Hellbound With You Chapter 557

554 Damned Jerk

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Wearing a black leather outfit which perfectly hugged her every curve, leaving nothing to the imagination, Kelly walked confidently inside. She clearly had an athletic body, and her breasts were perfectly sized for her body. Her wavy jet-black hair with hints of midnight blue looked like a silk waterfall at night.

Her expression was serious as she almost looked like a woman with a mission a do or die mission. And she looked damned badass and just utterly sexy.

Multiple eyes were glued on her, but the men could tell that the gorgeous female tigress wasn't in the mood. Few of them also knew her, not as the sole heiress of the Young family, but as the badass woman who beat-up good-looking men.

Sitting at the dimly lit corner, Kelly ran her fingers through her hair as she sipped on her drink. She had too many thoughts racing around in her head that she couldn't even care about anything else. She had to think about how to get away from this. How could she deal with that damned jerk? What should she do?

Her mind was buzzing around like a bee, looking for solutions but nothing was popping up. As she drunk more, her mind wandered back to Country V, back to Kai, and she became a little emotional. Thinking about that night and the day when she last saw Kai made her felt like a needle was piercing her chest.

Days ago, she and Kai spent one more day and a night together. Those days were among the few precious moments in her life. In Kai's world, Kelly felt fulfilled and content. To her, his world was the world she wanted. She knew it was not a world that would always be filled with sunshine and adventure, but it was the world and life that she thought would make her happy.

She didn't want to be anyone's trophy wife. She didn't want to grow old thinking and doing nothing but how to grow or keep the family's wealth and legacy. She didn't want to marry without love. She didn't want anything or anyone but her pretty prince.

A bitter smile curved on her lips as Kelly shook her head, reminding herself that she and Kai were hopeless. The two of them will never work and she had hurt Kai for being so stubborn, for wanting the impossible. Still, it was hard for her to accept. She never thought it would be this painful and she knew she could never get over him. Never.

"It's unfair! Why can't I get the only man I ever truly wanted?" she murmured as she lifted her glass and emptied it. Her eyes were fierce, but pain and longing were dancing beneath those eyes.

At that moment, Kelly's eyes caught a familiar figure standing not far from her. His back was facing her but there was no way either on earth or in hell that Kelly would not recognize this asshole.

Tristan was there, bitching again, despite the fact that the two of them were set to meet tomorrow to talk about their marriage.

"Asshole! I will break your neck!" she mumbled as her eyes narrowed.

The man was holding two sexy girls in each arm. They seemed to just walk out of the private rooms above. Did this asshole just had a threesome?

Her lips twitched in disgust. All she wanted that moment was attack him and hit him black and blue until no woman will ever look at him anymore.

With a wicked smile, Kelly brought out her cellphone and snapped a photo of him. If she shows this photo to her parents, this marriage was doomed. She didn't know what this damned man did to make her parents believe that he has changed. This jerk will never change, and she was right.

'You're doomed bastard, I will make you regret that you still dared to come after me and my wealth,' she whispered within her.

However, the triumphant smile on Kelly's face faded when a man suddenly snatched her phone. Kelly was slow to react because of all the alcohol she had downed earlier and because she was too busy celebrating with the picture as "evidence".

She looked up; anger flashed in her eyes as she rose. The man who got her phone was bulky and he looked like damn he was a bodyguard! Was he Tristan's bodyguard?

"I'm sorry miss, but we can't allow anyone to take a photo of our boss. We will return your phone once the image is gone." The man said as he gave her phone to another man in black behind him. Damn. What a sly fox. No wonder there was no scandalous news about this jerk all these times.

"Give me back my phone." Kelly demanded, unfazed. "Now!"

The bodyguard looked at her with warning and threat. And that was it. Kelly landed a punch on the man's nose. Elusive and fast as ever, Kelly attempted to snatch back her phone from the other man behind the man she just punched when, someone grabbed her wrist.

More men came and before she knew it, she was surrounded by four men in black. The other man gripped her other wrist very tight.

'Damn!' Kelly cursed. She was a little drunk and these men were definitely elite bodyguards. There was no way she could go against them!

"What's going on?" a voice echoed, and the men turned.

"We caught a paparazzi, boss." One of the guard said as Kelly struggled from their grip.

The moment they pulled Kelly and made her face their boss, Tristan's eyes slightly widen.

Kelly always saw his damned face in magazines and on the television, so she wasn't surprised with the changes in Tristan's appearance anymore. He indeed changed from a boy to a man. His pretty face now looked hard and his body was muscular but not bulky. His overwhelming sensuality that everyone kept praising about him also dramatically levelled up. But his jerk factor and asshole vibes also increased to the highest level. She could see it in those lusty eyes of his as he assessed her from her head to toe.

"Long time no see, Jerk," she greeted with a mocking smile. "I see you're still bitching around as always." She looked at him with utter disgust.

What she said immediately aggravated Tristan and he sent away the girls he was holding.

"What are you doing here?" he stepped closer to her as he signaled his men to let her go. And as soon as they let go of her wrist, a hard punch landed on Tristan's jaw, causing the guards to immediately seize her again.

"You still dare want to marry me? What a damned jerk! I will break your damned nose at the altar before you could even say 'I do'!" Kelly said in anger.

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