Hellbound With You Chapter 528

527 Chaos

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"Careful, my lady! That's a blue-blooded vampire!" screamed the witch who came to Dinah's aid. She rushed over, hair flying out like a frenzied psycho, all in the hopes of getting into the good graces of Dinah.

Dinah glared angrily at Kai eyes all ablaze with fury and swiftly raised her sword with a sharp swishing sound. But a second later, her expression became wary. She seemed to pause in her movements and deliberately lowered her arm that held the sword the raging flames in her eyes cooling off slightly and her gaze turned shrewd.

"Deal with him!" her orders were barked out tersely at her two witch minions who gave a little jump and snapped to attention to follow Dinah's words which were like the law for them. It seemed the immortal woman did not want to be wounded again. She wised-up and didn't seem to want to repeat the same mistake in going through the same pain she suffered in Alicia's hands.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the cavern, Alex and Zeke continued circling one another both wary of the other and not giving an inch of opportunity for the other to get first blood. Zeke seemed to have twice as strong. He was able to keep up with Alex, despite Alex's hidden power being unleashed which was evidenced in his eyes glowing golden.

For the first time, Ezekiel was finally fighting seriously. The two fought with an inhuman intensity that led those surrounding them to be left staring stupefied at their attacks on each other. Each Herculean strike reverberated through the hearts of those watching. Those who were watching closely felt that as if every single collision followed by another in succession were in fact a conversation between these warriors. Both men were deadly serious and hell-bent on getting the strike which would draw first blood and both were going at the other like demon gods.

Alex had always been waiting for Zeke to unleash his real power, but he never had done so all these years until now. So why now?

Alex knew that Zeke had this powerful strength hidden within him. He could sense that massive potential just bubbling away beneath the surface since a long time ago that Zeke had his own beast living within him. No, that wasn't right. Zeke was the beast itself and had absolute full control over the man and beast part of himself. This was the first time he had let the beast out of its leash. The reason? Alex still couldn't decipher.

The fight was so heated that there was no room for error. Alex couldn't get a word in even if he wanted to. Well, Alex already knew that Zeke had no plans to talk to him at all.

Alex concentrated on the fight. If Zeke wasn't going to speak to him, then he would communicate using his actions. Alex was on the offence again, slashing and hitting Zeke's sword each time Zeke blocked his attack. Alex's next move was to bring his sword down towards Zeke's head which Zeke blocked with his sword, but then Alex drew his leg up and kicked Zeke in the chest before drawing his sword back and slashing Zeke in his abdomen, wounding him.

Zeke's crimson eyes burned even brighter after being wounded and he attacked again with more vigour. However, Alex again got the upper hand and again, Alex managed to land a kick on Zeke's abdomen, sending him flying backwards, hitting a pillar and breaking it. Alex was about to charge at him when suddenly, the dragon cut in between them, creating a huge hole on the ground. The ground under Zeke broke apart and fell away, falling into the abyss along with Zeke, leaving Alex to face the dragon.


During all the commotion, Dinah had taken the golden opportunity to furtively sneak away, leaving her minions to deal with Kai and his army of vampires. When she saw the dragon appear without warning from the abyss, she quickly thought of an alternative plan. She had already replenished some of her blood during this time, so she cut her wrist to get the dragon's attention.

Abi, who was busy fighting alongside the vampires, also saw that Zeres was back and she tried to get his attention as well, but it was too late. Dinah had already approached the dragon and fed him her blood. That seemed to have won Zeres over and Dinah laughed triumphantly.

Dinah climbed on the dragon's back before crowing out triumphantly, "Kill them!" Dinah ordered and the dragon started flapping its gigantic pitch-black wings while opening its mouth wide.

He jetted out a wave of fire towards the vampires, burning both foe and ally alike. Dinah seemed to have lost her mind. She ordered the dragon to keep burning as if she was planning to burn everything until there was nothing left.

Everyone ran to seek whatever refuge they could find behind pillars, fallen beams and stones. But many had been hit by the blasts, most of them rogue vampires.

Chaos ensued. The stench was unbelievable.

All around the battlefield, small fires were burning, and thick smoke rose to the cavern's ceiling creating a cloud of blackened haze.

The smoke combined with the light from the fires bathed the entire battlefield with a sombre dark red hue.

The only spot Zeres refused to hit with his fire was the spot where Abigail stood. This caused the mad woman riding the dragon to screech in anger once more. She hit the dragon with her claw as she burst out in anger, ordering him to incinerate Abigail immediately.

But at that moment, Alexander suddenly flashed before Dinah.

Dinah trembled severely, eyes widening in horror as she could not help but just freeze on the spot, looking at Alexander. Alexander was still in human form all gorgeous and burning in fury, but he had somehow grown dragon wings.

In the next second, before Dinah could even blink, Alexander's sword slashed across her neck, separating her head from her body. Dinah's head toppled over, falling with a sick thud onto the ground, followed by the ungainly crumbing of her body onto the filthy ground.

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