Hellbound With You Chapter 522

521 Last Order

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Riev and Alicia fought intensely, each watching the other's back. Their enemies came at them in non-stop waves but back-to-back, Riev fought valiantly while Alicia persevered on with gritted teeth even as she is already at her last dregs.

Bodies were continually being piled up all around them, creating some sort of dark and gruesome parody of flowers arranged around a very attention-grabbing couple but it was as if the enemies had this never ending supply and inexhaustible source of manpower. Riev knew just how many rogue vampires and witches were inside this cavern which were just,t too many of them. There was no way that just the two of them could kill even a half of them. Their only hope now was to hang in there and wait for Alexander and the others to arrive. Of course, provided they could hang on with their lives still intact until help comes.

"Ugh!" Alicia, who all these times managed to reign in all the discomfort she had endured, finally grunted out in pain, causing Riev to quickly snap his eyes over and immediately shifted his attention in front of Alicia. He swung his sword fiercely at the enemies as he grabbed Alicia and pulled her closer to him.

She was wounded again, and her other blade had disappeared sometime during the intense fight. It seemed she was swiftly reaching her limit. She's been fighting for too long!

"F*cking idiots!! What the hell are you doing? Catch the witch now and kill her!!!" Dinah's voice thundered, and the vampires, like dogs who heard their master, immediately jumped at them.

Alicia sluggishly looked over to Dinah. She wanted to continue to push Dinah's buttons even if she could not do it physically. And coincidentally, she knew how to do that.

"Aren't you feeling a little tired out? Guess that is truly all you have in you. Once you get a little beaten, you hide behind those brainless toadies of yours. Hah!" Alicia taunted Dinah, continuing to egg her on with the hopes of throwing her off focus and prolonging their waiting time for help to turn up.

"That is all you can give? Just some little scratches on your pretty little face, and you go crying in pain? HmmI had wondered what kind of leader you are. You know what? I know you judge me and how I am an incompetent queen witch. But perhaps you'd better keep in mind that if I am all thatyou probably are a piece of shit too," Alicia was truly giving her all in insulting Dinah. She was not usually this wordy. However, desperate times demands for desperate measures. She was willing to try anything to just delay and drag time.

To her surprise, her taunting worked. Those vampires under Dinah's command had paused under her confident jesting and mocking of their leader. Dinah's face had since turned fascinatingly blotchy red and was visibly shaking in anger. She stomped her feet, balled her fists so hard her nails pierced her skin, and she shrieked so loud even her own minions cringed away from her.

"I. WANT. YOU. TO KILL. HER. NOW!!" Dinah's eyes were blazing with fury unsuppressed. Her horde of vampires were triggered into action once more and roared as they swarmed towards that duo who had that few seconds of breathing space.

Alicia tried to force herself to fight, but Riev stopped her and motioned that he would be protecting her this time.

"Damn rogues! Come at me, you bastards!" Riev said, eyes blood red, as his playful smirk flashed across his charming face.

The fight continued, but soon enough, the horde of vampires came at them all at once. Riev knew he couldn't last much longer. When he turned to Alicia, his eyes stretched out in horror. Her sword had fallen, and Dinah was lunging herself towards Alicia. Quick as lightning, Riev pulled Alicia back into the protective circle, which were his arms, and used his body as her shield.

"Hang in there, queen. Alexander is coming." He whispered, and Alicia's eyes widened, seeing the vampires now about to lunge at Riev from all directions.

"No! Riev!" she screamed when

A voice echoed loudly.

"Stop," a deep familiar voice made all the rogue vampires halt. Reiv mildly dropped his protective stance over Alicia and took a relieved breath. However, he remained vigilant and watchful in case some rogue vampires decided to be brave and try their luck.

"Don't you dare interrupt, Kiel!" Dinah hissed as Ezekiel landed softly right behind her.

He bent closer and whispered something to Dinah, which was only privy to the both of them, causing the woman to narrow her eyes. At first, doubt danced in her cold, bloodshot eyes, but eventually, she lifted her chin up as if she was trying to control her anger.

And then, her lips opened as she finally nodded. "Fine," Dinah said, and Ezekiel made his way towards Alicia and Riev.

The rogue vampires open up a path for him.

Riev, who was still holding onto Alicia, had his eyes stretched in shocked surprise. He saw it, how Ezekiel went and whispered to the enemy as if he just made a deal with her. How? Why? Why was his master right here, mingling with their ultimate enemy? He was here, and yet, he had allowed the witch queen to fight for her life all by herself?

"Alicia," Ezekiel called Alicia's name.

Alicia tried to pull away from Riev, but Riev was extremely reluctant and also hesitant to let her go. His grip on Alicia even tightened as he looked at Ezekiel with wary eyes.

"Riev, it's okay," Alicia told him. Riev had his qualms about it but eventually loosened up his grip on her. He let her face Ezekiel, but he still stood close enough behind her, tensed and wary.

Ezekiel paid no attention to him as he stared at Alicia.

Their eyes held each other's gaze for several seconds until Ezekiel finally spoke.

"Give your blood to Zeres, Alicia." He said.

Shock immediately painted Alicia's face, unable to believe what this man had just said.

Alicia's lips almost trembled. She was utterly at a loss. Why? Why the hell was this man saying this?!

Riev's first move was to grab Alicia back to his arm, shielding her, as he bared his fangs at Ezekiel. Riev couldn't believe he was actually doing this, baring his fangs towards the man he swore to protect since he was young. But he reasoned things out for himself. This was Ezekiel's fault because he was suddenly appearing to be siding with the enemy. Something that Riev couldn't accept and believe. Moreover, this same man was the one who ordered him to protect the witch queen. In fact, since the battle in Frost Town, the last order that Ezekiel had ordered and entrusted to his elite army was to protect Abigail, and he personally appointed Riev to protect and assist Alicia.

And now, this was happening. How did it end up like this in the first place? Was he really going to protect the witch queen against the same man who gave him that order? He felt his whole mind spin and tilt still trying to grasp on to the reality of the situation which is confronting him. Is there some hidden agenda that Ezekiel is gunning for? What the hell is going on?


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