigned after those words left Alex's mouth until Abi moved and hugged Alex.

"Alex let's save him." She whispered with a hoarse and pained voice.

Alex caressed her back as he hugged her, knowing full well that Abigail was now beyond worried about Zeres. "We will." He assured her. Determination and revenge filled his dark eyes. But at the same time, uncertainty and fear crept through his skin. The unease in his heart dramatically increased again, not because he was uncertain if they could save Zeres or not but because he just couldn't help but worry about Abigail's safety in this impending battle.

At that moment, Riev landed before them, looking as though he was in haste to deliver an urgent message. Did Zeke finally send them a signal?

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