Hellbound With You Chapter 532

531 Shield

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A thunderous roar escaped Dinah's throat, drawing Alex back to his present predicament.

Alex knew he could dodge the dragon's fireballs all day if he had to but dodging wasn't going to help him defeat this dragon. He had to attack, but how? Should he let his claw grow? Alex shook his head. No, a claw wouldn't be enough and he really preferred to use a sword even when fighting a dragon but how could he get another one? Alex really didn't want to go back up to the cavern because he was certain that Dinah would burn everyone to ashes. It was best to keep her down here, away from his wife and the others for now until he could think of a plan of attack.

He was kept busy in the next second as Dinah blasted a few fireballs at him. Alex easily dodged them but he knew this was only the start. When none of the fireballs hit their target, Dinah's next move was to make it rain with fire and then she attacked with a massive fireball as a surprise.

"Damn woman," Alex cursed as he leapt backward from the oncoming ball of fire. However, just as he landed, Dinah's attack collided with another fireball that came from the dragon behind him.

Alex turned to see Zeres behind him on all fours, ready to form another fireball. Alex understood what was happening and he quickly looked up at the opening high above him. He saw his wife standing there, clad in her silver cloak, her dark silky hair dancing behind her. Her eyes were closed and despite the dirt and blood splattered all over her skin, his beloved was shining so brightly like a fiery star on a dark, dark night.

A proud smile curved on Alex's face. He could tell that his wife was now doing what she was naturally born to do-, to command the dragon and make them listen to her. While he was admiring his wife from afar, Zeres threw another fireball at Dinah and in the next second, the two great dragons flew up from the ground and collided above Alex.

This was Alex's opportunity to exploit Dinah's Achilles heel. Alex looked up again and mumbled a few words, knowing that his wife could hear him.

The next second, Alex saw Kai throw a blade down and Alex caught it with ease. The sword he had in his hand was the dragon-scaled blade he had given to Abigail.

Alex gripped it tightly and with one last look at Abigail, Alex joined the fight.

The fight was heated. Dinah was like a mad beast, clawing and scratching and hitting Zeres with everything she had. While she had more power than Zeres, with Alex in the mix, she was on the losing end. Realising this, Dinah roared and flapped her wings, zooming upwards as if to make her way to the cavern. Alex quickly told Abigail to have Zeres block her exit and with surprising speed, Zeres flew past Dinah and came between her and the exit.

Zeres kept Dinah occupied while Alex tried to draw closer towards Dinah's jewelled chest. His aim to pierce her heart with his sword, hoping that it would wound her enough to stop her raging antics. Alex held onto Dinah and she tried again to shake him off but Alex didn't stop and kept climbing up towards her chest, stabbing her again and again on his way there.

The dragons' battle was fierce and bone-shattering, burning the walls and melting everything.

Dinah was becoming more panicked so she kept trying to go back to the cavern to take refuge, knowing that Zeres and Alex would not attack her all out up there for fear that everyone up there might get hurt. Her reasoning was sound but that was also the reason why Zeres' and Alex's main aim was to keep the mad dragon in the abyss.

The fight continued with Zeres blocking her exit while Alex continued searching for her weakness.


Meanwhile, far from where Abi and the others stood, Alicia was in a duel with the last witch standing. Riev was with her standing a few meters away. Alicia wanted to kill this witch with her own two hands so Riev stepped back, still watching her closely if in case she needed help and at the same time looking out for any hint of danger that might suddenly come.

Alicia looked battered and weak and her heart felt the same. She looked at her enemy in the eye one last time before she thrust her sword through the witch's heart. When she withdrew her sword, she saw the witch finally fall to the ground, lifeless.

The witch - the childhood friend who betrayed her - was finally dead.

Stabbing her bloody sword on the ground, Alicia closed her eyes and lifted her face towards the sky. Her chest was heaving as she stood there, utterly exhausted. Her heart ached but she refused to shed a tear. Her friends had been long dead to her since the day they betrayed her. This witch before her now was her enemy.

Her sword dropped to the ground and she was about to drop on her knees too when


Alicia heard her name being called out. It was Abi. Alicia turned around and what she saw had made her eyes widen. A burning dragon was going to land on her, as fast as a falling meteor.

She no longer had any strength or magic to move herself. Nothing was left for her to save herself and her feet just stayed rooted to the ground. Fire painted her silver eyes as they reflected what was about to crash on her.

But then, Riev appeared, shielding her from the oncoming danger, barely in time.

He grabbed Alicia and tried to leap away but


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