Hellbound With You Chapter 530

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Abigail was shaking. It took her a few seconds to get her bearings. She did it. She couldn't believe she really did it. Was it finally over? She prayed within her as she slowly opened her eyes - that everything was over now.

She didn't dare look at the woman she just stabbed to death. Her body was still trembling.

It took her a few seconds to get her bearings. The pulse in her vein was racing, thudding in her ears as she forced herself to move so that she could pull the sword off Dinah. However, before Abi could start pulling her blade, a hand suddenly grabbed the back of her head, pulling her.

The hand was strong, catching the trembling Abi completely off guard. Dinah was still alive! Or was she still clinging to her dear life?

Abi immediately struggled, and the woman was shockingly strong. What worse was that the woman was already sucking blood from the wound on Abi's neck. Shock registered on Abi's face. She was wounded on her neck during their fight a while ago.

Abi struggled with all her might. But Dinah's dragon arm was too strong for her to shake off.

Another hand grabbed Abi from behind as someone's sword slashed Dinah's head from behind. And finally, Abi was freed from the woman's grasp, pulling the blade at the same time as Raven pulled her.

Raven held Abi away from Dinah as Kai attacked the woman again. Kai was about to slash Dinah but Dinah's claw suddenly flew towards him. Dinah's attack was too fast, almost as fast as Alexander's. Dinah's dragon claw hit Kai's sword, and the vampire prince was thrown away like a ragdoll, his back hitting the cavern's wall. It appeared that Dinah's speed wasn't the only thing that dramatically increased. Her strength boosted as well.

An ominous black smoke started to appear as Dinah began to laugh. Her monstrous laugh was chilling, and everyone looked at the laughing woman in utter shock. 'Why? Why she's not dying yet?' Abi could only ask herself.

"Hahaha. At last! This power!!!" Dinah said as she continued laughing hysterically, spreading her arms wide, as if the battle was over and that she was the victor. "I am now the true keeper!! Finally!!! The dragons are mine!! Completely mine!!!"

Everyone was frozen in utter shock. What was this mad woman talking about?

Dinah began to scream in pain, but she was still laughing like a lunatic. She was looking at her dragon claw as if waiting for something to happen. Her eyes stretched out with great anticipation.

But when her skin began to be painted black, her hysteric laughter died down. Black scales grew in her skin as her wings began to grow as well. Dinah screamed and she fell on her knees. Her face now filled with confusion as she watched her hands in disgust.

"No!!!" Her voice suddenly thundered. "Why?!!! Kiel!!! Why am I turning to a dragon?!!" she asked, screaming. Intense panic and confusion were etched on her corpse-like face.

Everyone who was watching her was also confused. What did this woman think will happen? She didn't think she'll turn into a dragon?! She didn't want to turn into a dragon?

The black smoke began to consume Dinah. The same massive smoke that appeared when Zeres transformed into a dragon.

As lightning bolts began to form within the black clouds, Dinah screamed even louder, filling the vastness of the cavern.

"Kiel!!!" she roared. Her voice was now filled with hatred. "You said I wouldn't turn into a dragon!!! You said I'll become a true Dragon keeper" Dinah's voice trailed off and what replaced her voice were deep, chilling growls.

Unable to believe her eyes, Abigail could only gulp, opened her mouth, then shut it. Why? Why didn't Dinah die? What had gone wrong? She was supposed to be the only one who could kill immortals, but it was not happening. Dinah transformed into a dragon instead of dying! Why?

And what's with Dinah's last words? Did Ezekiel tell Dinah that her blood would turn Dinah into a real dragon keeper? What was going on?!

Questions kept piling up, and Abi didn't know what to think even anymore. She didn't know what was going on anymore.

Raven grabbed her and they leaped away. They all knew what was coming. Dinah was transforming into a real dragon. They should find a place to hide now. But where? Everything was already burning!

The moment Raven landed on the ground, the massive black cloud finally dissipated, and an earth-shattering rumble came next.

Another black-as-night dragon came into view.

The sheer amount of power coming from her was staggering.

Crouched in a predatory stance, the dragon's scales glinted in the firelight and her teeth looked like they could rip through steel. Her eyes were gold but they spoke only of darkness and death.

And then, she roared. It was the roar of a great beast that chilled everyone to their very bones. Abi could only feel her heart freezing in her chest. What was going to happen now?

At that moment, another earthquake shook the cavern. Something huge seemed to have fallen into the abyss. But no one could even avert their gaze from the new dragon before them because it's muzzle was now opened in preparation to breathe fire. She was going to burn them!

The dragon faced where Abigail stood. Raven held Abigail and leaped but the dragon followed them. Unlike Zeres, who never aimed his fire towards Abi, Dinah was obviously aiming at Abigail. Why? Was Dinah able to control herself?

As Dinah released her fire, a shadow that was fast as a bullet swept over Abi.

The fire came but missed them. The fire landed just a couple of meters away from where Abigail stood. And as the fire blasted on the ground, a blood-curdling growl thundered.

Abi opened her eyes and saw Alex in front of Dinah with his sword already stabbed into the dragon's eyes.

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