Hellbound With You Chapter 568

565 Forbidden Practice

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With a devilish grin flashing proudly on his face, Alex leaped and landed at the roof of the chateau. His eyes filled with mischief as he imagined the shock on Zeke's oh-so-stoic face the moment he appeared before him.

A short chuckle escaped from his throat, and then, his eyes turned into pale gold. "Here I come, Zeke!" he murmured, then he became a blur and disappeared from the spot where he was standing.

The next moment, a loud sound accompanied by a small quake shook the chateau. Alex had crashed himself on the window, creating his very own entrance so he could enter Zeke's room in surprise. The window and the walls around it crumbled as if a man-sized meteor crashed into it.

Landing coolly on the floor, Alex lifted his smug face as some of the debris still falling behind him like a dramatic background effect.

"Yo, Ze " Alex couldn't even finish his greeting. His mischievous smirk abruptly faded the moment he looked at the man before him.

The man, Zeke, whom Alex thought he would finally catch in flagrante delicto, was right there, sitting in a fine antique chair with his legs folded and elegantly swirling a glass of blood. He was facing the window Alex just crashed, and it was damn obvious the man was expecting Alex's dramatic and explosive entrance. The most annoying thing was that he didn't even blink.

"Damn you, boring stone!" Alex grunted as he expelled a breath and ran a hand through his hair. However, Alex was actually not surprised. He was disappointed and pissed that this Zeke predicted his move yet again. "Tch! Now I regret not destroying the roof. I should've landed right on top of your stone face." Alex muttered as he walked towards Zeke, who was sipping elegantly on his glass, seemingly savoring the taste of the blood, and completely unbothered by anything Alex says or does.

"You didn't do that because you thought I am with a girl. You have mellowed, Alex." Zeke said but his voice and face remained annoyingly flat, twirling his glass again.

"I heard you've been here for two days straight." Alex lifted a brow as he looked at him with playful directing gazes. Finding Zeke in this place was surprising because this man always settled on the vampires in his palace. "This is the first time you stayed this long inside a brothel, Zeke. I'm not curious about you finally coming here. I'm curious about what made you stay here this long" he paused and narrowed his eyes slightly. "I wonder what kind of girl finally awakened your carnal desires and made you stay."

Alex waited with an expectant look on his face, but Zeke maintained his blank expression. There was no reaction at all. This only meant two things - the girl Alex was talking about was still nonexistent, and this dull stone just forced himself to stay just to past time.

"Did you come here to talk about carnal desires, Alex?" he spoke, and hearing the blatant lack of interest in his tone, Alex fought the urge to smack him. He could only pinch the skin between his brows and eventually answered him with a resigned shrug. Alex knew it was impossible to rile this guy up with words. Back then, he could only force Zeke to react if he attacks him physically, and it appeared that didn't change until now.

"I know you know why I'm here." Alex finally became serious.

Zeke gazed through the broken window and stared in the dark space. "Alex, you know more than anyone else that there's nothing we could do about that. It's a forbidden relationship, to begin with."

"But there's a possibility that It'll work. I am a living example."

"You're someone from thousands of years ago, Alex. And no one could go back to the past and ask your mother how it even worked, Alex. You already know the tragic ends of those who tried in the last thousands of years after you were born. And it only worked for your parents because the vampire is your mother. She must've ended up killing your father as they climaxed, and thus you were born. There are already cases like that, and the female vampires always killed the human."

"Well, you're right. But then again, the mystery is, no one of those vampires ever conceived a child of the humans they mated with. And Zeke" Alex's eyes became direct and intense for a moment. "My mother's the human."

Zeke's brows lifted and then narrowed.

"You said "

"That was because of the false memories planted in me. Though I have no idea about it because my mother died early," Alex explained. "So I believe there's hope. There must be an answer somewhere, and my parents were the first and only ones who are able to find it until now."

Zeke remained quiet, but he couldn't deny Alex's words. What he said made sense, and it was actually the only logical explanation right now. He couldn't deny no matter how impossible it seemed because Alex was here, the living example that this forbidden relationship once worked.

"I will try to look into it, but don't give them hope. It's been thousands of years, Alex. Even if we would find the answer, chances are your parents might be the only exception. We don't want to give them false hope, so don't mention this to them. We might find the answer, but it might still don't work for them. Or worse, it might work, but there must be some sort of a price. Forbidden things are forbidden for a reason, after all."

Alex rested his chin on his knuckles. He could somehow feel that Zeke was right. His parents must have paid a price, a huge price. The atmosphere became strangely quiet until Zeke spoke again.

"And Kai" Zeke broke the silence. "He is actually in danger right now."

"What?" As Alex absorbed the information, his eyes narrowed.

"He self-destructed, Alex. To stop himself from killing Kelly, he chose to self-destruct and harmed himself instead. You know what's the price of doing that forbidden practice."

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