Hellbound With You Chapter 550

549 Domesticated Pe

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After spending a passionate night, worry and panic greeted Alex the next morning. He was rudely awakened to the sounds of his wife throwing up in the bathroom and looking very ill. He immediately called for Zeke, but the maids told him that the prince wasn't in the palace.

Left without a choice, Alex had to call upon human doctors to check on her while he went out and ordered the guards to look for Zeke. His worry was eating him, driving him to the brink of insanity. He remembered the feeling he had those times when he found out that Abigail had a serious illness that couldn't be cured, and fear gripped his heart. Did her illness come back? How could that even be possible anymore? She's already an immortal! These questions repeated again and again in Alex's head. His expression grew darker and graver as the seconds ticked by that the doctors who were checking on Abi couldn't find their voice to talk to the almighty Alexander.

In the end, the doctors left the room and Alex didn't even seem to notice. Abi fell asleep again so he calmed down, but the worry and unease remain painted on his face.

The doctors who were standing by the door just outside their rooms finally saw the prince approaching and they sighed in relief. The prince was equally terrifying, but the doctors thought that the prince wasn't like the unpredictable and wild Alexander. None of them ever thought that their so-called calm and serene crown prince might probably be the most untamed creature in the whole wide world at the moment.

They showed him the result of their tests on Abigail and also reported that they couldn't tell anything to Alex.

With that, Zeke dismissed them, and he finally entered the room, only to be welcomed by the panicking Alex.

Zeke wasn't even surprised anymore with Alex's reaction. And when he told him about Abigail's pregnancy, Alex showed him the reaction Zeke had anticipated. Zeke thought that Alex had truly become such a simple, predictable being now. The savage, unfeeling and untamed beast had become a domesticated pet only when dealing with anything concerning his beloved Abi.

Looking at the still frozen Alex, Zeke simply leaned against the door behind him, crossing his arms against his chest so nonchalantly as he waited for something to magically press the ON button of the now shut down Alexander.

His wait lasted for a long while before Alex moved again. Shock still had him lagging like a computer that was invaded by a powerful virus.

"P-pregnant?" he stuttered, finally talking eyes blinking in disbelief.

"Yes. Why are you so surprised? You two are married."

Alex blinked and his hand cupped his own face. His other hand on his hip.

Zeke observed him. He could tell that apart from the surprise, Alex wanted to say or ask something but decided not to. However, Zeke could tell what it was that Alex wanted to ask. Though Alex never fell or get attached to any other woman aside from Abigail, he had spent what he called his boring thousands of years of existence with many women. And yet despite living for thousands of years, nobody ever bore his child. Not just Alex, but Zeke too thought that immortals probably couldn't produce an offspring.

But now, Abi was pregnant, and the only possible explanation was because

"I think it's because of Abigail's connection with the ancient dragon or because of her connection with the dragon keeper. She's the only woman in this world that has connection with the ancient dragon that is the source of your immortality. And because of that, she is the only one who can bear your child." Zeke explained, answering Alex's question without him even asking.

Alex didn't even doubt what Zeke said.

"You're right." Alex agreed. "It's because Abigail is the only one for me. Of course, she'll be the only one who would bear my child." He added as he bit down on his lower lip to stop himself from grinning. But then, he couldn't stop, and a wide smile still ended up sneaking onto his lips. His hands landed on Zeke's shoulders as he looked down, not in embarrassment but because he was trying to control his excitement.

"Damn, I'm so happy, Zeke." He confessed. His fingers gripped Zeke's shoulders and then patted them before he let go. Now pacing back and forth before Zeke with a wide grin, filled with disbelief, excitement, and nervousness.

Running his fingers through his hair, Alex halted and looked at Zeke. "I am going to become a father" he said, and he was the one most surprised at his own words.

Zeke could only watch Alex becoming more and more unrecognizable.

"Ah," Alex groaned in exitement again and then he dashed towards his wife's bed.

Zeke watched, predicting his next move. Was he going to grab his sleeping wife and hug her? No, he wouldn't wake her up

And he was right. Alex gave his all not to jump on his wife. He instead dashed back towards Zeke. "Damn. I can't calm down, Zeke!" he told him.

"You better calm yourself before she wakes up. She'll think you're not ready to become a father if you keep going on like this. Also, you'll be the one who will tell her the news."

Upon hearing Zeke's words, Alex sucked in air and let out a very deep sigh. Determination quickly replaced the nervousness in his eyes. "That's right. I should calm down." He said, talking to himself when suddenly, he snapped at Zeke in horror. "But you you stabbed "

"Calm down, Alex." Zeke lifted his hand. "The baby is fine. Her wound is far from her womb."

A sigh of relief came next and then followed by a moan. He turned towards his wife and when he saw her waking up, Alex almost flew towards her.


"I'm here. Do you feel better?"

"A little. I can't explain what I'm feeling Alex I'm sorry for making you worry but I assure you this is not "

"Hush my love, I know this is not your past illness coming back you're pregnant Abigail. Our child's growing inside of you!!"

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