Hellbound With You Chapter 525

524 At Las

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Alicia could only tremble when Ezekiel didn't say a single word. Was she trembling out of incredulity? Or was the trembling caused by the thought that she was utterly foolish in trusting this person? She was awfully remorseful in taking that step of granting Ezekiel that final bit of trust hoping that his emotionless face was only a ruse for tricking Dinah but at her own risk. Unfortunately, from how matters are developing at the moment, it seems as if the trick was on her! A mocking laughter rang behind her as Dinah stood there, looking at Alicia like she was some pitiful object.

"My bad witch" Dinah said. "Let me enlighten the pitiful you" she uttered as Alicia let go of Ezekiel and faced the woman.

Riev immediately grabbed Alicia and once again pulled her close to him while Dinah stood next to Ezekiel.

The look in Dinah's eyes were filled with nothing but pride as she gazed up at Ezekiel. "Ezekiel here has been my most important aid," she started before looking at Alicia. "He's been my loyal follower for a long time and his loyalty is only dedicated to me" she enunciated every word. "Alone."

After those words left her lips, she laughed again.

Alicia could practically hear her heart crack and break into pieces. Why?! She thought back of all their interactions previously, turning them one by one trying to determine if he had even once given her a hint that he was on Dinah's side. Was she so blind to have missed any clues? Earlier she had just thought she truly was fated to be the witch queen. But now, she did not dare to be so sure anymore. She dragged her watery eyes up and courageously confronted Ezekiel's emotionless and cold ones.

Whatever words Alicia wanted to say were lost. What else could she say? All she could do now was to only helplessly stare at Ezekiel.

"What. Still couldn't accept the reality?" Dinah spoke again. "Shall I enlighten you more about Kiel's loyalty to me?"

Alicia didn't want to hear anything anymore. She no longer care. She no longer know what to even feel at that moment. And her body began to ache. She felt like if she could just shut down even for a moment that would be utter bliss, even if that blissfulness was just plain forced ignorance.

But as she closed her eyes, Zeres' growl pulled her attention back to the black smoke. His growls and deep guttural roar intensified like never before.

Everyone stepped back once again as something which seemed to be just innocent little sparks of lights slowly morphed into numerous small but powerful lightning bolts that were being formed within the black cloud. From the outside, the view was fear-provoking and there seemed to be a vacuum force within that black mass which was trying to pull anyone not strong enough to withstand into that tempestuous electrical storm being generated as fuel for it to grow bigger.

Alicia's heart hammered against her chest as she watched the cloud grew thicker and the atmosphere turned so damned ominous, it was almost suffocating. Everyone looked up, eyes wide with a mixture of terror, wonder and disbelief.

Within that cloud, they could dimly make out a massive shadow moving and undulating. The roars and growls had stopped, and the black cloud moved in a chaotic manner which is unpredictable causing friend and foe both to be on edge. A series of otherworldly lights, changing its hue ever so often were mixing with the black clouds. And when the lights were gone, a shadow of a massive pair of wings appeared.

Alicia felt her heart nearly stammered to a stop. Everyone held their breaths as the black cloud slowly dissipate.

A black-as-night dragon came into view, with glowing golden eyes. The light caused its black scales to gleam as his jeweled chest scales glistened and glimmered.

"Z-zeres" Alicia could only utter as she gazed up at the terrifying black creature. They never thought they could ever transform into a real dragon. But they were utterly wrong because Zeres had really turn into one.

An earth-shaking rumble came from the black dragon when it growled, and the cavern trembled greatly, and little stones and pebbles were shaken loose from their positions by his sound alone.

Dinah laughed hysterically like a mad woman, spreading her arms wide as she faced the dragon.

"Hahaha, at last!!!" she screamed when all of a sudden

The onyx dragon bared its mouth wide, showing rows of razor sharp teeth all serrated on one side, ready to slice the unlucky ones and took a deep breath, its long, elegant and glistening neck curved back before letting lose a tremendous noise which sounded like a cross between a boom and a wailing snarl. The effects were not only seen but also felt by all who were present in the area. Alicia felt her skin crawl and the marrow of her bones shrivel up from that horrifying sound.

Another earthquake shook the cavern. The massive wall behind the dragon which seemed to be the dead end of the large cavern broke and crumbled into pieces, as if a bomb had blasted it.

All eyes were dragged from the black dragon to the crumbling wall. They all looked confused and shocked. It seemed, even they thought the massive wall was the dead end of this cavern and that they were inside the deepest part of this mountain. No other path would lead outside but the entrance. So how come the wall was crumbling?

The aura was growing ever so ominous as the debris fell. The dust produced from the collapsing of the wall rose like clouds, but everyone could see the darkness across the broken wall that even the light couldn't reach, much less penetrate through. They're eyes widened, seeing that there seemed to be another abyss so massive on the other side.

Once the dust and smoke settled, it was apparent that there was a reason why that colossal wall had to be destroyed. On top of the debris, standing majestically there stood a godly being.


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