Hellbound With You Chapter 534

533 Fury

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A deafening roar shook the cavern but Alicia merely sat on the ground, silent and unmoving, with Rievs head resting on her lap.

Alicia was well aware of the chaos surrounding her but, apart from being drained and weakened from her fight, Alicia just couldnt or just didnt want to move anymore. Her heart and soul felt like it had been ripped to pieces and her whole body was becoming numb.

Despite being pinned down by Zeres and Alex on the ground, Dinah kept attacking, raining fire over everyone and everything. Her body was full of cuts and open wounds from being stabbed by Alexs sword that rage and vengeance filled her entire being. The rage and hate seemed to have fueled her attacks and the fire that came out of her mouth became even bigger and hotter than before.

Zeres could pin Dinah down but could not stop her from breathing out fire and what was worse was that Dinah seemed to be ignoring the pain from the endless attack being inflicted on her.

The she-dragons eyes were locked onto Abigail and the bloodl.u.s.t in her eyes burst with fury, glaring at Abigail as if all these things that were happening to her was Abigails fault. She became so engrossed in that thought that all she could think of now was to kill Abigail and nothing else.

Alex felt the change in Dinah or at least, the change in her target. She no longer cared about fighting him or Zeres. Dinahs focus was now directed at his wife!

"Leave! Leave the cavern! Now!" Alexanders voice thundered. Kai quickly followed his instructions and went to grab Abigail.

The other remaining vampires were either wounded or exhausted. Even Raven had a burn on his arm, causing him to be unable to hold Abigail anymore. All the others could do now was to try and save themselves and head down the abyss. They all jumped into the abyss to escape the incoming danger.

Abigail, who was in Kais arms, looked back at the burning cavern and she yelled out in a panic.

"Wait! Alicias still in there!" Abi exclaimed. Everyone was leaping down into the abyss to escape the fire. The abyss was also burning but it was much bigger than the cavern and they could still see huge rocks that could shield them from Dinahs fires.

"Im sorry, Miss, we cant go back there anymore," Kai replied as he continued leaping away, moving as fast as he could to find refuge.

"No! Please Alicia is"

Abi could only bite her lips. She could see the other vampires following them and they all looked very weak. They could barely move their bodies to escape. Raven was being supported by one of the other vampires. He suffered a burn because he had shielded her from Dinahs sudden attack a while ago. She was very glad that he was still alive but even that small burn was harsh enough to render Raven useless.

"Alicia" Abi could only utter in dismay.

Up above her, Dinah kept raging, thinking that if she could just kill Abigail, then that would be a win for her. All along, this was what Dinah wanted since the beginning. If only Abigail never existed then and now, then Alexander would be hers was the mantra that Dinahs thoughts kept spouting in her mind. But here was Abigail, alive again, taunting her in her second life. But this time, Dinah vowed to herself that she would kill Abigail with her flames. She would turn Abigail to ashes. She thought that that would be quite a fitting end for last Dragon Keeper.

So when she saw that Abigail was gone, fire burst from her mouth, burning everything, melting the walls of the cavern. Even the entrance had been blocked by a molten lava. The she-dragon had gone completely and utterly mad beyond redemption.

Alex and Zeres finally went all out in response to Dinahs fury with more merciless attacks, knowing that Abigail and others were out of harms way.

They still didnt know how to kill this she-dragon, so for now, their plan was to beat her up to a pulp until she couldnt move anymore. That would at least give them time to think of their next move and to give the others time to escape.

However, Dinah seemed to catch onto Alexs plan. She knew that they were trying to pin her down for Abigail to escape and the thought that Abigail might come out of this place unscathed while she was being tortured, made her volcanic fury erupt.

As if it was now or never, the largest ball of fire came bursting forth from her mouth aimed at both Zeres and Alex. Dinahs fire could burn the entire cavern but Alex and Zeres were unfazed.

"Zeres! Alicias still there!!" a voice echoed in Zeres blurry consciousness and his dragon eyes wandered around the cavern. As Dinahs fire erupted, Alicias image was reflected in Zeres golden eyes. She was still in the same spot, with Rievs head on her lap, as she looked back at Zeres. Her golden eyes werent helpless but still fierce, almost as if Alicia was trying to encourage Zeres through her eyes to keep fighting.

The next moment, Zeres suddenly let go of Dinah and flew towards Alicia, protecting her using his wings.

"F*ck!" Alex was caught off guard. There was no way he could restrain Dinah on his own.

Dinah didnt waste a moment and broke free. Alex could only grit his teeth. Knowing that Dinah would go after Abi, Alex immediately catapulted from the cavern down the abyss to look for his wife. He knew what Dinah wanted, but he would never let it happen. Not again. Never again!

Alex dove and spiraled into the abyss and took Abi from Kai as he yelled at them to spread out and hide. Dinahs fire followed him down. Seeing that Alexander had her target, Dinah flew towards the exit that the vampires were heading to. It was still very far away from them and Alex knew Dinah would get there before them.

Dinah burned the small exit making it impossible for the mortals to cross. The soil and rocks melted and turned to lava before she smashed herself into it to block it entirely with burning debris.

"Alex" Abi uttered.

The situation was dire. The cavern had turned into a blazing inferno. It would only be a matter of time until Dinah turned this massive abyss into her own hell as well.

Alex looked at her and kissed Abis head.

"I will get you out of here," he said when Abi heard a voice calling for her.


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