Hellbound With You Chapter 527

526 Torn

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Everyone held their breaths as the large and majestic creature opened its mouth in preparation to breath a fire on them. Their faces registered the fear and horror they felt within their hearts as they looked at Abigail, fearlessly standing before the approaching dragon.

The dragon did not look like it was going to stop and they were fast running out of time to leave. In fact, they all knew it was too late to make a move. No matter how fast they were, they would not be able to outrun the dragon's fiery breath. 'This dragon's fire was going to turn them all into ashes!' the vampires thought.

The vampires looked at each other with panicked expressions. Some of them trembled at their imminent fate and some of them subconsciously closed their eyes. In a moment, they would breathe their last.

However, a name suddenly echoed inside the cavern.

"Zeres!" Abigail called the dragon's name and the fire didn't come.

The dragon halted before Abigail, his golden eyes staring at her and because of that, they were able to stay in the land of the living for a bit longer.

Dinah became infuriated. She couldn't believe Zeres stopped just because that damn girl called out his name!

"Damn it!!! Listen to me Zeres!!!" Dinah screamed, trying to get control of the dragon once again.

A loud bone-chilling groan filled the vastness of the cavern again. Zeres didn't look like he was in pain; it was as if he was torn.

Dinah kept ordering him like a mad woman. Again and again.

"Damn, damn, damn!! Why? Why is he not listening to me?!" Dinah's veins were almost bursting from utter anger. Her corpse-like face distorted and became even uglier.

"I think he is trying to listen to you but it's just that Abigail is the reincarnation of the last dragon keeper. She still has that power and is able to affect him. Zeres is now torn between you and her. The trouble will come If he consumes Abigail's blood because Abigail will then have complete control of him," Ezekiel calmly said.

Dinah shook her head in horror, unable to accept that Abigail's presence was enough to affect the dragon she created, the dragon who was supposed to be listening to her alone. The woman screamed but when Ezekiel bent closer to Dinah and whispered something in her ear, the woman's twisted face returned to normal and her anger suddenly died down.

Abigail was so busy with Zeres that she couldn't pay attention to what Ezekiel whispered to Dinah. Or could it be that Ezekiel took that opportunity knowing that Abigail was occupied?

The dragon who didn't know which voice to obey, rose and aimlessly flew towards the abyss, as if it was losing its mind. The dragon was obviously not in control of himself, as if he was a broken machine who had lost its function.

With Zeres now aimlessly flying and blowing fireballs on the walls of the abyss, the atmosphere between two armies were tense.

Everyone prepared for the battle that was about to occur.

Abi's eyes fell on Alicia as Alex's gaze was locked on Zeke.

For a moment, there was utter silence - the calm before the storm - before all hell broke loose.

In a blink of an eye, Alex and Zeke's blades clashed against each other in midair, right in the middle between the two armies. They looked at each other steadily, as if each man was weighing up their opponent, before they leapt away from each other.

Then they both leapt towards each other and this time, there was a series of attacks and parries as the two of them crossed swords. Alex attacked with precision and confidence while Zeke defended with ease, almost as if he knew what Alex was going to do. After a few seconds, Zeke managed to counterattack and started attacking Alex with practised movements, while Alex blocked and deflected just as easily as Zeke had done.

While the two vampires fought each other, Raven was first to tear his gaze away from them and without wasting another second, he yelled out an order. "Attack!!" he cried, before leaping into the enemy line.

The rogue and the elite vampires fought each other and there was utter chaos. The floor and walls of the cavern were soon painted with blood from both sides as the room filled with bloodlust. Everyone was fighting for their lives.

Amidst the chaos, Dinah found Alicia and Riev, who were watching the scene before them, and Dinah weaved her way over to them with the intention of taking their lives. Dinah had snuck up behind them, a dagger in her hand, and was about to stab Alicia when Kai jumped in between them and kicked her hard in the stomach.

Alicia and Riev turned around to see what the commotion was about and they were shocked when they saw Dinah behind them. But then their expressions turned to relief when they saw a familiar face. The rest of Kai's team managed to push through the horde of rogue vampires to get to Alicia and Riev and they formed a small circle around their weakened comrades to protect them. It seemed that he and his group entered from the other entrance by disguising themselves as rogue vampires.

"You're welcome," Kai said to Alicia and Riev with a cheeky smirk before he turned to face the enraged Dinah again.

More rogue vampires came over to their spot and surrounded them all but they didn't attack. Their eyes were on their master and her opponent. But even so, the vampires didn't let their guards down.

"Ha! You dare want a duel with an immortal, little pest?" Dinah snorted as she rolled her eyes at Kai.

Kai narrowed his eyes and immediately lunged at Dinah, catching her off guard and making her stumble backwards. Kai was about to land a punch on her but a woman jumped in between and blocked his attack.

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