Hellbound With You Chapter 563

560 Maddening

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A deafening silence enveloped the makeup room. Chris was gaping at Kelly, blinking and utterly speechless. He looked like he was preparing to laugh the moment he sees even a little sign of mischief on Kelly's face. But the woman was damn serious. She had the look of a heroine in a movie proposing a do or die mission. She was so intense that Chris couldn't help but feel goosebumps.

"Haha" He shook his head with a forced disbelieving laugh. "A-are you out of your mind?!" he asked. He couldn't help but tense up because he knew this woman. She was the type of a girl who would do everything and anything to achieve her goal, and she does it in a way that made her look like there was no task beneath her and no amount of adversity could deter her.

When Kelly just gave him a steady stare that was evidence of her seriousness, Chris raked his lean hand roughly through his blond hair. The rings in his lean fingers and the black stud in his one ear, which suited him, glimmered.

"I know your situation Chris," Kelly said calmly. Chris bit his lower lip as he looked away, but he didn't look offended that Kelly knew about his dilemma. He knew that the Youngs would know about his secret because of their connection to his grandmother.

"This will be beneficial for both of us," Kelly added, her voice and expression remained pure business-like.

"W-why would I marry an amazon like you? I am a successful superstar! I know I am depressed sometimes and heartbroken but definitely not suicidal, Kelly!" he argued as he sighed and faced her.

"Oh, c'mon, dude. As I said, this will be a marriage of convenience. No one will ever know that we got married aside from the two of us, my parents, and your grandmother. After months or a year, we'll file a divorce and settle it as quietly as possible."

"God, no, Kelly. Don't tempt me." Chris groaned. He knew there was no better choice for him than this. If it's this woman, he would no longer need to worry about many things that could go wrong. He knew that the Youngs would never let anything to damn their oh-so-clean reputation. If it's Kelly, he was confident that there wouldn't be any scandal that would ruin his career. But still Kelly? Is he going to marry this woman of all people in this world?

Chris shook his head again and ran his fingers through his hair. "I think I better go hunt for a girl too. Anyone can do except you, Miss Kelly."

"Ha!" Kelly gave him a mocking snort.

"There're countless girls who're dying to marry me even if it's only a fake union!" he retorted.

Finally, Kelly rose from her seat. "You, idiot," she glared at him. "None of those girls is powerful enough to control the media. Only I can do that."

Chris was immediately silenced.

"Use your brain." Kelly sighed. "Whether you believe it or not, I am your best choice. I'm telling you, any other girl other than me will cause you unimaginable trouble that could eventually end your stardom."

"Ugh! Fine!" Chris's shoulders dropped. He hated to admit it, but Kelly was right. In fact, he knew this was an opportunity he knew he would regret if he let slip away from his grasp. "But wait. At least give me a day or two to think about this, will you?"

"I'll give you a day, Christian. Remember, you'll be damned if you refuse my offer. And just for you to know, unlike you, I have other choices."

"Then, why did you come to me first?"

"Well, because you're probably the only one who doesn't see me as a woman out of all the men on my list" Kelly smirked at him. "If it's you, it'll be less troublesome," she concluded and walked towards the door. "I'll wait until tomorrow."

Once Kelly was gone, Chris let out a deep sigh.

That night, Kelly arrived at Abi and Alex's house. Kelly told Abi about Chris, and the two spoke for a long time before they went to bed.

At midnight, Alex silently climbed off the bed. He donned his robe and bent to kiss his wife's forehead before he walked out of the room. Alex headed to the spacious terrace and leaned his elbows on the intricately designed railing.

A cold breeze blew his messy hair as he peered towards his side without moving. The man he's waiting for had just arrived.

"Did your brother reach home?" he asked.

"Yes. He's now in Zeke's custody," answered Kai. His voice was flat.

Kai looked disheveled, looking like a gorgeous outlaw on the run. Well, he had sped up all the way from the kingdom because of Alex's urgent call.

"You don't look good, Kai," Alex said as he faced him. "Is it because of the news you received from Kyle?"

Kai didn't respond. He simply stared at the dark space.

"Why did you summon me? What's the urgent matter?" Kai asked instead.

"Well, my wife wanted to help her best friend, and I promised her I'd help."

Kai tensed up. Muscles in his jaws clenched in a quiet rage. But there was no way Kai would even say a word of complaint to Alex.

"I don't know how, though." Alex continued. Ignoring Kai's reactions. "Even I who's a half-blooded have no idea how would it even work for a pure-blooded vampire and a human. And I am certain you already tried looking for answers. I presumed you even asked the prophetess."

Kai remained silent.

"So this is all I can do. Call you here and talk to you." Alex sighed when the man didn't even bother letting out any sound.

The silence reigned between them for a long time until Alex decided to leave the guy alone. It seemed he should speak with Zeke about this instead. Perhaps, that man can do something about this too. Alex was aware that it was hopeless, but he had already promised Abigail that he'd see what he could do, so he must try, no matter how futile it was.

"Stay here for the night, Kai."

"No. I'm going back, Alex."

"You will stay for the night, Kai." Alex's voice was an order. "My wife is troubled about her friend, and you know I can never let my pregnant wife worry. So at least have some words with her. My wife must see you first before you go."

Alex didn't even give Kai a moment to protest. He left Kai standing on the terrace with his fists clenched into tight balls.

Once Alex was gone, Kai looked up and closed his eyes. But eventually, his feet moved, and he entered the house.

His mind was a chaotic hell as he walked. He didn't even know how he got to his room until his heart suddenly hammered inside his chest, causing him to lift his face.

The bedside lamp was on, and a figure was sitting on his bed.

The world seemed to stop. His eyes widened, darkened, and a strong emotion rose in his face.

Kelly, the woman who made her taste both heaven and hell, was right before him. He had missed her so much that looking at her long damp hair, her plump seductive lips, her expressive large beautiful eyes, her nose, and her cheeks made his heart ache mercilessly. It's driving him mad.

He watched her stood slowly, her face colored with shock and disbelief. And then, he realized she was wearing his shirt.

The sight of her was maddening.

When she left, Kai was utterly devastated. He almost couldn't recognize himself. Her absence and knowing he had lost her for good gave him pain and grief so intense that at times he thought his heart would stop from beating.

He didn't know how it all started, but this wild, seductive, and dazzling woman had rooted herself in the deepest chamber of his heart, body, and soul that when she was gone, every nook of his being searched and longed for nothing but her, so desperately, as if losing her was the same as losing the only source of his life.

Now that she was here, right within his reach, all he wanted was to pounce on her. Hold her, kiss that ever so seductive lips, and touch her, leaving no part of her voluptuous body untouched.

But before he could even move, the memories from that night flashed in his mind, and he became completely immobile.

"K-kai?!" she called out, and Kai caught his breath. How many times did he hear that sound in both his nightmares and sweet dreams?

Kelly took a step closer, slow, and utterly careful. As if Kai was a stray wild animal that she was afraid to startle for fear that he might run away and disappear from her reach.

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