Hellbound With You Chapter 565

562 Something Wrong

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Kai's hunger escalated. His pulse thudded harder, his breath faster and hotter. The savage way he kissed Kelly was sinuously maddening. And Kelly realized he was close to losing all control.

The memories from that night flashed in her mind but she couldn't even feel any fear at all. All she wanted was for this fire to continue burning her. She didn't want it to stop. She wanted Kai to burn her with his fiery touches, wreck her with his savage kisses and then send her to the realms of ecstasy once again. She wanted him inside her. So bad. So damn bad.

"Oh, Kai" she moaned as she arched her back, pulling his head to kiss her now sensitive and aroused breast. He complied, shockingly easily. There was no hesitation in his every action at all.

Without removing Kelly's shirt, Kai's lips found her erect tips and he licked and sucked it. He did it like a hungry beast and his wicked, not-so-gentle attacks drove Kelly's sanity floating above the clouds. She whimpered in ecstasy and subconsciously, she jerked her hips against him. Feeling his hardness thrusting against her was enough to make her shiver. The need and desire were just too much.

Kai grabbed her hands and placed them against the door, above her head. He continued his erotic onslaught and all Kelly could do was surrender to the pleasure. Kai had never been this aggressive, this desperate for her. She used to always be the one doing the wild moves to push him to his limit, but now, the table was turned and she couldn't get enough of him. She wanted this savage Kai to ravage her.

Wanting to touch him back, Kelly tried to pull her hand off his grip but he didn't let her. "Kai I want to touch you let me " she uttered between her gasps. But then, she was silenced when his lips captured her mouth again. His tongue slid inside her mouth and Kelly delightedly sucked him in. His wild and fiery tongue penetrated deeper while his hands finally let go of her wrists and they traveled down to her waist and her buttocks, pulling her against him.

Kelly immediately ran her now free hands on his hard chest, frantically searching for the buttons. His mouth moved downwards again and licked and kissed her throat like he wanted to consume her. And then, he cupped her squirming bottom and lifted her with ease, settling her right against his rock hard member. The exquisite tension rose to an unprecedented degree as they both reflexively trust against each other.

"Oh, Kai take me I love you" she uttered in her ecstatic state when suddenly, the man holding her froze. And before she could realize what had just happened, she found herself standing wobbly next to the bed and Kai

He was there, steps away from her, bracing his hands against the door as he flung his head, gasping, and shivering like a drenched dog in the middle of a cold winter night.

Kelly was dazed for a long while, her eyes locked on him. Her knees so weak she felt like collapsing on the floor. But the sight of Kai made her reflexively steeled herself and cautiously, she started to approach him.

"Don't" his hoarse and deep voice halted her.

"K-kai I"

"Enough, Kelly." She heard him grit his teeth and his head whipped towards her. The darkness in his eyes shocked her. "Let's" his voice softened it's almost a whisper and he looked at her like he was saying goodbye and this time, it was real and beyond serious. "Let's end this madness now because the next time I'll touch you again" he paused and his eyes glimmered with both bitter rage and pain. "You will surely die in my hands."

Kelly shook her head and she took another step. "Don't!" his voice thundered and his eyes went blood red.

The room then went silent; it was almost suffocating. Kelly's heart was breaking. She didn't know what to do. She was afraid to speak, knowing that she would break down in front of him once she opened her lips again. The red color in his eyes slowly disappeared but it was replaced with a look that bled Kelly's insides with pain. "Forget me, Kelly," he said and he turned towards the door.

"Kai," she called out and he halted. "I'm getting married in 3 days."

She saw his back stiffened, accompanied by a sound of something crumbling, but then, he opened the door and left. Kelly stared at the door and her eyes fell at the crumpled doorknob as tears began to fall from her eyes and she sunk to her knees.

Abi cried as she hugged Alex.

"He left Alex," she said and Alex bent and kissed his wife's tears. "Poor Kelly," she sobbed. Abi knew how much Kelly loved Kai. And she knew full well how it felt when the person you love leaves and might never come back again.

Rubbing Abi's back, Alex spoke to her gently. "Kai is leaving her because he didn't want to hurt her "

"I know, but still he can't give up just like that. If he loves her, he must fight."

"He's fighting Abi. He nearly killed her not once but twice. He must've scared to death that this time, he'd really kill her. And I think something happened to him. There's something wrong about Kai" Alex trailed off. His brows creased as he stared through the window.

Abi lifted her face and looked at her husband with curiosity. "Something wrong with him?" she asked as she wiped her tears.

"Mm." Alex nodded. "I first sensed it during that battle in the Ziggurat. That was right after Kelly left the kingdom... I think I must speak with Zeke about this."

"Are we going to travel back to Country V?" Abi's eyes circled.

"Yes. We'll try to help them." He smiled and Abi hugged him.

"Thank you, love."

"Anything for you," he kissed her head. "So sleep now. Tomorrow-"

"No, Alex. I must go check on Kelly first, okay? Give me a moment."

Before Alex could say anything, Abi already escaped from his grasp and left the bed.

Upon reaching Kelly's room, Abi lifted her hand to knock but hesitated.

She listened and when it seemed Kelly already stopped crying, she finally knocked.

After a short while, Kelly opened the door and let Abi in. Abi wanted to hug her but Kelly looked like she didn't want Abi to notice her pain. She was hiding her emotion and she was doing it so well. Still, Abi silently hugged her.

Kelly eventually hugged her back but she didn't say a word. Until finally, the two sat down. Abi told Kelly that Alex had something to deal with in Country V and she had to go with him. Kelly simply nodded. She remained silent until a beep from her phone pulled her attention.

Kelly grabbed her phone and when she read the message, an unhappy smile curved on her lips as she turned to Abi.

"It's Chris," she said. "He finally agreed, Abi."


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