Hellbound With You Chapter 519

518 Goddesses Show

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Alicia's blade smashed onto Dinah's but the woman wasn't pushed back this time. It was apparent that Dinah's strength dramatically increased with the transformation. It seemed that she wasn't just a mere immortal lunatic human that they thought she was. Alicia didn't know why they hadn't thought of this possibility! If Alexander and Zeres were exhibiting the same symptoms, then surely it would have been logical to think that this woman would be as well. But then again, Alexander and Zeres were not just humans. They had powers from their lineage; a witch and a vampire and halflings at that. It was easy to assume that the transformation was because of their inherent powers.

It seemed it was a mistake to assume that just because this woman was human, she wouldn't have any special powers.

"Haha, try harder, witch!" Dinah's loud mocking voice echoed inside the cavern as she swung her claw at Alicia.

Alicia instinctively blocked it with her other sword. However, the moment her blade hit her dragon's claw, the blade exploded into tiny crystals, showering them both with sparkling dust, as if a glitter bomb had exploded above them.

For a split second Alicia fell in a trance unable to believe that her blade exploded so easily like that. It seemed she underestimated the power of that dragon claw. How strong could she be that she was able to shatter her sword into a million tiny pieces like that?!

Now that she thought about it, Ezekiel, who was directly hit by Zeres' claw, was still buried under the rubble. It would take a whole lot of power to knock a man like Ezekiel out like that - that was if the man was indeed knocked out. Perhaps, he could also just be pretending in order to not draw Dinah's unwanted attention again. Well, whatever his reasons, Alicia no longer cared. She was done thinking about him. Her thoughts were now focused on no one else but this troublesome woman.

"Ha! Is that all you've got, you cocky bitch?" Dinah snorted but thanks to her blabbering, Alicia was able to react quickly and she leapt back, away from Dinah's reach. She put her original blade to her left and a new blade appeared in her right hand. She eyed the woman, like a wary prey, as she readied herself.

"I have to end this now and quickly. I'm done wasting my time on you, ugly witch. I will crush that face of yours!" Dinah said with utter disdain as she looked at Alicia's face and this time, Dinah was the one to attack.

Their blades collided and Alicia was now being pushed back, overwhelmed by Dinah's inhuman power. But in that single attack, Alicia realized something. Dinah was not faster than her. Even though Dinah's strength had increased, her agility remained on par with Alicia's. She wasn't quick enough to catch Alicia off guard, giving Alicia enough time to react and defend herself.

Alicia smiled, her lips moving slightly as she chanted a quick spell, one that would increase her strength and also her agility. While her strength would not be nearly on par with the dragon woman, Alicia's agility would be greater than hers. Alicia was able to easily dodge Dinah's dragon claw with one swift and elegant movement. She was like a floating white thread, dancing elegantly in the wind.

Feeling her frustration increase because she was unable to deal any damage to Alicia, Dinah grunted in anger once again and she suddenly swung her claws aimlessly like she had lost her mind.

Alicia took a hit, barely, but she was still thrown to the ground hard. This woman's strength was unbelievable! And what was worse was that it seemed to increase when she was angry!

Alicia hissed in pain but she immediately rose. Her heart was beating erratically. The power within her was like boiling water, making her body feel hot. She took a moment to collect herself and steel her resolve at what she was about to do. She took a couple of deep breaths and without wasting another second, Alicia screamed as she charged at Dinah with everything she had. She impulsively launched an almost choreographed sequence of attacks. She slashed using both swords at the woman, one arm swinging above her head and the other swinging across her body. She twirled around, her hair dancing from the movement as she swung down with her swords towards the woman's shoulders. Alicia bombarded her with one attack after another, not giving Dinah a chance to counter.

Alicia's attack almost looked like a silver whirlwind, giving Dinah no chance to swing her claw at all because she was busy shielding herself.

Alicia's twin blades were moving even faster. This was a now or never type of situation for Alicia. Even if she wanted to drag out this battle, she couldn't because Dinah was becoming too impatient and would probably end up killing her before her friends arrived. She was better off fighting Dinah to death now than give that woman a chance to bring her to her knees.

Moreover, Alicia also knew that her using two blades would soon tax her, so she needed to unleash her full attack now while she still had the strength!

Dinah lost her temper once again but Alicia's blade met her anger with an even more intense rage Alicia didn't know she had. It could be because she was still unable to really weep for her dead queen, her dead mother figure, and only now was she able to release that pain and anger on the woman who had taken her mother from her.

Her intensity forced Dinah to step backwards. Her blows smashed down harder and harder and nothing could be heard anymore but the sound of metal clashing against each other. The minions were in a trance, mouths agape as they watched the exhilarating attack. They never thought that a raging witch queen would fight so damn intensely. They never thought that a fight would actually look like a goddesses show to entertain mortals.

But their awe didn't last because a sword finally fell on the ground with a sliced hand still gripping its hilt.

The minions in black cloaks looked at it and their eyes widened in horror because the sword that fell wasn't silver and the hand wasn't the witch's.

It was their immortal queen's hand.

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