Hellbound With You Chapter 556

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Young's Residence

"Dad! You can't be serious!" Kelly rose from her seat. Her expression darkened with shock and fury.

"I am very serious, Kelly. This talk was over more than a year ago and don't ever forget that you agreed with this deal. We gave you the total freedom you asked! Now it's time for you to obey without question." Said the oh-so-strict Mathew Young, Kelly's father. His voice domineering and authoritative.

"But dad, why Tristan?!" Kelly gritted her teeth. "You know what that bastard did to me! Why him of all men in this world?!" Kelly was almost trembling. Both with fear and anger. She had never retorted back at her dad like this before. Her father was always a busy person as far as she could remember that she rarely saw him at home. And Kelly was always scared to displease him because she knew that her existence was already a disappointment to him. All because she wasn't born male.

Mathew rose from his seat. His expression remained decisive and firm. "That will be enough from you, Kelly." He lifted his hand to stop her from talking as he sighed wearily. "Tristan is just a teenager back then. He's an adult now, a fully grown man. He's now a very responsible gentleman and no one is more suitable for you in this world but him. He is the man I wanted to take over our company. Once the Flynn and Young family's wealth merge, we will finally take the throne Ezekiel Qin left. Tristan will be the next Ezekiel Qin and you will be his wife."

As soon as he said those words, Mathew strode off, leaving Kelly clenching her fists into tight balls. "The next Ezekiel Qin? Ha! Ezekiel Qin is a self-made billionaire. Tristan is nowhere near Ezekiel Qin. That lucky spoiled brat only inherited his parent's wealth and now, he's going to take my wealth too?" Kelly laughed softly, hysterically.

Tristan Flynn was Kelly's first ever boyfriend. He was the son of her father's best friend and since they were young, their parents were already pushing them to be together, telling them that she and Tristan were perfect for each other.

Kelly liked Tristan because apart from being the person her family approved for her, he was handsome, and nice to her. She grew up believing that Tristan was the right one for her. They eventually dated when Kelly was sixteen. That made her parents happy.

And then, on Kelly's 18th birthday, Tristan did something she could never ever forget. He was still her boyfriend back then when Kelly caught her boyfriend cheating on her. The bastard was eloping with some bitches on the very night of Kelly's debut. She didn't cry. Without a word, she left. She finally believed the rumors about Tristan being a real jerk. Then she found out about the bitches her damned two-faced boyfriend was hiding behind her back all those times. Kelly felt betrayed and anger darkened her heart. Tristan didn't like her at all. He only dated her because of her fortune, and she was the princess his family chose for him. She couldn't believe that he had her completely fooled for two whole years. She thought Tristan was her first love but after meeting Kai, Kelly realized what she felt towards Tristan back then wasn't love. It was infatuation or probably what they called puppy love.

Kelly broke up with him, but Tristan was persistent in seeking for her forgiveness. Too bad for him because Kelly knew it was only because his family most certainly had threatened him.

Her anger towards this person whom she had once trusted whole-heartedly for two years didn't subside. She had wasted her precious two years on him while he was bitching around all those times. Utterly annoyed with Tristan's persistence, Kelly told him that she will forgive him if he let her beat him. Tristan agreed and Kelly beat him into a pulp, not sparing his handsome face.

She had forgiven him after that, but she never trusted him again. Tristan then left the country and never appeared before her ever since then. Although she still heard from her friends that the bastard had never changed. He was a womanizer through and through. Kelly had dated many others after Tristan but unfortunately for her, all the good-looking men she dated cheated behind her back. Thus, they too, suffered a good beating as Kelly's parting gift for them. Since then, whenever Kelly was angry, she always went after good looking men and beat them up. Because in her eyes, they were all cheating bastards.

And now, she's going to marry that same bastard?! No way in hell was she allowing that to happen!!!

"Kelly dear," she heard her mother's voice as she patted her back. "I know what you feel but "

"Mom, you don't. How could I marry that guy? He already cheated on me not once but countless times back then! He will definitely do that to me again!"

"Give him a chance darling. I've met him twice just the other day. He's so different now. He's not the old Tristan anymore. So, give him a chance okay?"

Kelly opened her mouth in annoyance, but closed it before any words could spill out. She didn't want to argue with her mother. Her mother had just come from the hospital, so she didn't want to stress her out. So, without a word, Kelly dashed towards the front door.

Riding her favorite black bike, Kelly left the Young's Residence at full speed. She wanted to cool her head, or she will burst. She couldn't believe that all these things were happening.

The engagement was something that Kelly was expecting. She knew she had to deal with this once she reached home. But she was still surprised to her bones because her father wasn't talking about engagement. He was already talking about the wedding, claiming that she and Tristan were long engaged and it was high time for them to tie the knot.

Kelly thought that she could still do something to change her family's mind. She had plans on how to postpone the engagement they were planning. And if her plan A fails, she planned to make her fianc ran away from her instead. She had many plans on how to do that.

But things were going against her. She never thought that her father still chose Tristan of all people. She could already imagine what was waiting for her. Tristan will definitely do anything to get her, no, to get her wealth. He was such a jerk who only thinks about money after all. She knew he never changed because she heard about all his women after her and they were all rich kids. He never dated anyone who wasn't some heiress of a huge fortune. Kelly knew because even if she doesn't care, some of her friends still talk about Tristan in front of her. After all, the man was always second to Ezekiel Qin.

Gritting her teeth, Kelly accelerated until she halted in front of a bar.

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