Hellbound With You Chapter 549

548 One Last Round

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Last night

Alex's hands were wrapped around Abi's waist, spooning her. His lips kissing her hair gently.

"Get some rest now, my wife." He whispered, although his lips were already planting butterfly kisses at the back of her neck.

Abi immediately shivered. Those little puffs of air were so hot, it jolted her dizzy senses awake. She turned and faced him.

"My dear husband, do you really want me to rest?" she asked, slightly raising a brow.

Alex took a little while to respond. "Are you tired?" he asked instead of giving her an answer. But then, too soon, he looked like he regretted what he just spouted and then, "Yes." he finally answered. "I know the battle must have tired you out tremendously."

Abi tried her best not to smile. On one hand, he was telling her to rest but on the other, she could see that longing and intense desire in his eyes. It was obvious that he was waging a war against himself inside him.

Lifting her hands, Abi cupped his face and planted a kiss on his hot lips. "Do you really want me to rest?" she repeated, the corner of her lips curved up into a mischievous smile.

An imaginary sound of a string being broke apart could be heard inside the quiet room and reason completely fled Alex's mind.

"Can we do it once?" He asked, his eyes glimmered with desire but then, immediately, he groaned, running his fingers through his hair. "Ugh. My self-control when it comes to you is in the negative numbers, Abi."

He pulled away and laid on his back when Abi rose. She moved on top of Alex, surprising the man.

Suddenly, she bent and kissed him hard, and just like that, he lost himself in her until he knew he would not be able to control anymore. When their lips parted, they stared into each other eyes.

"I love you," she told him. "I love so much. I am so happy that I can finally be with you forever, Alex."

Emotions began to fill Abi's eyes as she uttered those heartfelt words. So many things happened since that night she met him in the garage. It was still surreal that after all that had happened, in the end, she was now in Alex's arms, and they were going to be with each other not until they die but forever. She could not ask for more.

She still couldn't believe it the fact that their love didn't just conquer death, but time too. Their love won. Despite all those agonizing pain, and the long sufferings, their love didn't drown from their tears. It fought so desperately to not only be kept afloat but to soar despite the dangerous currents and the seemingly endless troubles never, ever giving up.

"I am so happy that I will not leave you here all alone again." She added and kissed him again. Her kiss was passionate, filled with all the emotions she was feeling.

Alex stayed still for a long while, savoring every bit of warmth and passion his wife was giving him. He will never ever get used to the kind of heat his Abigail was stirring inside of his body, heart and soul.

His large hands, cupped her face this time.

"I love you too, my wife." he said softly, looking into her eyes. "I am beyond happy. We are meant to love each other forever, Abigail. No one nothing can separate us."

As Alex said those words, she pulled Abi and pressed her against him. He kissed her lips, and then her jaw and then her throat. The fire between them sent beads of sweat slipping down their skin. His hand wandered down her side, cupping her hip and pulling her more firmly against him all the while dipping his head and nuzzled, just beneath her collarbone.

Abi clenched her fingers in his hair, closing her eyes and feeling him against her body. His tongue trailed down her breast and then gently sucked her nipple. The pleasure made Abi bit her bottom lip.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her husband. It was a moment of stillness; his eyes glimmered as he stared up at her through his thick gorgeous lashes. Her desire for him increased to an unprecedented degree and suddenly, she pushed him. She wanted him now. She was shocked by her own desire and impatience. Was it because they hadn't done it for quite some time?

Abi took the lead and slid herself unto him. Her eyes drifted shut, her head bent backward as Alex groaned in pleasure, holding his breath, afraid he might spill his seed at any moment. He really couldn't get enough of his wife. It was always like this every time they make love.

"Faster, Abi. Please." He begged as he reached out for her beautiful breast. Abi immediately granted her husband's wish and moved faster, causing him to groan. He pulled her towards him and took her tongue deeper into his mouth as his hands clutching her hips.

Every part of them, their tongues, their sexes, their hearts moved in a perfect rhythm. They were truly one now, heart, mind, body and soul.

Moans and gasp echoed in the room and then hard and fast, he felt himself convulse and pulse inside his wife as Abi moaned and shivered as she reached her mind-blowing peak. And then she came down upon him and buried her face in his neck.

"You've improved so drastically, Abigail." He whispered between his ragged breath. "I shall teach you more in the future." He added with a playful tone as he smoothed her hair.

And then, he rose and he lowered her to the bed gently.

"One more round, please?" he whispered in her ear, already kissing her earlobe.

"You said we'll do it just once." Abi replied softly.

"One more. I promise, this is the last round." Alex looked pleadingly at Abi with eyes burning with desire for her. How could she say no to such outpouring of love from the husband she loved more than her life?

Abi knew this would happen and at the same time, she knew she couldn't resist him. And thus, she could only surrender to her husband's touch and melted against him.

"I love you Alex." she whispered once again as she drifted to sleep and Alex's smiled, watching her face.

"Thank you, Abigail." He uttered, pulling her in his embrace. "I will love you forever."


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