Hellbound With You Chapter 513

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Moments ago, as the mists started to block their visions, someone appeared behind Alicia. But Alicia immediately sensed the disturbing presence, and she swiftly turned, her sword already trusted into the neck of the man in a black cloak, stopping his advance.

Alicia's eyes widen. She knew this was Ezekiel. Was he finally here to join them? Alicia was about to drop her sword when her brows suddenly pulled together in a tight knot. Ezekiel was hiding his presence, and that was why Alicia failed to recognize him. Why? If he was here to join them, he shouldn't be hiding his presence as if he just sneaked in the midst of them to do something bad!

Her lips opened to speak when the man moved closer, not minding Alicia's sword at all. Alicia gritted her teeth in hesitation. She didn't know why, but her gut told her to fight him and not let him get closer to her, as if her body recognized him as an enemy. But Alicia didn't listen to the whispers in her head and let him approach her.

Her sword was in between them as the man bent closer to whisper. "Come with me," he said, causing Alicia to look at him with eyes filled with suspicions and questions.

"Tell m "

"Hush," he cut her off, placing his forefinger on her lips. And before Alicia could even react, his hands were already wrapped around her waist, and leaped away, taking her.

Alicia struggled, not knowing what to do. She tried to break free from him without using deadly magic, but the man's arms were like iron chaining him.

"Ezekiel! I'm warning you! Let go of me! Now!" she said. She knew they were already far from where the group because of this vampire prince's insane speed.

But Ezekiel remained unbothered as if he didn't hear anything. When Alicia saw that they were leaving the plateau, her palms started to glow because she realized he was trying to kidnap her, to separate her from the group. "Where are you bringing me? Why are you doing this?! Speak now, Ezekiel!"

In seconds, they already reached another plateau, far from where Abi and others were. Ezekiel remained silent as if he had gone mute. Alicia could no longer contain herself, and she finally used magic to break free from him. A strong silver glow hit Ezekiel's chin, forcing him to let go of her. The two landed on the ground, and Ezekiel's face was finally visible. The impact of Alicia's attack blew his hood, and it settled behind him.

A glint of anger flashed in Alicia's eyes as she looked at him. "Please don't anger me, Ezekiel. What the hell are you planning to do? At least say something! If this is a part of your plan, then tell me, and I will cooperate! No one can hear and see you right now that you're with me. There is no more reason for you not to speak!"

Ezekiel didn't respond, and he walked closer to her again, causing Alicia to step back. "Speak, damn it!" she yelled at him. Alicia really wanted to trust this man at all cost, but right then, the chill that his eyes conveyed made her feel that feeling of doubt she used to feel towards him before he saved her that night in the Ziggurat.

She tried not to listen to her instinct, but his eyes that moment held no warmth at all. Ezekiel was always like this since the first time she met him. He was always cold and shrouded with mystery, but this time, the look in his eyes made her feel scared of him. No matter how much she denies it, her body was reacting. She was a queen now, and she thought no one would scare her like this anymore. But it seemed she was wrong, and she didn't know why but at that moment, to her, those cold, calculating, and emotionless calm eyes of his were scarier than those immortals.

Gripping the hilt of her sword, Alicia tried her best to calm down as she continued stepping back. She wanted to think rationally. Why? Why was Ezekiel acting like this? She tried to see if he was under hypnotism or spell, but he wasn't. Anyone's magic wasn't controlling him, meaning he knew what exactly he was doing.

"Please just tell me this is a part of your plan, and I will follow," she uttered, raising her sword as she prepared herself to fight. But then again, Ezekiel still didn't say a word.

"I I want to trust you, Ezekiel, but what you're doing right now makes no sense to me. Or" Alicia swallowed. "Could it be that you wanted me to fight you?"

The pitter-patter of the rain was the only sound that could be heard for a short while. And then, like a lightning strike, Ezekiel charged at her to seize her. But Alicia defended herself with her mighty silver sword. Her eyes glowed, and magic surrounded her. She looked like a breathtaking porcelain doll glowing under the rain when she was standing still. But the moment she wielded her sword and attacked him seriously, the doll turned into a warrior.

She was fast, and her sword skill was superb, but Ezekiel caught her hand and tried to disarm her, but Alicia used her other hand to punch his stomach. Of course, the intense magic cloaking her fists turned the hit ten times stronger.

Ezekiel had been pushed away from her, and he landed on the ground meters away from her. His eyes peered at her through his dripping wet locks. A slight smirk flashed on his face that didn't reach his eyes as he licked the little blood that flowed out of his lips.

Alicia had wounded him with her sword, but she didn't put any poison that could harm vampires, so his wound instantly healed. Despite Ezekiel's actions, she didn't want to hurt him, although she knew that the man wasn't even using half of his power yet because his eyes were still black.

He cracked his neck as he nonchalantly approached Alicia again. Alicia immediately lifted her sword when Ezekiel halted a few steps away from her. The silver glow she was emitting reflected in his eyes, creating a beautiful glimmer in them, but his stoic face remained as unchangeable as marble as he finally opened his lips.

"If you wanted to escape, come at me like you wanted to kill me, Alicia."


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