Hellbound With You Chapter 515

514 Spark

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The cave where Ezekiel and Alicia entered started to open up, both wider and taller until they reached a large cavern that must have been the plateau's center. The cavern was well lit by countless torches hanging by the massive pillars. But the ominous atmosphere was dark and heavy. It was almost suffocating. Men in black cloak were everywhere in every corner of the cavern. There were too many of them, and she couldn't see any other path. The cave was also too deep that escaping from this place might not be possible even for her.

A loud groan welcomes them as it filled the vastness of the cavern, and Alicia's calm heart hastened because she knew who's the owner of these agonizing groans. It was definitely Zeres.

Glancing at Ezekiel, Alicia steeled herself as they finally landed in a large chamber, behind the large circle of men in the black cloak. His blade was still at her throat when everyone turned to look at them. Upon seeing them, the men in black cloaks cleared a way for them to enter the circle.

Alicia's eyes immediately fell on the man in the middle, and she felt her heart slightly trembled at the sight of Zeres. He was kneeling on the floor, and he looked like he was in so much pain. His untamed silver hair cascaded from her head, past her shoulders were damp with sweat. The nails on her fingers and toes were black and long, and black horns jutted from beneath his silver hair. Pitch black scales had covered his skin, and a leathered wing was jutting past his broad shoulders.

He no longer looked like a human nor a witch.

Subconsciously, Alicia clenched her fists as her silver eyes blazed as she dragged her gaze away from the man to look at the woman who was circling Zeres like she was a merchant trader assessing a piece of artwork. Alicia's gaze at her was sharp and deadly. At that moment, all she wanted to do was to slash her throat.

As Ezekiel walked towards the center with her, Dinah finally stopped circling Zeres. She faced them, and finally, Alicia met her gaze. Alicia didn't flinch. She glared at Dinah with a challenging and raging look.

But Dinah's face lit up with a devious smile, and she finally broke the silence.

"Good job, Kiel," Dinah said as soon as Ezekiel halted a few steps before her. "I wonder what smart trick you used to grab this witch and made her follow you so easily." She lifted a brow as she looked Alicia from her head to toe and then back again. But soon enough, a glint of jealousy seemed to flash across Dinah's eyes, as if she was jealous of Alicia's otherworldly beauty.

Not letting Ezekiel respond, Dinah's eyes turned sharp as she continued speaking. "It seemed you sacrificed everyone. I'm not really impressed with you this time, Kiel. I expected you to do something more impressive," she said. "But oh well, never mind."

Dinah then turned her back from them and touched Zeres' chin with her forefinger.

"Zeres," she called his name. "Do you want the pain to finally stop?" Her voice was smooth as honey honey that was filled with venoms. "Here's the food for you." She cupped his face and made him look at Alicia. "Drink her blood, Zeres. She's the cure of all your pain."

Shock immediately painted Alicia's face. She never expected this at all! Did Ezekiel brought her here for this?!

"Release her, Kiel," Dinah ordered.

Ezekiel didn't drop his sword, causing Dinah to straighten and walk towards them.

"Why are you disobeying me again? Huh? Kiel?"

"Dinah, didn't you say "

"He needed more blood to complete the transformation," Dinah cut Ezekiel off.

"It's your blood that he needed, Dinah," Ezekiel replied. His tone was emotionless but firm.

"I can't give him any more of my blood, Kiel. Can't you see he already drained my blood to its last bits?"

Now that she mentioned it, Dinah looked like a corpse. Unlike the skin of vampires, her skin was now worse than the common witch's skin. There was no more blood flowing in her veins. "It's not enough, Kiel," Dinah added.

"But she's just a witch. She can't "

"She can, Kiel." She cut Ezekiel's words again. "He had enough of my blood. He is more than ready now. All he needed now is a spark to ignite the fire inside him."

"And you're saying the witch queen's blood is the spark?"

"Yes, Kiel."

Silence crawled through the ancient pillars and walls until Ezekiel spoke again.

"You're not doing some experiment in this situation, are you?" he asked, and a burst of sinister laughter echoed.

"Oh no, Kiel. You're making me laugh," she said, but her eyes were filled with malice. She reached out and held Ezekiel's hand. She slowly pushed his hand down as she spoke. "Don't worry. This is not an experiment. I am certain for this one because I was able to successfully turn Zeres into a full dragon using the previous witch queen three months ago," she explained, causing Alicia's eyes to widen in utter shock again.

"Y-you" as Alicia stammered, Dinah flashed an evil smile at her.

"Yes." Dinah suddenly said. "I managed to draw blood from that stubborn queen before she enveloped herself with that damn crystal."

Disbelief and anger filled Alicia's eyes as she gritted her teeth.

"It appeared that Zeres will only fully transform if he consumes blood that is much more powerful than his original blood. And the only blood that is more powerful than his blood is the blood of a pure blooded witch queen." As Dinah said these words, she grabbed Alicia from Ezekiel and pushed her towards Zeres.

"Now, Zeres! Drink her blood. Now!" Dinah ordered, shouting to be heard.

As if awoken from his deep, intense state of painful meditation, Zeres opened his eyes and looked at Alicia with those glistening golden eyes.

"Do it now!" Dinah ordered, once again. And this time, Zeres growled low in his throat, and he finally rose.

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