Hellbound With You Chapter 547

546 One Day

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As if the god of silence had just passed by between them, no one spoke for a moment. They just stared at each other until Ezekiel moved forward.

Alicia subconsciously leaned back, finally realizing how close their faces were.

"Alicia" said Ezekiel, slightly tilting his head as he gazed deeply into her eyes, leaning even closer. "Do you like me?" he asked, a glint of mischief playing at the corner of his thin lips.

The witch queen had her eyes widen for a split second but recovered immediately and answered. "Oh yes, Ezekiel." She blurted. "I like to punch you" she continued, and like a lightning strike, her small fist landed on Zeke's jaw. "I always wanted to punch that emotionless face of yours!"

Ezekiel was pushed two steps back. Alicia's punch was strong enough that Zeke's lower lip bled.

Touching his lip with his thumb, Ezekiel let out a small chuckle as he peered at her. Looking amazed and amused at the same time.

"As expected of you, queen Alicia that was one hard punch." He said, licking his lower lip.

Alicia let out a deep sigh. "I'm being serious here, Ezekiel. And yet you're..." She sighed again, shaking her head as she tried to calm herself. She didn't like that Ezekiel was always like this. He was always acting like nothing could affect him. Making her feel like he was not taking her words seriously at all.

She was beyond serious about what she said about him being the most dangerous. She still couldn't move on from the fact that all these times, Ezekiel had basically orchestrated everything. He'd been that mastermind who controlled both his friends and foes to win his game. She remembered when Ezekiel said that there was someone bigger behind Dinah. Who would've thought that he was actually talking about himself? Alicia would never ever imagine that someone could do something like this. He had basically killed an immortal and saved the world from falling into unimaginable chaos. She had heard from the prophetess that Ezekiel was the one who convinced Dinah not to attack anyone. He was the one who chose the two battlegrounds, telling Dinah that the underground places were ideal so Alexander, Abigail and Alicia couldn't use their power. But his main goal was actually to hide the battle from the world. If Ezekiel didn't do all those, even if Alex and Abi could win the battle against Dinah in the end, Alicia couldn't imagine the destruction the war would have caused. Perhaps, humans might even be involved by now.

Just the thought of the whole world finding out about the existence of the dragons and vampires and witches made Alicia's stomach churn. This man was truly beyond words to define. He could save the world without even using his physical powers. And that was why he was genuinely terrifying. He definitely could destroy the world too just by his out of the world manipulation. If one day this man would become an enemy can anyone win against him?

Suddenly, a large hand landed on her head. Alicia's eyes widened, speechless at what Ezekiel was doing.

"It seemed your trust in me had really crumbled." He said.

"It has nothing to do with my trust in you. And take your hand off my head, Ezekiel." She ordered and the man smirked. He patted her head gently and then quickly pulled his hand off her, almost as if afraid that another hard punch will land on his face.

He turned and started to walk silently ahead of her. But Alicia followed and continued talking. "You were the one who said that time could change everything. Now that your hard task is over, I'm afraid you'll get bored one day, and your monstrous brain might think of something really crazy."

Ezekiel halted. He lifted his face and looked up. His hands in his pockets, looking utterly relaxed as he watched the swaying leaves above them.

"That's right. My task is finally over." He uttered, his eyes had a far off look again. "You're right. I might really get bored after this."

"Please don't plot anything crazy to destroy the world just because you're bored. Restrain the devil inside you. I mean, chain him forever."

"I wonder if that's possible but" he replied and then looked over his shoulder. Their eyes met as he spoke with a mischievous smile on his face. "I'll try."

His words sent chills down Alicia's spine, and she knew why. This man was really unbelievable.

"I really think you needed a babysitter, Ezekiel. Just in case "

"Are you applying for the job? Huh, queen?" That smirk was back again, and Alicia was rendered speechless. Her? Babysitting this terrifying devil?

Before Alicia could even form a response, "Just kidding," he said and then he turned his gaze back in front of him. "I wish you luck, Alicia, for your new task. Don't worry too much. The devil within me is well behaved." He told her as he continued walking.

Alicia didn't follow him anymore, but she called out and Ezekiel halted. "Alexander is a notorious beast but Abigail had tamed him. I wish that the one destined for you will arrive soon so that she could look over you before you do something crazy. I am afraid that one day, you'll just pop out of nowhere and declare a war just because youre bored to death or because you decided to finally die as a real villain of this story."

His shoulders moved, and she could tell that the man laughed.

"A real villain, huh." He echoed, turning back at her again. Looking like he seriously pondered about it. "That sounds fun."

"I'm serious, Ezekiel. I really hope that person will come soon."

"That person, huh" he paused and turned back. "Too bad, but your hope is not possible, Alicia." He added as he walked away.

Alicia creased her brows in confusion and curiosity, but he was gone. What did he mean by that? Not possible? He must be just kidding again, right?

"Queen." Zeres' voice almost jolted her. She was too focused on Ezekiel's last line that she didn't feel Zeres' presence at all! "You like that devil, right?" he asked, craning his neck as he looked at her and Alicia choked.


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