Hellbound With You Chapter 551

550 Breaking News

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That day had been added to one of the happiest days for Alex and Abi. Abi was so shocked by the news that she shed tears of joy.

Everyone was surprised by the news, Zeres, being the one who was the most shocked. He then went on to congratulate his old friends and was genuinely happy for them. Unexpectedly, he felt excited when he thought about a little cute Abi smiling at him or a little Alex glaring at him.

It was a bright and happy morning. The good news about Abi's pregnancy had soothed the body aches and heart aches from the battle that had just ended. It was like Abi and Alex's baby was a blessing from the heavens, telling them that a new beginning had just started.

However, every beautiful day always come to an end. At sunset, the group were already gathered in the palace's courtyard. It was time for everyone to go back to their own homes.

Abi hugged Alicia. The two spoke for a long time that afternoon and Alicia promised Abi that she will visit her.

And then, Abi walked over to Zeres. She held his hands as she looked at him, smiling. "Zeres" she said and then she hugged him.

Zeres returned the hug. "Please take care and be happy forever Abigail." The silver-haired man whispered. "I will definitely come and visit you two especially when the baby comes."

"Yes, Zeres. Thank you so much." Abi replied and their hug tightened before letting each other go. "Please be happy, Zeres. And know that Alex and I will always be here for you."

A smile flashed on Zeres' angelic face and he nodded. "Mm, I know. Please don't worry about me."

"Don't create trouble for your queen. Listen to her." Alex piped in. Zeres snapped at him and as expected, the bickering started.

"Don't worry Alexander. I am not a troublemaker like you."

"Really?' Alexander leaned closer to him. "We shall see about that," he smirked.

"You shall see, Alexander. And I don't think you're even in the position to worry about me creating trouble." Zeres also leaned forward. "You have to take extra good care of Abigail and her child "

"Our child "

"My niece or nephew."

Alex paused and leaned back. "Yes." A very satisfied smile curved on his face. "My children will be your niece and nephew, Zeres." He patted Zeres' shoulder as if he were the big brother Zeres never had. "Rest assured, even if you turn yourself into dragon and wreak havoc on earth because you're bored, I won't even bother to deal with you. My attention is only for my wife and child now. Of course, as long as you don't get too close to our house, it's all good."

"You're basically asking your friend to dig his own grave, Alex." Zeke was the one who butted in this time.

With a playful smirk, Alex glanced at Zeke and just shrugged. "Well, if Zeres wants to die, I definitely couldn't do anything about it." He looked at Zeres again and leaned his elbow on the man's shoulder. "If one day you feel like dying out of boredom, just go trouble Zeke, he will definitely entertain you." Alex whispered mischievously.

"Ha! You're saying those words to the wrong person Alex. Tell that to Kiel instead. Now that he don't have to babysit you anymore, I feel that sooner or later, that guy will burst because of boredom and start plotting something crazy to entertain himself." Zeres retorted, calmly but serious.

Alex chuckled. "Now that you mention it." He didn't even seem to doubt.

"See? He's the real future threat here Alexander. His inner devil might consume him soon and he will come after us just because he's bored or because he finally want to die in a war or in the hands of a dragon. No one can tell what's going on in that head of his, after all."

This time, it was Ezekiel who let out a tiny and quick laugh. He looked at Zeres, sideways and spoke. "That's right white dragon" the look in Zeke's eyes became intense. "That's why I really hope you would stay as pure and white as you look. Because once you misbehave and become hopelessly tainted, I will definitely come at you."

Zeres was speechless for a while. "See that? This prince is really dangerous! I feel like he's really going to plot something unbelievable again soon!"

With a smile, the elegant and annoyingly calm prince tilted his head slightly as if he was pondering about something. "Should I create chaos for you right now as a parting gift "

"That's enough crown prince Ezekiel," Alicia cut him off. "This guy suffered enough already. Give him a break." She added and Zeke's gaze fell on her. A slight smile flashed on his marble-like face.

"As you say, Queen Alicia." He said and Alicia sighed while Zeres' face suddenly blocked Zeke's vision.

Zeres had his eyes slightly narrowed as if he was trying to decipher something in the man's stoic and unchangeable expressions. But before he could figure anything out, Alicia pulled at him from behind.

"That's enough Zeres. Alex and Abi are leaving." She said and the men finally looked at the couple who were now in the car.

Abi waved at them and with one last goodbye, Alicia waved back. They watched the car drive off in silence until it finally disappeared from their eyes.

"Now let's go Zeres." Alicia's voice broke the silence. She looked at Zeke and their eyes met for a long while. She gave him a small nod and she finally turned her back.

Too soon, the two silver-haired witches were gone as well. Zeke and the few elites behind him were left in the large courtyard. He lifted his face and looked up at the blindingly clear sky. The corner of his lips curved up slightly as the colour of his unfathomable eyes changed into something nobody had ever seen before.

After landing in Abi's home country, their butler, Charles, came to pick them up. While the couple were in the car, they talked about Abi's family. Alex told Abi that the family will not remember the lost memories anymore. And thus, the couple planned to re-do their wedding but first, Alex should go to Andrew to ask for his blessings once again.

"So, will you propose to me again, my husband?" she asked, smiling, and Alex kissed her forehead.

"I can court you every day, propose to you every year and then marry you every ten years. How about that?"

Abi chuckled and she hugged Alex. "Let's never tire of loving each other, okay?" she whispered, and Alex's only response was to kiss her deeply.

"Never," he echoed and then he buried her in his embrace.

As their car passed through the metro, Alex's eyes caught the breaking news flashing on the TV's screens. [Breaking News: Tycoon Ezekiel Qin is confirmed dead!] [Breaking News: Tycoon Ezekiel Qin private plane crash!]

Abi saw that too and she looked at Alex with wide eyes. However, when she saw that her husband was wearing that smirk, Abi could already tell the truth behind the news and didn't ask anymore. She returned her attention to her husband until at last, they were back at the mansion where everything truly started where their love story bloomed and blossomed the second time around.

~ The End ~


This is the official ending of Abi and Alex's story. Thank you for everything my dearest hellbounders.

But this is not goodbye yet. There's 2 bunos chaps and then the second volume for Kai and Kelly in the next chapters. Go read them now!! ^^

And finally the ANOUNCEMENT!

There will be a sequel after Kelly and Kai story. The hellbound series will continue.

I will only give few info about it.

1. It's a separate book. Not a new volume.

2. The ML is Ezekiel.

3. The title is \u003cHELLBOUND HEART\u003e.

4. It will be released soon. -- Follow my social media accounts so you will get notified once the book is published

FB account \u003e @author_kazzenlx

Instagram account\u003e @kazzenlx.x

I hope hellbounders will look forward for Hell bound Heart. I will keep doing my best.

Please go to to read the latest chapters for free

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