Hellbound With You Chapter 548

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Zeres waited. His gaze on her intense, and Alicia could tell that Zeres seemed to be worried about her.

She cleared her throat, regaining her composure.

"You think I like him?" she asked him instead of answering, slightly raising a brow.

Zeres sighed and leaned against the tree. "I won't blame you if you like him. After all, Kiel is a charming man despite the fact that he's a devil." He shrugged but then, he sighed again. "But As your ancestor, I'm just worried about you."

Alicia faced him, both her brows now lifted at him, her chin was up as well.

"Err" Zeres scratched his neck with his forefinger as his eyes wandered. "I just think you're too good for him," he explained. Alicia remained silent, slightly tilting her head, without taking her eyes off her. "And he's really too cold, Alicia. It's like it's impossible for him to fall for anyone" he trailed off, and he looked like he regretted what he just said.

He straightened and walked towards her as he spoke. "I'm sorry I shouldn't be saying that." He halted before her and bent over, concern painting his angel face. "Please know that all I want is for you to be happy because you deserve it." He smiled as he landed his hand on her head. "I wish you will fall for a man whose heart sees no one but you."

As those words left Zeres' lips, emotions suddenly flooded his eyes, and he quickly bent, leaning his forehead on Alicia's shoulder blade. Perhaps to hide his emotions from her.

Alicia stood still, and then slowly, she lifted her hand and patted his back.

But too soon, Zeres pulled away. "Don't get the wrong idea, queen." He said, suddenly. "I mean, Abigail will always be my first love, but" he paused and let out a sigh. "I am happy for her now. Long ago, I already accepted that I am not the man for her. It's always been Alexander he's the one who deserved Abigail they both deserve each other. Back then and now. And I'm genuinely happy for them."

"O-okay." Alicia could only nod at him. She observed him closely and it seemed the man was telling the truth. She could see his sincerity as he stated his acceptance and happiness for Abi and Alexander. And it made Alicia smile. She was glad this man had already moved on.

His shoulders relaxed, and he looked up. "Loving someone is beautiful, but if you fall for the person that couldn't love you back, it hurts." He said, but he didn't sound like a brokenhearted man lamenting about his unrequited love story. He sounded like an old man stating words of wisdom instead. "So if your choice is Kiel, I'm sorry, my queen, but I'm not going to help you." He grinned again, but this time a little apologetic. "His heart is iron. And he didn't seem to want anyone to melt his heart. He's a tough nut to crack, so if you want him, you'd probably need to work extra hard to" Zeres trailed off once again and pressed his lips tightly. "I'm sorry I'll stop now." He added, and he moved forward, ahead of her.

A quiet sigh escaped her lips and she walked behind him. She understood what Zeres was talking about. She already knew since the first time she met Ezekiel. Ezekiel was an enigma. He was a man who didn't seem to need anyone. He always had that dark, ominous shell around him. He never let his guard down. And Zeres was right. Ezekiel doesn't seem to welcome anyone who reaches out for him.

Even when Ezekiel was flashing those smirks and sometimes laughed like he was amused, Alicia could still see nothing in his eyes. They held no warmth but cold, calculating calm as if something was missing inside him a heart.

She always wondered why. What made Ezekiel like this? Did something happen to him in the past? Alicia just couldn't believe that Ezekiel was initially like the way he was now. No one could be born like that.

As the Reign Castle appeared before their eyes, Alicia and Zeres halted.

"Don't worry about me, Zeres." She said without looking at him. Her eyes fixated on the great castle.

Zeres head snapped towards her. "You mean you're not going to chase after Ezekiel?" he exclaimed, causing Alicia to cough.

She sighed and faced the man. "Chase?" she echoed, and then a small smile curved on her lips. "Why should I? I'm a queen Zeres." The air around her suddenly changed. Regalness and serenity and power oozed around her. "Queens don't chase after men, Zeres." She ended with a smile and walked away.

Zeres watched her back, and he smiled. 'What a queen.' He mumbled and followed after her.

Meanwhile, inside Alexander's room, Alex's expression was tensed with worry as he sat at the side of the bed. His eyes focused on the face of his wife.

Abigail had rested the night before, and she was very fine. They were even up for hours and she was very energetic. So how come she was suddenly weak and ill the instant she woke up? Wasn't she already an immortal? How could she still get ill?

His brows were pulled together in a hard knot as the unease and restlessness filled his mind. He couldnt help but question if what Zeke said the night before was just a dream. Was it a lie? No!

He was holding Abigail's hand, gently squeezing them, when finally, the door opened. Ezekiel emerged, and Alex instantly stood.

"There are many other doctors, Alex "

"Tell me Zeke, what is the meaning of this?!" he grabbed Zeke's shoulders as he asked in an angry whisper.

"She's an immortal Alexander. She won't die anymore. No need to "

"That's right. She's supposed to be an immortal now. So why the hell is she still being affected by human disease?!"

"It's not a disease, fool. She's pregnant."



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Please give me time to recharge. Again, my update will be 1 chapter every other day.

Thank you so much hellbounders! Love you guys.


P.S. I hope my loyal hellbounders will still vote for me everyday even without daily updates.

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