Hellbound With You Chapter 537

536 Dance

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A horrifying and blood-curdling roar filled the abyss as the she-dragon trashed and wailed. Perhaps, due to her desperation in struggling to free herself from the sword impaled deep in her bejewelled chest, Dinahs power seemed to be dramatically increased that Alex had to quickly pull Abi away to safety.

The she-dragons fire blasted at them and Alex used his body to shield Abigail. As the fire hit them, Alexs powerful aura sparked silver with bits of amber around their bodies protecting them from not just the flames but also the intense heat wave that shimmered around. They didnt even have the time to pull the sword out of the dragons chest.

As Alex flew upwards with Abi, they glanced back to the dragons on the abyss floor. Zeres was doing a good job in his effort in restraining Dinah but they could tell that Dinahs strength do not seem to be decreasing in the least. She instead seemed to be growing even stronger. Fury and desperation consumed her, and she was now nothing but a mindless killing monster.

"I-its not working?" Abi stammered. This was truly their last hope. If this could not even kill Dinah, what on earth could kill her? Was it really impossible?

"I dont know. But perhaps, there is one last thing we can try. We need to find an opportunity to get close and pull the sword out." Alex replied. They could see that Zeres was showing signs of him struggling to keep Dinah under control. Dinahs power suddenly became too overwhelming. "Ill get you out of here now before that woman escape Zeres grip."

Alex emerged from the hole with Abi held securely in his arms and landed on the ground. No matter what, she is the most precious thing in this existence to him, thus her safety is his utmost priority without her, he might as well destroy everything and drag everyone and everything to hell in eternal damnation. They saw the others scattered around, laying on their back.

He put Abi down, and kissed her forehead.

"Ill go and end her. Stay here. Dont ever go close to the hole." Alex whispered.

"Please take care, Alex." Abi replied and a seductive smirk flashed on Alexs face one only reserved for Abi.

"I will. Zeres and I will bury her here." Cupping her face in assurance, he gave her another quick kiss that lacked no affection despite it being brief, one more time. "Stay here and wait for me." stressing on the word wait and giving Abi a meaningful glance.

No longer waiting for Abis response, Alex picked up a stray sword on the ground and leapt towards the hole. He stared down, eyes now burning brighter than the sun. It seemed he had no choice but to go all out now. Now that Abis in a safe place. He thought that it was time for him to end this.

He lifted his sword and his body blazed with staggering power. Everyone couldnt see his expression but at that moment, even Abi felt goosebumps covered her skin as she watched his back. He looked as though, power from the underworld had come and enveloped him. And then, the blade of his sword suddenly turned fiery as it had just been dipped in lava. With those fiery blades, he jumped down into the abyss.

He whirled and spiralled towards the two dragons on the abyss floor, glowing like a meteor entering the earths atmosphere. Alex reached the she-dragon who had just broke free from Zeres grasp and he thrust and swung mightily, moving as fast as he was able, striking without reservation.

Alex felt power screaming within him, trying to consume his entire being. This time, confident in the knowledge that his beloved is safe, he allowed it to spread through his entire being without any restraints. He didnt need to hold back anymore.

His fiery blade cut through the arm of the she-dragon and then sliced across her legs countless time over. Alex was smiling as he did that. He looked as though the god of slaughter, residing within him had taken over. He swung again, every attack too powerful, too fast, it was like a choreograph dance of the war gods, as Dinah didnt even know where to aim anymore. And then out of nowhere he was in her chest again, stabbing her again with another sword and pulling both the swords out of her chest.

The abyss shook again as Dinah roared, but she didnt fall. She let out fire like she was prepared to explode and burn the world along with her. She tried to fly aiming to leave the abyss. But Zeres blocked her way and Alex relentlessly attacked her. All Dinah could do now was burn and burn, until the abyss had finally turned into an inferno.


It was already daylight, but it was still drizzling and the clouds were dark contributing to the sombre mood. Everyone was on the ground lying on their back except Alicia and Abigail. The men were all covered with wounds all over, even Alicia was not spared of it.

Abi just stood there, looking at the hole where her husband had jumped into. She could tell that fire had swallowed the abyss as if it had become hell itself. They could feel the constant earthquakes and they could only imagine how fierce the battle was inside the hole.

The thought that the sword couldnt kill Dinah made Abi felt fear inside her chest. What should they do? Why cant she kill the dragon? Was it because she was no longer a real dragon keeper? But she was! She could control Zeres and the mists too. Or could it be that her blood was no longer effective because the blood flowing in her veins wasnt pure keepers blood anymore?

She was utterly at an unease. They must kill Dinah. They must find a way to kill that immortal woman or this battle will never, ever, end.

As Abi tugged on her hair, someones presence pulled at her attention and when she lifted her face and looked at him, her hands on her hair slowly dropped.

"E-ezekiel." she stuttered in a broken whisper as their eyes met.
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