Hellbound With You Chapter 552

551 Bunos Chapter Part I

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"Ugh! Where the hell is he?!" Alicia cursed as she looked around. She couldn't find Zeres. Abi and Alexander had sent them an invitation for their second wedding tomorrow, so Alicia and Zeres traveled to Abi's country.

Alicia had found out that Zeres had never seen the real modern world yet. He was ignorant of many things about the modern world, so Alicia decided that the two would travel like ordinary humans. She planned to teach and show Zeres about the things he still didn't know.

The villages close to the Black Forest were not even close to the cities with all those towering skyscrapers. Country V was also a country that wasn't as modern as the other countries. Alicia was confident that Zeres would be shocked if he sees the world outside Country V, just like what happened when he first boarded a plane after that battle.

She wanted him to learn about the modern world he was living in and see everything for himself. And this was now the best opportunity to show the world to him because the country where Abi and Alexander lived was the most advanced and modern in the world.

Of course, their very first problem was how the two of them blend in the crowd with their unusual appearances. Unlike the normal witches, silver-haired witches cannot disguise their appearances. The disguise spell will never work on them anymore. Alicia wondered about this before, but since she became queen, she finally understood why. There was once a witch who would be the next queen. But she didn't want to become queen because she was too young, and she always thought that she was the weakest, her peers bullied her because she couldn't even do a simple spell. She didn't understand why a weak and young witch like her was the one chosen. Because of fear that the other witches will never accept her to be their next queen, she disguised herself and hid her silver-hair. The dying queen had searched for her successor but couldn't find her. Because the only sign for them to find the next queen was through their appearance. Thankfully, the young woman later revealed herself, but what the young woman did cause a lot of unease and fear. That was why the dying queen did everything to ban the next successors from using any disguise spells. Since then, all silver-haired witches can never disguise. They were forbidden to use the spell. That was also why Alicia hadn't left the Black Forest and Country V since her appearance began to change.

They considered wearing a cloak, but that would only make it harder for them to blend in with the crowd. In the end, Alicia decided that they will simply change their clothes. She knew about the humans dyeing their hairs. And she also learned about the fake contacts that they used. Apart from that, she even knew about the humans who were born with a rare disease the humans called albinism. So she thought that they don't need to disguise anymore.

Ezekiel already dealt with everything during their first flight, so Alicia didn't need to deal with those things anymore.

Thus, without any trouble, Alicia and Zeres had landed in Abi and Alexander's country. Of course, their hair and eyes wouldn't help them keep a low profile. Heads kept turning towards them wherever they went.

The travel was smooth and Zeres was beyond thrilled about everything. Alicia answered all of his questions patiently as they went on.

However, once they were about to leave the airport, things suddenly went out of control. The airport was suddenly swarmed with so many people, yelling and pushing each other. Alicia and Zeres were shocked. Alicia even thought at first that there was an enemy and almost activated her power to locate the source of this chaos. To her confused surprise, Alicia saw a group of young men being surrounded and chased by countless humans, mostly girls.

"What's going on?" Zeres asked, trying his very best to stay calm.

"Don't ever use your magic Zeres, remember what I said. We're in a place where humans could see our every move." Alicia warned as she grasped his hand, worried that the man will be forced to use his power to disappear and escape the crowd.

"But they're hitting us from everywhere. What is this? It's like a horde is attacking us."

"Don't worry. It's not like they can harm us."

"Are you sure? Everyone is pushing us. They can't push a queen so disrespectfully like this!"

Alicia heard the seriousness in Zeres voice and she sighed. "I said it's fine. It's not like I'm their queen. Remember, we're just humans right now, Zeres."

But then, the crowd bumped at Zeres hard enough that his body crushed against Alicia. He gritted his teeth in anger. "T-these humans " before Zeres could even complete her angry line, the situation seemed to worsen, and before Alicia knew it, the silver-haired man beside her was no longer there.

"Ugh," she groaned as she looked around, looking for him. But he was nowhere to be found.

She later managed to get out of the crazy crowd. The experience was unbelievable. But she didn't have the time to get annoyed because Zeres was gone. She still couldn't locate him. Alicia can't use her power in this place. She didn't have a crystal ball, and if she uses her vision, lights would definitely leak from her body.

Alicia looked up, and she immediately ran up the stairs to look for him from up there.

As soon as she reached the second floor, Alicia immediately scanned the crowd. She was looking for a silver-haired, but then, she remembered that they were both wearing black caps.

"Ugh!" Alicia was frustrated. She never thought that trouble this big would befall them upon arriving. It seemed she was wrong when she thought that the human world was the safest and calmest. It was not! They're wild! And it was so overwhelming because she and Zeres were suddenly rendered helpless.

Alicia scanned the crowd again, hoping that Zeres listened to her and didn't use his power to escape the crowd.

"Come on, Zeres, where are you? Show up!"

She moved from her spot, eyes focused on the crowd that was now slowly dispersing. Still, Zeres was nowhere to be seen.

Gritting her teeth, Alicia was about to run back downstairs to search for him when her eyes caught something silver. She halted, and her eyes widened in disbelief as her silver gaze focused on that silver thing that was now surrounded by a crowd.

"Zeres, didn't I braid your hair?! Did you throw your hat?!" she could only face palmed herself.

Zeres was there, frozen still in confusion as the girls around him were taking photos of him like he was some superstar, ambushed by his diehard fans. His long silver hair and matching eyes gleamed in the light of the cameras.

Alicia dashed downstairs. As she made her way through the crowd, she heard every word the girls were saying. But no, not just girls; there were also men in the crowd that was surrounding him.

"Wow! Who's he?! I don't remember a celebrity with that kind of beauty! Oh my gosh!"

"Maybe, a cosplayer? But wow, oh, wow! He literally looked like a game character!!"

"He didn't look human, my god! And what's with his hair?! God, I swear it's not a wig!"

"Where did he get that kind of color job? I wanted one!"

"Oh, look at his eyes! I'm dying!! Who the hell is he?!!"

"That's definitely a contact idiot."

"I know, but just look at him, oh my god!! Is he even human?!"


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