Hellbound With You Chapter 553

552 Bunos Chapter Part Ii

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The lights of the cameras obviously made Zeres utterly uncomfortable. Confusion and wonder filled his angel-like face as everyone continued flashing their cameras at him and kept asking who he was.

He didn't even know what to do. His fists were curved into tight balls as he struggled to calm down. All he wanted at that moment was to escape these strange humans, but his mind kept on repeating what Alicia had told him. What should he do? He couldn't bear it anymore! These strange lights were blinding him.

A deep sigh escaped his lips, and suddenly, someone stepped closer and touched him. Zeres' eyes widened. The human girl who had clung to his arm was squealing and he didn't know why.

"Oh, God!! I'm touching him!!!" she screamed as she jumped.

Zeres was so confused, and he didn't like that this woman he didn't even know was suddenly touching him. His angel face darkened and his jaw clenched.

"Please let go," he finally spoke as he tried to pull his arm from her grasp. But the girl tightened her grip and even wrapped her arms around Zeres' waist.

It was then that a beautiful and ear-catching voice made everyone fall silent. "Let him go, woman," Alicia said. She finally stood inside the circle. Her voice also stopped the ladies who were about to mob Zeres and touch him too.

Their eyes fell on Alicia. "And who are you?" they asked.

Alicia eyed them and then she took her hat off. Her silver-hair cascaded over her shoulders like a silver waterfall and everyone gaped at her out of this world beauty.

Gracefully, Alicia walked towards Zeres like the queen that she was and stopped right before the woman who was still gaping at her.

The woman was smaller than her, so she had bent over. "Didn't you hear what I just said?" she asked, and with just that, the woman immediately unclasped her hands off Zeres and stepped back.

"W-who are you? Are you his girlfriend?" one of the ladies asked.

Alicia glanced at the lady who spoke, and a small smile curved on her face - a smile that dazzled everyone looking at her.

She then grabbed Zeres arms and nodded at them. "Yes. We're a couple, and we're into cosplay," she said, and taking advantage of the crowd's stillness, she pulled Zeres out of the group. As if someone just bewitched them, the crowd could only turn their heads as their line of sight followed the silver-haired couple making their way out.

When Alicia and Zeres were gone, the spell broke, and everyone gasped in disbelief. They looked at their cameras as if they wanted to find any evidence that what they saw was not an illusion. When they saw the pictures, they could only gasp. Some of them even continued taking videos despite being utterly mesmerized a while ago, so they were able to capture the entire scene since they noticed the silver-haired man.

All of them posted the photos and videos on social media platforms asking if anyone knew about the angel-faced couple that appeared in the airport. And in no time, the talk about the silver-haired couple would soon dominate the social media platforms.

In Alex and Abi's mansion

The ceremony had already started. Abigail was wearing a beautiful gown as she walked down the aisle. Their second wedding took place inside the large ballroom. There were only a few guests, mostly from Abi's side.

Abi's family was tearing up with joy as they watched their princess getting married. Nobody remembered that this was already the second time they were attending Abigail's wedding.

When Abi brought Alex's home, Andrew and Abi's grandparents were shocked. They were utterly surprised and were also worried because the man their daughter had chosen was someone extraordinary. As expected, Abi's family could sense that Alex wasn't an ordinary man. But Alex already won their approval before, and he vowed to win them again.

However, before Alex could even start his plan on how to win Abi's family's approval, Abi broke the news to them that she was pregnant. Her family was overwhelmed and shocked, but then, Alex told them he's going to marry Abi, and just like that, their happiness overshadowed their worry about Abigail.

Abi's family was accepting, and it didn't take them a long time to notice just how much Alexander loved their Abi. Of course, they also noticed that something had changed about their princess. But because of the news that Abi was pregnant, the family could only think that this might be the cause of the difference they were feeling. Their princess was about to become a mother after all.

And now, seeing their lovely Abigail brimming with nothing but happiness and love as she married the man she loved was all they could ask for. They were beyond happy for her, and at the same time, they were excited for the future little one who will soon join their small family.

"Congratulations," Alicia said as she hugged Abi while Zeres and Alex we're shaking hands.

"Thank you, Alicia. Thank you for coming." Abi smiled, so happy and glad that her friends made it. Abi was actually a little worried because Alicia and Zeres' arrival got delayed. They were supposed to arrive at the mansion before the wedding starts, but that didn't happen.

"I'm sorry, Abigail. We're a little late. He kept getting lost on our way here, and he took too long choosing a gift that I had to drag him here. Everything distracted him" Alicia explained as she glanced at Zeres like she wanted to scold the guy but decided not to.

Abi chuckled. "It's okay, Alicia. I really understand. I know Zeres still need to get used to the modern world."

As everyone enjoyed the reception, Abi and Alex then walked to the dancefloor. The sweet dance started, and the love birds danced in the center of the ballroom. They were the stars of the night, and they were shining damn so bright. Their love was overflowing, that their happiness had influenced everyone around them. That night, Alexander and Abigail were the loveliest and most beautiful couple everyone in the event had ever seen in their lives.

Andrew danced with Abi next after Abi and Alex's song ended, and then Zeres also danced with her after Andrew. It was a delightful and wonderful evening that everyone had enjoyed to their heart's content, most especially Abi and Alex.

The only thing missing on that occasion was that some of the important people who were present in Abi and Alex's first wedding were absent this time. Kai, Kelly, and Ezekiel were unable to attend and only Abi and Alex knew why.


[At last, it's Kai and Kelly's moment!! Please go to the next chapters and let's accompany Kai and Kelly in their very own journey.

Let's us find out how they will fight for their love. What kind of story is waiting for them? Can they break the curse of forbidden love and be together forever?

I hope you will enjoy their story as well. And don't worry hellbounders, Abi and Alex will be in the 2nd volume so you won't miss them.

I think I might include more surprises in this second volume as well. So look forward to it. ^^]

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