Hellbound With You Chapter 567

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Zeres rose in surprise. He had felt someone's presence, but he thought Alicia just dropped by to check on him like she usually does. He never thought it was actually Abigail! Why was she here?

"Abigail" he murmured as he watched her walked closer to him. She looked around the small meadow before she gave him a warm smile.

"This place is nice and quiet," she commented as she climbed on top of the fine flat rock, sat next to Zeres, and then faced him. "How are you?"

"I'm good," he answered calmly. "How about you? Is everything alright?" he added as he looked around, looking for someone.

"Alex's not here," Abi told him. "He went to look for Ezekiel."

Zeres slowly turned to her, curious.

"Alex and I are doing great, Zeres." She continued, making Zeres relax. With a smile, he casually threw his head back and gazed up at the dark sky. His silver hair tumbled then settled behind him.

"I'm surprised he left you here." He said, seemingly amused.

Abi chuckled as she brushed away the hair that fell into her eyes. "Alicia said the same thing," Abi grinned at him, and for some reason, Zeres' smile slowly faded.

Then his eyes suddenly became direct. "Did" he hesitated. "Did Alicia called you to come here?"

"Nope. I came here for a different reason, Zeres. I need Alicia's help to look for Kai's whereabouts."

"Oh. I see," he nodded, and before Zeres could speak again, Abi changed the topic.

"I hope you're not giving Alicia a hard time Zeres," she tried her best to speak to him like she had no hidden agenda. A glint of tease even flashed in her eyes as she looked at him.

"I am well-behaved."

"I know. But If you're too well-behaved, Alicia might worry. Especially if she always sees you just staring at the sky like this."

He lifted a brow, but the next second, a humorous smile curved on his angel face. "Okay, I'll try to misbehave sometimes."

Abi chuckled again, but too soon, her smile faded because Zeres suddenly stood and jumped on the ground.

"Time for dinner, Abigail. And I believe you have an important mission so we better go and get it done," he said as he offered his hand.

Abi could only place her hand in his, and she let him help her down. She felt Zeres' reluctance. Now she understood what Alicia was talking about. He seemed alright, but Abi felt that there's something he was trying to hide, and obviously, he didn't want to talk about it to anyone. And that's why he was cutting every conversation short.

They spoke very little on their way to Alicia's house. But once the house was in their view, Abi halted and faced him.

She studied him for a moment before she hesitantly spoke. "Zeres if if you ever need someone to talk to, Alex and I are just here. Call us or visit us whenever you want. And Alicia's here too. We're all here for you," she said gently as she looked up at him.

Zeres' expression was unreadable, but his lips curved into a half smile. She noticed him breathing out very slowly. It was apparent to Abi that something was bugging him. But Abi decided not to push him further. She thought about telling this to Alex first. She felt that it might be best if Alex would be the one to speak with him. Because despite Alex and Zeres' bickering and their cat and dog relationship back then, they were friends.

"Yes, I know," was all he said, sending her an easy smile. And with that, they finally entered the house.

At dinner, Abi told Alicia about Kai, so as soon as dinner's over, Alicia brought out her crystal ball and searched for Kai. It wasn't hard to find him because it appeared that the man wasn't trying to hide.

Abi and Alicia asked Zeres to go with them and the man willingly obliged.

"I told you. He'd never say 'no'." Alicia had said to Abi before they departed.

Alicia had spotted Kai inside his luxurious villa, so the three headed there. Once they arrived, Abi decided that she would go alone to speak with Kai first.

"No, we can't let you go alone, Abi."

"No, we can't let you go alone, Abigail."

The two silver-haired witches simultaneously said the exact same words, causing Abi to laugh, while the two simply glanced at each other.

"It's fine. Kai's a really nice man. And I doubt he'll face me if he sees that the witch queen and an immortal which were watching behind me." Abi argued.

"But you said he's brokenhearted, Abi. What if he's not in his right mind right now? Even if you're immortal, we definitely can't let you get hurt." Alicia said while Zeres was nodding like an old man.

"Now you both sounded like Alex," Abi raised a brow. When the two fell silent, she turned towards the modern-looking villa. "You can see me through the glass walls, so both of you stay here. Just give me a few minutes."

And without waiting for the witches' approval, Abi stepped forward and headed straight towards the door.

Meanwhile, Alex had just arrived in one of the kingdom's oldest chateau, located near the famous and scenic Fallen Lake.

This place was known as the kingdom's pleasure haven and Alex had been visiting this place for a long time before he met Abigail. Countless years ago, the chateau was the house of the king's harem. Vampire kings kept their mistresses in this place and showered them with luxury. It had turned to a pleasure house now, and it was no longer just for the royals.

Vampires can enter the chateau except for the highest floor, which was only reserved for Alex and the royalties. Alex had forgotten about the existence of this place since she met his Abigail again. He never thought he'd ever set foot in this place again. But the most shocking thing was that, he never thought that Zeke was actually here.

The man was never fond of these things. He sometimes appeared in this place before whenever Alex create trouble but that was all. He never lingered in the place more than necessary.

Staring at the entrance, Alex rubbed his chin with his fingers, contemplating. "Hmm this is unexpected, Zeke. When did he start coming here?" He asked Raven, who had quietly landed next to him.

"Just a couple of days ago." The man answered.

"Oh. And what can you say about this matter? Raven?"

"I... I think this is good. It's high time for him to shift his interest in this matter."

"Hmm... I don't think he's interested, Raven. I believe he's here simply because he's bored. But then... you're right. Finding him here is definitely far better than finding him simply sitting still inside some shady and desolate secret underground." Alex then smirked evilly to himself before he inclined his head slightly and murmured. "Now shall I go for a dramatic entrance and surprise him?"


Alex and Abi's child is _____.

A. Girl

B. Boy

C. Twin

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