Hellbound With You Chapter 533

532 Final Reques

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Alicia heard a ripping sound and a groan of pain coming from the man holding her.

Next thing she realised was that they were both airborne due to being thrown far enough that someone came hurtling after them in order to catch them so they wouldn't crash against the wall. The man who caught them was Kai.

Kai brought the two towards the place where Abi and the others stood. Riev who was bleeding from his fresh injuries was being carried by Kai, while Alicia hung over Kai's broad shoulders, both arms wrapped around his neck to prevent herself from slipping to the ground. Alex and Zeres had tried to stop Dinah from entering the cavern but the dragon was hellbent in getting herself out of the abyss and into the cavern. Dinah had gone berserk as if she had lost her mind. Any attack wouldn't work on her anymore so all Alex could do was tell Abi and the others to avoid her. However, when he noticed the surroundings, it was too late as Alex saw that Alicia and Riev were in the exact spot where Dinah was going to burst through.

Kai set them down on the ground and it was then that Alicia saw the measure of the damage that was done to Riev Dinah's claw had cleanly pierced through Riev's back, creating a large gaping hole.

They both knelt on the ground as Riev reached for her. His hands now shook with weakness as he held her, but he still held on to Alicia's shoulders at arms-length, stubbornly not letting go. He was able to straighten up a little when Alicia called his name.

"R-riev" she called softly, her voice a little shaky, shock and disbelief pooling in her eyes.

He lifted his face with much effort to look at her, but even that little action proved too much for his battered body, causing him to cough, blood dripping down the sides of his mouth.

"Are you okay?" Was the first words Riev asked Alicia after opening his mouth, causing Alicia to bite her lips as she lifted her hands to touch him.

"I'm fine." she answered. Her voice now a little panicky. "L-let's see your wound."

Even with just a cursory glance down at Riev's condition, Alicia could already tell how grave his wound was. Her mind immediately told her she couldn't save him anymore, even if she had strength left to use magic. Because his wound was just too big! It could not even be considered a wound that needs healing anymore. Dinah's large claw literally gouged out a hole in his body. Riev was a vampire and he naturally could heal his own wounds, but vampires can't regenerate like the immortals to survive this especially an injury such as this one.

But even in her own mind, knowing what she did, Alicia didn't listen to what it was telling her. So when Riev held her firmly in place, Alicia desperately looked at Kai. And when she found no help there, her head swung over with glistening eyes to look to the others to help her so that she could do something about Riev's wound. But not only had Kai looked away previously, avoiding her gaze. Everyone else looked away too hearts aching but helpless.

"It's okay, queen. You don't need to do anything anymore." Riev grinned at her.

Alicia's hands visibly shook. Her eyes tearing up even more.

"D-don't say that. Let me "

"Please" Riev cut her off. "Please, listen to me instead." He begged, coughing again.

Alicia's numb body could only freeze, seeing that look in Riev's eyes. She knew it was hopeless and she tried not to believe it.

"I'm" Riev smiled. "I am happy that this is how I leave this world protecting someone like you." He said and Alicia's eyes began to blur, Riev's face no longer clear and sharp in front of her. "It was It was fun, fighting alongside you."

As those words left Riev lips, the tears overflowed and tracked twin clear paths down Alicia's dusty cheek.

"R-ri-i-ev" she could only utter his name brokenly but the man grinned at her again, as if he was genuinely happy.

"Sorry I am really happy." His smile faded. "I never thought you would cry for me you're really such a kind woman."

Alicia couldn't even speak. She now could not even say his name as she felt a large lump choking her throat up. What else could she say when she couldn't even do anything for him? Since the day she met this man, he had been protecting her with all his life. And now, he did this and she could neither save him nor could she do anything for him.

"W-why? Why" she finally managed to choke out, her silent tears kept falling. "You didn't need to do that I am not your queen you don't need to sacrifice yourself for me"

Riev grinned at her again. "Yes. You're not our queen, but you're the most amazing queen I've ever seen in my life."

His weak hands reached out and wiped her tears. "Please know that I will never regret dying for you for me... This is an honor..."

He coughed blood again and his breath seemed to come in short bursts which sapped much of his remaining energy.

"May may I ask you to hug me?" he asked but he forced himself to chuckle next. "I'm sorry that was a "

Riev couldn't finish his words because Alicia had swiftly moved and hugged him, shocking the man.

Riev soon let out a sigh of relief as he finally let himself relax in Alicia's arms. "I couldn't ask for more, queen Alicia. Survive this battle for me that's my final selfish request. Promise?"

"I promise."

"Thank you. Can I call you by your name?"

"Sure." Alicia tried her best to respond.

"Thank you. You really are one hell of a queen. I wish I have met you sooner." He grinned once again. "But still, even if its just for a while, fighting alongside you and protecting you was really exciting."

"You're the amazing one, Riev." Her lips trembled.

Their eyes met as Riev lifted his hand to touch Alicia's face again, but he hesitated. Alicia held his hand and placed it to her cheek.

Riev smiled at her one last time.

"Thank you." His voice now a whisper. "I just want you to know that you're also the coolest woman I've ever met in my life. Goodbye Alicia."

"Riev!!" Alicia cried out as the man finally closed his eyes and died in her embrace.

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