Hellbound With You Chapter 542

541 Devil

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Zeres rugged breathing slowly settled. The pain was gone, and he was still very much alive. He felt the weight on top of him and his eyes widened.

He lifted his body up and held the woman who was slumped on him securely in his lap, both arms surrounding her. Fear etched on his face as he slid his hands to Alicias shoulders, giving her a gentle shake. He wont forgive himself if the queen died because of him!

"Q-queen" he uttered, praying that what she said earlier was true not for his sake but for hers! That she could save him without sacrificing herself.

Fortunately, she was still breathing. Her chest still moved up and down slightly, showing that she was just knocked out from exhaustion. He let his tensed shoulders droop a little as the queen rested on his chest. A deep and long sigh of relief escaped his lips.

"Zeres." Someone called him and he looked up.

The sight of the woman looking down at him made Zeres body froze again. Abigail smiled gently at him as she knelt beside him.

Zeres lips parted, but no words came out. He just stared at her, eyes filled with overflowing emotions.

"I am so glad youre fine, Zeres." Abi said and she hugged him, along with Alicia. "Im so glad." She teared up.

The man closed his eyes. He already remembered. Everything. He didnt know how and what made him remember but they were back, his real memories were back.

And that was why he couldnt believe what he was seeing right then. He remembered that Abigail died and he couldnt even hug her. But now, here she was, alive and hugging him.

"I" he started. "I am so happy to see you again Abigail." He said and Abi pulled away, wiping her tears as she smiled at him.

"Me too." She replied and then she turned. "Alex too." She added and Zeres followed her line of sight.

Alexander was there, sitting on a small rock. His elbows on his knees and those familiar dark eyes peering through the strands of his hair, meeting Zeres gaze.

A sigh escaped Zeres lips.

"He isnt looking very happy though." He said, a little playfully.

"He is. Hes just hes been crying for a long while so he cant smile right " Abi couldnt finish her sentence because Alex suddenly appeared to be standing behind her.

"Its good that you managed to stay alive this time." He told Zeres dryly.

"I died last time because of you." Zeres retorted with a snort and they glared at each other.

"No one asked you to do that."

"H-how ungrateful."

Abi looked incredulously at one then to the other and felt like bashing both their heads together. Why were they at each others throats again? They were fighting together so damned well just moments ago. It seemed their cat-and-dog relationship from the ancient times just resumed.

Abi was about to speak when Alex moved and suddenly ruffled Zeres silver hair, causing the mans veins to pop.

"Stop doing that!" he exclaimed and wanted to punch back at him but having his arms full of an unconscious Alicia stopped all that. Alex only smirked at him.

"Shut up. I am thousands of years older than you now. Youre basically like a great great great grandson to me now." Alex said before he left them and headed towards where Ezekiel and the prophetess were.

Zeres groaned in frustration.

"I cant believe hes still so annoying even after a few millennia has passed!" He complained when he heard Abigails chuckle.

Zeres looked at her and his expression softened. His eyes glanced at Alexanders back before returning to her.

There was a short few seconds of silence before Zeres abruptly blurted, "The two of you" he trailed off, reluctance evident on his face.

But despite his unfinished sentence, Abi nodded at him, smiling gently. "Mmm Alex and I" Abi paused for a moment. "We got married three months ago."

Zeres blinked and then looked down. "I see" he uttered, nodding.

Abi watched his expression and waited for what he would say next when Alicia moaned, pulling both Abi and Zeres attention back to her.

"Alicia," Abi said but then, they realized that the queen just moaned in her sleep and was now back to her deep slumber once again.

Zeres and Abigail sighed simultaneously.

Meanwhile, not far from them, Alex sat across Zeke. The vampire prince was leaning on the rock. He suffered too many injuries inside and out that he still needed more time to heal himself. But despite his condition, his wounds were healing damned fast, faster than anyone else that Alex had seen before.

"I think you should be with your old friend, Alex." Zeke said, his eyes still closed but a smirk was dancing on his face.

"Shut up and heal faster so you can finally start talking."

Another smirk curved on Zekes lips. "Whose fault do you think this is?"

"Yours, of course." Alex snorted with a roll of his eyes.

"Tsk. I dont agree with that." His lips twitched. "If youre too eager to know, just ask the prophetess everything you wanted to know. Ill need to sleep. Ill heal faster this way. Dont disturb me." He added weakly before resting his head against the rock behind him and just drifted off to sleep.

Alex sighed and stood. He looked around and noticed the wounded vampires were slowly healing themselves. They needed a little more time until everyone could stand again.

Looking up at the sky, Alex let out another deep sigh. All he could feel now was gladness and relief.

Later that night, the group arrived in Hidden Kingdom.

Zeke was already awake, but Alicia was still in deep in healing slumber. The cars halted in the courtyard and everyone climbed off except for Zeres. Alicia was lying beside him, her head resting on his lap.

Alexander opened the door for him and bent over.

"Come out." He said but Zeres gaze surveyed the surrounding with wariness in his eyes. He knew, he and Alicia were the only witches in there. And they were in the palace of the vampires and country ruled by vampires.

Alex knew the reason behind Zeres hesitation. The man must still believe that the war between vampires and witches from ancient times were still the same until now.

"Zeres, its okay. Dont worry. The vampires will not attempt anything. Alicias been here many times before." Abigail chimed behind Alex when the door on the other side was opened. It was Zeke. He was already fully healed.

"Ill carry her," Zeke said when Zeres suddenly moved, quickly gathering Alicia up in his arms as he glared warily at Zeke.

"I can carry her myself." He said and he stepped out of the car with Alicia firmly embraced in his arms. He stood next to Alexander, obviously putting some distance between them and Zeke. He still didnt know anything about Ezekiel. All he knew was that Ezekiel was dangerous because like Dinah, he knew he had manipulated him as well.

Everyone of course noticed Zeres action. Alex smirked at Zeke.

"Whats this, is the white dragon scared of a mere vampire like me?" Zeke taunted as they walked along the corridor.

"Whos afraid of you? I just dont trust you anymore Kiel. And stop calling me that!" Zeres retorted, voice a little chilly. "Also you are no mere vampire. Youre a devil too!"


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