Hellbound With You Chapter 560

557 Call

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Kelly looked down and stared at her hands on her lap. It took her a while before she lifted her face again and looked at Abi.

The concern in Abi's eyes soothed Kelly's heart, and she finally began to speak and told Abi what happened between them.

Days ago, after spending a night with Kai in his villa, Kelly didn't go home. She stayed with Kai for another day. Kai had brought Kelly around the city, and to Kelly, that was one special day she could never forget. Kai had made her happy, and she knew that her feelings for him grew even stronger. The love she felt for him was so overwhelming that she actually thought about breaking her promise to her parents. She didn't want to go home. She didn't want to wake up from this dream-like world she had found. She wanted to stay in this fantasy land where she could fly freely with the man she fell in love with.

But when the night came, Kelly was forcefully awakened from her sweet, sweet dream, and reality slapped her. Hard.

Kelly had continued her erotic exploration that night. Doing even naughtier and wilder moves on Kai. They let themselves drown in pleasure. Their unquenchable cravings for each other was too much reason, and worries had left them. Everything else washed away that they both couldn't stop themselves from committing the forbidden act.

And they did it and the price was heavy. They climb up the ladder of maddening pleasure, but before they could even reach the heavens, Kai's instinct consumed him, and warning bells deafened Kelly. Kelly had called out for his name over and over again, but the man couldn't hear anything. His eyes were vivid blood moons. The warmth and love in his eyes were gone. They turned into the eyes of a starved predator.

Kelly tried to pull away, but Kai was too strong; any wrong movement and he could crush her bones. It was too late. Kelly felt it. And she could only utter 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you,' knowing that after this, Kai could never forgive himself. Never. And it was all her fault.

However, as Kelly braced herself for what would happen next, Kai suddenly stopped and let go of her. Kelly opened her eyes and saw that Kai's eyes were no longer bloody red. But they didn't return to normal. A pitch-black smoke seemed to have covered his eyes, and he silently climbed off her.

The still shocked Kelly rose and watched him grabbed his robe at the foot of the bed and wore it. Kelly called out, but the man didn't speak. He walked away from the bed but he fell on his knees before he could even reach the glass window. He looked as though he just vomited.

Kelly scrambled out of bed towards him, but before she could reach him, Kai stood again and broke the window with his fist. And then he was gone.

When Kelly looked down where Kai had fallen, she saw blood on the floor. She knew the blood came from Kai, and he most probably vomited them.

That night, Kelly waited for Kai, but when the man didn't return, she drove out of the villa back to the castle. She couldn't reach Abi, so her only choice was to go back. She knew something happened with Kai and that he's in grave danger. Luckily, Kelly found a beautiful bike in the garage and she had the key she took from Kai's room.

Ezekiel Qin was the one who welcomed her. The terrifying man made Kelly flinch almost every time he spoke, but Kelly held her ground and asked him where Kai was.

Despite feeling like she was in front of Lucifer, the devil, Kelly still spoke to him, telling him what happened to Kai before he disappeared. To her surprise, the man already knew everything, and he told her she could not see Kai.

Ezekiel told Kelly that Kai was injured but was already recovering and that Kai wished Kelly to go back home. Kelly was suspicious. She pleaded to Ezekiel that she wanted to see Kai, but the oh-so-cold Ezekiel didn't budge.

And then, she was escorted to the airport. The sun was already out when Kelly reached the airport. She dialed Kai's number multiple times until finally, he answered it.

Kelly cried hearing his voice as she asked him if he was fine. When Kai said he's doing good, Kelly asked him to show up before she go, but Kai said he couldn't fulfill her wish. Kelly was hurt, but she didn't say anything. She said sorry , but Kai said she didn't have anything to apologize for. And then, she said 'I love you,' but Kai's response was, 'I love you, goodbye.''

The call was cut after that because Kelly's phone died. She tried to find somewhere to charge, but two royal guards escorted her until she was inside the plane. She tried to call Kai again, but she could no longer reach him.

And just like that, Kelly was back to the real world. To the world she so wanted to escape from.

Abi could only hug Kelly. She didn't know that all these happened to Kelly while she was in White Falls Village.

"I am worried about Kai. I don't know why but when I last spoke to him I feel like something is wrong with him." Kelly said as she fiddled with her fingers.

"I think Kai is fine. He is very healthy the last time I saw him. He even helped us. I didn't see anything wrong with him during the battle."


Abi caught her lower lips between her teeth. "It's just a fight between Alex and the rogue vampires. Kai helped us, and he was as strong as before. So I think he might be already cured." Abi managed to bring Kelly's attention to Kai.

What Abi said made Kelly sighed in relief, and she relaxed a little.

"Do you want me to help you tell Kai about the wedding your parents arranged for you?"

Kelly shook her head. "I already told his brother, Abi."

"Brother? Ezekiel?"

"No. I just met a teenager named Kyle before I came here, so I told him."

At that moment, Alex was approaching them, holding the tray of tea Charles had prepared for Abi and Kelly. His brows creased upon hearing the name Kelly mentioned.

"Kyle? Who's with him?" Alex asked as he put down the tray.

"He's alone." As soon as those words left Kelly's lips, Alex's eyes widened. "He said he had a companion, and he's going to meet them soon. But when I found him, he's wandering alone in the street."

Alex rubbed his forehead.

"That brat!" he hissed as he straightened and Kelly realized that that young prince didn't seem to be allowed wandering alone.

"Well I do think it's dangerous for that boy wondering like that. He didn't even know how to lie, and that's why I quickly realized he's a vampire "

"Where is he?"

As soon as Kelly told him the place, Alex hastily leaned down towards his wife, kissed her forehead, and told her he needed to check on the troublesome kid.

Once Alex was gone, Abi faced Kelly again. She looked at her best friend's eyes intently.

"Kelly What are you planning to do now? Do you have a plan?"


ANNOUNCEMENT (January 3, 2021)

[Dear hellbounders, I am sorry for the scarce update. I think I pretty burned myself out T^T. I've been writing every day since February last year and I think hell bound pretty burned me out. I am feeling the effect on me now and it's very bad. I thought 3 days rest is enough but I was wrong. I am still stressed and I've been suffering from excessive hair loss since December. My family is worried about me, so I am sorry but I need to go slowly for this volume. Please don't worry, I will never drop it. I will be updating 1 chapter every other day. I will make sure to come back once I'm better.

But for now. Please give me time to recharge. Again, my update will be 1 chapter every other day.

Thank you so much hellbounders! Love you guys.



P.s. I hope my loyal hellbounders still votes for this book everyday even without daily update.

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