Hellbound With You Chapter 531

530 Against The Dragons

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The dragon wailed as Alex pushed the blade even deeper until the hilt of his sword touched her eyeball but Alex knew that no matter how many times he slashed and stabbed these two dragons, they would not die. They bled and growled in pain but he would not be able to kill them. It appeared that they were immortals even in their dragon forms, and this was something that was totally unexpected.

Alex didn't have time to think of how to defeat these dragons permanently. He was too busy trying to immobilize them. He stabbed them with his sword every chance he got to find their weakness. He went for their legs, their wings, their heads, but even a sword in the eye didn't do the trick.

Alex was a little hesitant to go against Zeres because he could still feel the dragon's confusion. He could feel that Zeres, the dragon, was just confused. His rationality and thoughts had disappeared, and he was basically just an animal now who didn't understand what was happening. His human nature had been drowned out and the animal instincts took over.

But this woman was different. He could see raw emotion in this dragon's eyes. Alex could see rage and hate and bloodlust, emotions that were driven by her human nature. Dinah was fully conscious and entirely in control of herself, unlike Zeres, but just like him. Alex knew exactly why that was. He was certain that it was because this woman had drunk Abigail's blood, the dragon keeper's blood, and that was why she was able to keep her human consciousness on the foreground, stomping down the dragon's animalistic instincts from taking over.

Alex was still on Dinah, still holding onto the sword, which was deeply rooted in Dinah's eyeball. Dinah, the dragon, shook her head from side to side, trying to dislodge Alex from her head but Alex held on tight. With a loud growl, she dropped down on all fours then gave an almighty push with her hind legs. She catapulted herself upwards, wings flapping hurriedly as she tried to gather as much speed as she could as she headed towards the ceiling of the cavern.

Everyone watched as the she-dragon flew upwards, purposely smashing one side of her face on the ceiling with the intent to squash Alexander against the hard surface. However, Alexander predicted what she was going to do and he swiftly dodged, jumping from the dragon's cheek towards her head, catching hold of one of the protruding scales. The frustrated dragon then dove, spiraling toward the abyss as she shook her head vigorously, trying to shake Alexander off of her.

Alex held on, managing to catch hold of his sword again. He gripped it hard and he used it as an anchor against the sharp, sudden movements of the dragon, even hoping that all her movements would help him dislodge it from her eye. Unfortunately, it didn't help. His sword was well and truly stuck.

As they spiraled down into the abyss, Alex could hear Zeres' moans, which meant they were getting close to hitting the ground. Alex instantly knew what Dinah was planning - to smash her head on the ground to bury Alex and herself under the rubble before letting loose a hot, fiery blast of fire. Alex prepared himself for this and held onto his sword until the very last second.

Before the dragon's head could touch the ground, Alex let go of his sword and jumped away, landing gracefully on the ground in a crouching position, facing the she-dragon. He watched as she smashed her head on the rocky ground before she breathed out a fiery breath, melting the rocks around her. Dinah raised her head from the molten rubble, and Alex saw that she didn't even suffer any damage from the collision. She looked fine, apart from the fact that Alex's sword was still completely pierced through one of her eyes.

So, while Alex was safe from that attack, he no longer had his weapon.

Alex could feel Dinah's power. This woman, this dragon, was very powerful. Her power gave him a sense of deja vu. Alex felt that her power seemed to be similar to that of Lexus when Lexus had gone berserk after Abi-

No, he couldn't think of that now. He had to keep those kinds of thoughts at bay. He looked at Dinah again and he confirmed his thoughts. Her power felt similar to Lexus' strength, and the difference between her and Zeres' power was great. That difference was most likely because, unlike Zeres, this woman was completely evil. She was attacking to destroy, to kill. She was a real monster from hell with no remorse and no conscience and because of that, she didn't hold back. That was why she was that powerful.

For a moment, the thrill of fighting against something this powerful began to fuel the fire within Alex. He had not fought a real battle like this for thousands of years, and he felt the excitement flow through his veins. However, he fought this feeling because that wasn't why he was here. All this time, he had been focusing so hard not to lose himself and let himself be consumed by the thrill of the fight because if he did, he might forget the most important thing that he had to do. He wasn't here because he wanted a fight or to defeat the most powerful creature on Earth. He was here for one thing - to keep his dear wife, Abigail, safe. There was no way he would lose her again. Defeating these dragons would be meaningless if...

He remembered how he was when he fought Lexus. Back then, he lost sight of everything and everyone but the dragon before him that when the battle was over, he was shocked by the mountain of dead bodies around him.

Aside from that fear, Alex also couldn't fully focus himself on the fight because he was watching Abigail all these times. He was beyond wary, careful as if he knew that something might happen the moment his complete attention would be focused on his fight against the dragons.

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