Hellbound With You Chapter 536

535 Howl

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A gush of wind began to enter the hole, carrying thick mists along with it.

Abi didnt waste a second and called the mists towards her and then directed it to the vampires on the abyss floor. She had to save their comrades first before the fire killed them all. Keeping them alive was currently her top priority until Zeres finally comes to pick them up.

With that thought in mind, Abi didnt turn the mists into weapons. Instead, she focused her thoughts and directed the thick mists to extinguish the fire that was about to devour the vampires.

But Dinah would not just stand idle and watch her do that. The she-dragon then breathed more fire, so Abi was forced to face her as inferno at the same time, still trying to extinguish the fires which were ablaze all around the abyss floor. Perhaps, it was out of desperation, but Abi actually managed to do two things at the same time. She was able to continue making the mists extinguish some fires on the ground while turning some of the other mists in the air into weapons. Abi never tried this before so even she was shocked that she could actually pull this out.

Even Alexs lips curved up, looking at his wife with proud eyes.

Dinah growled and she started to aim her flames at Abi again. Abi saw that there was now a safe spot for the vampires to stay so she finally focused her full attention to the raging dragon.

With the help of Alex, Abi called on more mists and it seemed like a stream of white clouds continued entering the hole. Abi turned the mists into more weapons. They had to distract her now so Zeres could come down and pick everyone.

Completely surrounded with thousands of crystalized weapons, the she-dragons muzzle opened even wider to breathe an even larger ball of fire to melt the weapons that were surrounding. However, before the fire came out, Abis crystalized ice weapon hurtled towards Dinah.

Knowing that the fire was late in coming, Dinah used her wings to stop the weapons from reaching her. But many still managed to pierce through her leathered wings and before she could gather her wits, another batch of crystalized ice weapon appeared again.

The she-dragon tried to burn down everything and anything that was in her sight before they could even reach her. But many survived her fire and those razor-sharp ice spears managed to pierce through her body, causing the she-dragon to rumble out another series of earth-shattering growls as she tried to dodge and let out more fire everywhere.

The crystalized weapons didnt stop coming. Abi wasnt going to give her a chance to recuperate. And their plan was working. The dragon was now preoccupied in her focus on burning and melting the hundreds of weapons attacking her and didnt seem to notice Zeres flying behind her.

The vampires on the ground were awed by the incredibly overwhelming and jaw-dropping show they were seeing. The couple above them were just too powerful when they fight together. But too bad, the vampires did not have the luxury to admire the fight any further because they had to leave now. They knew that that she-dragon was a ticking time bomb. They also knew that Abigail and Alexander were trying to save their asses before they all would be turned into ashes.

As Abi continued the attack, Zeres finally landed down in the abyss floor. The vampires didnt waste a moment and quickly climbed onto the dragons back, holding on to its black spikes. They couldnt believe they were going to ride a real dragon! But they neither have the luxury nor the time to feel the thrill and they were too weak to even yell. All they could do now was cling onto the dragon with whatever little strength left that they could muster.

A stray ball of fire that came from the raging she-dragon headed towards them but thankfully, Zeres managed to dodge it and if flew up towards the hole in the ceiling.

"Alex. How can we kill her? I have stabbed her with your sword. I am certain it pierced her heart but she didnt die! It somehow seems like I cant kill her, Alex!" Abi told Alex. Her eyes still focused on Dinah as she continued creating more crystal weapons to attack her.

Alexs brows furrowed. "Maybe, theres something we must do in order for it work!" Alex could only reply but it was obvious, he was as clueless as Abi on what it was.

But what Alex said made Abi remember something and her eyes widened. She momentarily lost focus, giving Dinah a chance to spit fire towards them, which Alex immediately dodged.

"My blood! Remember when I gave you the sword to kill Lexus?" she said and Alex narrowed his eyes. That was right. Back then, Abigail spilled her blood on the swords blade before giving it to him.

Without waiting for Alexs approval, Abi took the sword from him. Abi wounded her own arm and let her blood drip on the blade.

She looked at Alex with a fierce and brave gaze.

"Help me stab this to her chest, Alex. And we need to be sure to drive it deep," she said but Alex looked hesitant. Having Abi get close to that mad dragon was the last thing Alex wanted to do. No, he would never want to let her get close to her. But his wifes eyes were determined and pleading.

"I can do this Alex. Dont worry. Arent you here to keep me safe?"

"Thats too risky Abigail. I can survive her fire but you cant!"

"But Alex, this might be the only way!"

"No." Alex argued. "Lets wait for Zeres. Hell distract Dinah and Ill help you attack her."

As Alex said those, Zeres did come back and he crashed landed on Dinah. The two dragons fell, and the earth shook tremendously. Zeres pinned the she-dragon down to the ground.

And that was the opportunity Alex was waiting for. Alex moved with Abi in his arms, fast as a lightning and before the dust could even settle down, they were already standing on top of Dinahs bejeweled chest.

A blood-curling howl followed the quake as Abi shoved the sword on the she-dragons chest with Alex helping her to push it deeper with his hands at the base of the hilt.
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