Hellbound With You Chapter 558

555 Little Brother

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Tristan simply licked the corner of his lips as he rubbed his jaw. It seemed like he wasn't the same young boy whom Kelly easily beat up back then.

"What a surprising greeting Kelly," he said although he didn't look like he was surprised at all. "Did you come here to spy on your future husband?"

"Future husband! Ha!" she snorted in disgust. "I will never marry you Tristan Flynn. Over my dead body!" she declared. Tristan's eyes flared with something dangerous at what she said but too soon, his expression softened.

He stretched out his hand and his guard gave him her phone. He stared at it before looking at her. "So you're planning to show this to your parents to stop the wedding." He nodded as if he was amazed. "You're as smart as always, Kelly."

And then he stepped closer, his eyes were hard and dangerous as he cupped her chin. "But too bad my girl, because your parents will never dislike me. Did you know? They already considered me as their son. So stop being a brat Kelly. Grow up. What I'm doing is normal. There is no such thing as a one-woman man in this world anymore, you understand? I will marry you." He stressed. "Even if I will have thousands of mistresses, you'll be the ONLY wife! So be satisfied with that and use your brain. Don't even think about making this harder and accept reality, this is how the world works now. And you already know this long ago, Kelly. In our world, an arrange marriage is normal and inevitable. You are born rich so accept your fate. Understand?"

"Bastard "

"Hush now Kelly. Or could it be that you're like this because you're jealous?" he smiled. "You can have me tonight my dear fiance. Or any nights you wanted." He added as his lecherous gaze zoomed in on her chests.

"F*ck you "

"You've grown to become such a gorgeous woman Kelly." He ignored her curses and he signaled his men to let her go again.

"Give me my phone." Kelly immediately demanded, ignoring the faint ache on her wrists.

"Come with me, to my house, and I'll return it to you."

Her fist flew towards his face again but this time, Tristan dodged it. "What's wrong with it? We're engaged, Kelly and will get married in five days. Our parents will be delighted if we arrived together "

"Go f*ck yourself, asshole!" Kelly cut him off and leaving her phone, she turned her back on him and left.

Tristan's eyes were focused on Kelly's cute little bottom and lust flared in his eyes. He hadn't seen Kelly for a very long time. He never thought she's become this gorgeous, this deadly sexy. Kelly was already good looking back then but she was very different now. She had grown up into the type of woman in his fantasies. He never thought she would easily outshine all his other women.

And the most interesting thing was that her disgust and hate towards him was real. The fact that she didn't swoon at his feet ignited something within him. She used to be a little shy around him back then and he knew she truly liked him. But now, she didn't even seem affected by anything about him. And unexpectedly, he was extremely attracted to her.

"She's my future wife so if she wanted to beat you guys, let her." He said to his guards with a thrilled smile and his guards nodded after looking at each other in confusion.

"And if she tries to attack you?"

"Let her. She's just a girl. I can handle her now. She's the reason why I learned to fight after all," he smirked as if he was looking forward for something interesting.

"Let's go. I have something more interesting thing to do now." Tristan added and they left the bar.

Kelly's bike screeched to a halt as soon as she was far enough from that bar. She was so angry; she was literally burning up. Hastily, Kelly climbed off her bike and kicked a tree on the road side.

"Damn you!! Just you wait you jerk!!" she snarled at the tree as if the tree was Tristan. "Ouch!" she crouched down and rubbed her feet.

That was when a worried male voice rang from behind her.

"Miss, are you okay?" he said. Kelly snapped at him.

"No! Do I look okay?" she answered as she winced in pain.

"What can I help you with?" he asked, and Kelly looked at him again. She finally realized how good looking the young man was. He had the same chocolate brown hair like her Kai and his features were unearthly. Despite wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt, clothes just won't downgrade his breathtaking good looks.

With a narrowed gaze, Kelly rose and suddenly grabbed his collar. The boy looked eighteen but he was still taller than her. "You want to help me?" Kelly asked and the young man creased her brows, lost for a while before he nodded.

Kelly smiled. "Then, will you let me beat you? I will pay you and I won't harm your gorgeous face."

Unexpectedly, the young man didn't look surprised. After a short while of silence, he tilted his head slightly and then nodded.

Without a moment of hesitation, Kelly's fist landed on the young man's abdomen. And then to his chest. She kicked him and then punched him again, venting her anger on him, until she was satisfied. The young man groaned as he crouched down. Kelly grabbed the young man's collar and whispered in his ear. "You're a vampire, right?" she asked.

The young man stilled. So still that she couldn't tell if he was still breathing. That was enough for Kelly. She knew the young man was acting like he's in pain a while ago when she was hitting him. "Don't tell me, you're a royal vampire. That hair of yours is exactly the same as my beloved, you know?" she raised a brow. "Prince Kai's little brother?"

The young man choked. "I I don't know what you're talking about Miss." He said, averting his gaze away.

Kelly sighed. This little cutie pie was obviously flustered. Why did the royal family let this little cutie go out in the world without training him how to lie?

"Did Kai sent you to spy on me or something?" she asked again and the young shook his head like a rattle.

"No. I just saw you while you're riding your bike and thought you look like "

"Your brother's woman?" Kelly smiled confidently and the young man nodded. He suddenly froze as his eyes widened and he sheepishly cleared his throat. Regret flashed on his face as if he wanted to take back his reaction. But it was too late now. It's already confirmed.

Another deep sigh escaped Kelly's lips. "What's your name?"


Kelly suddenly rubbed her forehead. She almost heard that as 'Kai'.

"You already know my name?" she asked and he nodded. "So? Why are you here?"

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