Hellbound With You Chapter 521

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Even though no poison could kill Dinah, she could still feel the same level of pain mortals felt. Unlike Alexander who wouldn't even flinch from pain like this, Dinah looked like she was going crazy. It appeared that this was the first time she was ever cut and poisoned like this.

Seeing her, Alicia forced a smiled. She finally made her taste her own medicine.

The two rebel witches jumped behind Dinah as Dinah screamed at them to help her deal with the pain.

The witches immediately helped her but they couldn't counter a witch queen's spell. They could only give Dinah an illusion that the pain wasn't there anymore.

"Kill her!!! Now!!!" Dinah screamed at her minions while the witches were dealing with her pain.

Here it comes, Alicia thought. She knew that once she defeated that lowly woman, she would order her minions to come after her.

The lights started enveloping her. But this time, the glow was dramatically weaker.

Rogue vampires jumped at her, three at a time. Alicia swung her blade, killing two vampires in one strike. But the following attacks came after her like a horde. Charging in every sides of her. Alicia swung her twin blades harder, and swifter than she had ever done in her entire life using everything that she had.

As those silver, razor sharp blades were slicing back and forth, bodies of vampires toppled over and piled around her as she fell on her one knee, resting her hand on top of her blades. She was exhausted. An errant blade from one of the vampires had managed to get in a lucky strike at her from behind, tainting her snow-white dress scarlet. She forced herself up, her silver hair now damped with sweat and blood.

Her body swayed a little but she steadied herself. A smile curved on her beautiful warrior's face as she challenged the vampires.

And then, they came at her. Alicia could no longer watch her back. She knew she can no longer protect herself. It was getting hopeless for her. All she could hear now was her blood pumping in her veins and the thumping of her heartbeat. She never thought she would ever fight a battle like this in her life, in her reign. The era of battles was long over that it was almost useless for witches to learn fighting skills in the past hundreds of years. Who would have thought that she will end up fighting a battle so intense like this?

Ironically, she didn't feel the regret she thought she would feel. Maybe because she had been dreaming to fight with everything being put on the line. When she was young, the possibility of becoming queen didn't excite her. Alicia always like action and adventure. She liked peace of course, but the thought of becoming the queen and sitting there on her throne, watching over her people and waiting for the day she will reach her age limit was utterly boring. This was why she insisted on learning how to fight, without relying on magic and she sometimes thought if she was the right person to sit on the throne. But this kind of battle, having gamble it all her position, her power, her life and everything she held dear this exhilaration is undeniable! Her eyes sparkled even in this dire situation that she has found herself in. Even in the event that she perished, there truly was nothing to regret in her mind at least this was what she thought at this moment in time.

But now, it seemed that she was indeed the right person to be chosen as the rightful queen after all. Because she happened to be the queen during this chaotic time the immortals created. This battle pushed her potential to the very edge, and she managed to break through the limitations and exhibited the power she thought she never had. That's why she wouldn't regret. She would fight until everyone falls, or she fall.

As Alicia sunk deeper and deeper in her own battlefield, she saw the vampires behind her on the blade of her sword, about to strike her. It was too late for her to move and her blade was occupied with the enemies in front of her. She chanted a quick spell but the magic was too weak.

Knowing that it was hopeless, she gritted her teeth and lunged at the enemies before her. This was it, she uttered to herself. But the strike she was waiting for didn't come.

Someone slightly brushed her back as the vampires stepped back in retreat.

Alicia who was holding her breath wanted to look back but she couldn't remove her eyes from her enemies.

"Thank you for holding on, witch prin- I mean queen." The man behind him said and Alicia let out a breath of salvation.

"R-riev," she uttered his name as she panted. She could see him wearing a black cloak.

"I followed you. I already sent the signal to Alexander. They're about to reach us. I only managed to infiltrate by acting like one of these rogue vampires. I am sorry for being late," Riev said, his voice filled with regret and worry.

"Don't mention it. You came here just in time Riev."

"Thank you." Riev's voice lightened a few notches. "You're so cool, queen. You're amazing! Such a badass as always!" he suddenly showered her with praises, causing Alicia to chuckle.

But their conversation was cut short when the vampires attacked them once again.

"Please hold on a little longer," Riev said and Alicia just smiled despite her battered situation.

"Of course, I'm a queen after all," Alicia's regal response came and the fight went on.

Riev was at his peak, doing everything he could to destroy her opponents and at the same time support the weakened witch queen. He was mesmerized and completely awed by the witch queen. He never saw a woman as cool and awesome as her. Her fight gave him a tremendous boost in power and his determination deepened even further causing his strength and power to be doubled, no, it tripled, and it was all thanks to her. To this amazing woman they all call the queen of the witches.

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