Hellbound With You Chapter 546

545 Babysitter

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The black sky finally began to be painted over with the color of dawn. But the two figures standing before Riev's grave had yet to move or say a single word.

Alicia had kept her head down, finally whispering her prayer, her last goodbye to Riev in silence. The sadness that had weighed heavily in her heart hadn't subside one bit but when she opened her eyes, she lifted her head and looked at the horizon.

It was already dawn. A slight and emotional smile curved on her face as Riev's grinning face appeared in her imagination, waving goodbye, slowly disappearing, as the rising sunshine swallowed him.

'Goodbye, Riev,' she whispered within her and then, she turned to leave.

Ezekiel walked past her in silence and Alicia followed him. She stared at the man's broad back that spoke of so much authority and mystery. He was only a few steps away from her but in Alicia's eyes, the man was way out of reach. He's been that way ever since the first time she met him, cold, calculating and distant.

They descended the hill in silence but once they were out of the burial ground, Zeke slowed until Alicia caught up to him and walked beside him. She didn't turn to look at him.

"My job is finally over," Zeke suddenly started, his deep voice echoed like cold breeze in the morning. "It's your turn now, Alicia."

His words made her halt and she finally looked at him.

Zeke also halted and his blank stare turned to her. Alicia studied him in return with a slightly narrowed eyes, seeking for an explanation about what he just said.

The man cocked his head to the side and a playful smirk curved on his face. "I mean it's your turn now to babysit a dragon."

Alicia blinked, creasing her brows even harder. "Babysit?" was all she could say.

"That's right." Zeke nodded; sarcasm was obviously evident on his face, but she knew there was an underlying truth behind his words. "I've been babysitting Alexander for god knows how long. And babysitting that immortal black dragon was such a major pain. Now that he finally found the woman that will finally take my place, my job is done. It's Abigail's job now to leash that man forever."

A laugh escaped her throat. "I can't believe you're calling that babysitting."

"Don't jest, witch queen. I know you think that word is very fitting. And I don't think you should be laughing right now" he looked at her, smirking, as if she was doomed.

Alicia cleared her throat, trying to regain her composure again.

"I shall pass that job to you and Abigail now." He added, causing Alicia to blink and then her jaw dropped. What was he saying? He's passing the job to Abigail, yes, she understood but why did he include her?!

"Don't give me that look. Who would look for that white dragon if not you?" Zeke told her, now serious.

"Hey. Wait. How can I possibly " Alicia protested but Zeke cut her off.

"Are you saying that Abigail and Alex should do the job? Or were you expecting me to watch over him?"

Alicia couldn't respond. Ezekiel had been watching over Alexander over these countless years because Alexander was a half vampire and half-royal too. And there was literally no one aside from Ezekiel that could do that job. He was the only one who was capable to keep Alexander under control. He had done such a great job. But Zeres he was a witch Abi and Alex were married. And this man he's the prince of the vampires, the next king. It wasn't his responsibility to watch over a witch.

"Now that there's an immortal half witch, the balance of power is finally restored. The witches will not need to live in fear anymore. They're no longer inferior. And there's that full human immortal too. With Abigail beside him, Alexander is no longer a ticking time bomb, but I am not sure about that white dragon. One day, Zeres might cause problems. Well, there's Alex and Abigail but he might still cause another unnecessary bloodshed and possibly, a huge war." He paused and then sighed. "Zeres is harmless for now. He's not like Dinah but time can and may change everything, Alicia. It can turn anyone into monsters or saints." His voice as he said those two last lines, sounded dead serious.

"There is no one else to watch over him but you, witch queen." Zeke continued. "Keep him going on the right path. Because if you fail and he ends up turning into an enemy" Zeke paused again, his eyes that were like the steel of a deadly sword, utterly serious. "I'll find a way to get him dead and stay dead the next time, too. And if he dies, the witches will lose their newfound power and your people will have to go into hiding again."

Silence reigned between them for a while until Alicia finally let out a sigh. She understood what Zeke was trying to say. She understood what he wanted her to do and there was really no other choice. Whether Zeres like it or not, he needed someone to watch over him, someone whom he would listen to. And Ezekiel was right. There was no one who could do it but her, the witch queen.

"I fully understand what you want, Ezekiel. But" her gaze at him became intense. "I'm not really worried about Zeres right now. Actually, I believe, you're the one who needs a 'babysitter' here the most, Ezekiel." She said as she stepped closer to him, unfazed by his overwhelming presence. "Yes, you're not an enemy right now but you're the one who said that time can change everything that it can turn anyone into monsters or saints." She halted, just inches apart from him, her gaze even more intense, returning his serious gaze double fold. "I don't know what is going on in your head, future king of vampires. But right now, I feel that there's a monster within you that needs to be tamed, that needs to be leashed forever or else, one day" she trailed off and swallowed. "I think you are much more dangerous than the dragons Ezekiel."

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