Hellbound With You Chapter 508

506 Realization

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What Abi saw in her dream had her heart trembled in fear. In her dream, she saw herself in Alex's arms and he was hugging her as he cried. The scene was just too familiar to her that she forced herself to believe that it was that same memory she saw in the memories of her past self. But it clearly wasn't. What she saw wasn't the same memory of her last self. This time, what she saw was the future.

Abi felt like she was choking. It was getting harder for her to breathe. She couldn't believe that the past might happen again. Why? Was she destined to die this time as well? She shook her head in fear, unable to accept nor believe it. This couldn't be happening. She can't leave Alex all alone again! She can't put him through that pain all over again!

Gripping Alex's harder, Abi's body quivered. But as Alex embrace her with his soothing arms, she somehow managed to calm down slowly.

"Tell me, Abigail. What did you see?" Alex asked her. His eyes were gentle but utterly worried.

Abi didn't know what to say. How could she tell him? This would definitely engulf Alex's heart with nothing but fear. And If Alex would come to know, he will never let her go with him to join the battle. It may be the best solution to keep her safe, but if she can't go and fight with him, this will never end. Even if Alex was strong, he couldn't kill Dinah, and Dinah had Zeres up her sleeve. What if Dinah captures Alex and does to him the same thing that she did to Zeres?

That thought made Abi shudder, and her heart throbbed in fear again. She could already foresee Alex going there to fight while leaving her in this palace to keep her safe, and that was why she couldn't make herself tell him. She was not going to let him fight without her!

Cupping her face with both of his hands and caressing her cheeks with his thumbs, Alex's gaze turned grave and pleading. "Please, don't hide anything from me. Tell me, Abigail. Please." His voice was so persuasive, it was almost impossible for Abi to resist.

The look in his eyes weakened Abi's resolve. But she just didn't have the heart to watch him suffer anymore. She knew that if she tells him, he will definitely lose his focus and might even delay this battle. And that was something Abi couldn't let happen. She understood why Ezekiel had sent them a signal. Perhaps this had something to do with Zeres' transformation. Maybe Ezekiel hastened them to attack now and save Zeres before it's too late. Even if fear was gripping her heart, she also felt like they shouldn't delay anymore. This had to end now, or else something much more terrible might happen in the future. This was why she couldn't afford to mess up Alex's focus now. She knew that Alex wouldn't be able to fight with everything he had if he was distracted and worried to death about her. Worse was that it could lead him to lose and end up getting captured.

Abi knew how crazy Dinah was. She had seen how evil she had become just so she could get Alex to herself, so how could she let Alex go alone?

"I I saw you" she forced herself to speak, doing her best not to avert her eyes away from him. "You got hurt so badly, Alex. I was crying trying to wake you up, but you're not responding."

For a short while, Alex's just stared deeply into her eyes. Did he already see through her fabricated lie?

To her relief, Alex pulled her again and buried her face in his chest. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he caressed her back. "Don't worry Abigail, did you forget I am immortal?"

"But what if Dinah found a way to have you killed?" she reasoned. She just said this to make her lie believable, but her own words worried her as well because it might not be something that was impossible. They still don't know what else Dinah was hiding, so Alex still needed to be very careful.

Alex kissed her forehead. "Don't worry, you know that's impossible. And it's no big deal if I get hurt. I might just be unconscious when you saw me in your dreams." He explained, still trying to soothe her troubled heart. "Did you see anything more, other than that?"

Abi shook her head.

"I see," he nodded and gently bumped his forehead against hers. "It's okay. Everything will be fine. We will end all these once and for all tonight. And then, we'll leave this place and go somewhere far for our still delayed honeymoon." He smirked with excitement in his eyes.

His last sentence made Abi feel a little distracted from the fear and worry in her heart. Even though she was hellbent to stay with him no matter what happens, Abi always dreamt about a peaceful life with Alex.

"And where is that faraway place you're talking about?"

"Hmm it's a secret, my wife. But it's a place where no one could bother us. We might even live there forever if you want. But... you might get bored if we stay in one place for too long, so maybe we'll move somewhere else every one hundred years? How's that?" Alex's eyes were bright and filled with joy as he spoke about their future.

Abi's heart couldn't help but swell, she momentrily forget about her fears. However, as she thought about his words and the future he had just envisioned, the smile on Abi's face slowly faded. She never once thought about this before, but when Alex mentioned they would move somewhere else every one hundred years, a realization suddenly struck her.

Alex was an immortal, and she was human. Unlike him, she wasn't immune to death or illnesses, and one day, she would she would grow old like all the mortals in this world.

A new kind of fear instantly gripped her heart. Even if she would survive this battle, what would happen to them next? The thought of Alex watching her growing older and weaker every day while he remained young gave her the kind of fright she never knew would be worse than what saw in her dream. She didn't want to die, but at that moment, she felt like she'd rather die early than having Alex watch her grow old and grey until she eventually die.

"Wife Abigail, are you listening?" Alex pulled her attention back to him. His eyes narrowed as he surveyed her expression. "You're not happy with what I"

"T-that's not it." She pulled away from him. She stood and started pacing back and forth before him. She pressed her lips in an effort to keep her lips from trembling. "Alex. You know how much I love you." She faced him. "I love you more than anythingmore than my life. Being with you and loving you forever has always been my wish since the day I fell in love with you. But" her eyes welled. "But Alex, I'm a human. One day I I will grow old and die."

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