Hellbound With You Chapter 569

566 The Most Powerful Thing

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Alex's jaw dropped, and then he rubbed his forehead with his hand. He didn't know Kai had done something that grave. He thought no one could do that practice anymore. Some vampire royal guards in the past were trained to do that to kill themselves in case an enemy captures them to spill secrets or confidential matters. But it was a practice that was supposed to be long forbidden and forgotten.

"I don't know how he did it. Even you, the oldest vampire, doesn't know the secret behind that practice." Zeke said as he sipped in his drink again.

Zeke was right. Alex knew about that practice, but he never once paid any attention to it before. It was already a secret and forbidden practice even before he became immortal. Hence, it only made sense that vampires nowadays only had very little to no knowledge about it. It was definitely a shock that Kai managed to execute it and also miraculously managed to survive it.

"Did you confront him about it?"

"I did. But he couldn't answer. It seemed it wasn't something that could be explained in words. And he was clearly shocked about it as well," Zeke's eyes locked onto the blood in his glass as he spoke. "It was a surprise he managed to stay alive."

"That's a so-called miracle, Zeke," Alex said, and Zeke's eyes lifted from the glass to him. His face didn't give anything away, but he didn't seem convinced. At all.

"He loved her." Alex continued anyway as he shrugged. "It's all for the sake of Kelly. If he had let himself die in front of her" Alex shook his head as if he didn't even want to imagine what could've happened had Kai died in front of Kelly that night. He sighed, leaning against the cushion behind him. "I think that practice might only work if someone's will is strong enough. He would rather die than kill her. That alone is enough. His love for her made him do the impossible."

Zeke looked like he was about to gape at Alex's words. But he abruptly shook his head and gulped the blood in his glass, emptying it. He was absolutely not used to these kinds of talks. He already knew Alex had changed to the point that he was sometimes wholly unrecognizable, but to think that he's casually talking about those things to him of all creatures. Zeke wanted to end the conversation right there and then.

"He is foolish, Alex." Zeke's voice hardened. "He shouldn't have let it reach that point. As I said, he is still alive, but barely he barely escaped death. And the price of that is his shortened lifespan. At this rate, his lifespan will now last for several years. He no longer has any difference from the short-lived humans."

"Well, I personally think that's better for him."

"Alexander." Zeke shot him a sharp glance.

"Sigh, Zeke. You will never understand what I'm saying until you find someone who will breathe life in that dead heart of yours. I really want to explain to you, but I doubt you'll understand. We'll talk about that again once you're really alive. You're still a living dead to me right now," he smirked as Zeke just shook his head again. "For now, let's help them, shall we?" Alex then rubbed his chin with his thumb as he continued contemplatively. "But I think they will go through this somehow. With or without our help."

The quiet sound of the glass landing on top of the table seemed loud because of the silence that reigned between them. "You think so?"

Alex looked at Zeke with a smug face, and then his eyes turned serious. "Don't underestimate love, Zeke. It's the most powerful thing I've ever known in this world."

Abruptly but in a graceful manner, Zeke rose from his seat and grabbed the wine glass.

"Go back to your wife, Alex. Don't forget this place is a brothel."

Knowing that Zeke was trying to send him away obviously because he couldn't stand this kind of talk, Alex chuckled in amusement.

"Haha. Tsk. Do I sound like I'm speaking an alien language you can't understand, Zeke?"

The man pouring more blood on his glass halted, indicating that Alex had hit the jackpot.

"Sigh. I can't wait for the day when you finally "

"Shut up and "

"You actually dared tell me to shut up, huh? Zeke?"

Alex was still smiling, but his eyes had started to turn gold. A playful and thrilled yet dangerous look danced in his eyes while Zeke faced him with his uninterested gaze.

"You're itching for a fight. Zeke?" Alex challenged as he rose, folding the sleeves of his shirt. However

"Shall I call Abigail and tell her you're inside a brothel right now?" Zeke calmly said as he half sat on the table behind, raising his glass and leisurely sipping on it again, completely unbothered by the fact that Alex's had turn gold.

Those words made Alex halt, but he inclined his head and then smiled at Zeke with confidence. "My wife knows the reason why I'm here, and she "

"She's pregnant, Alex." Zeke cut him off. "Pregnant women are sensitive. They easily get riled up and get worried. Even if you did nothing wrong, the fact that you stayed longer than necessary inside a brothel is enough to" Zeke trailed off because Alex already started to panic.

"Is is that true?"

"I'm humans' doctor" Zeke once again couldn't finish his sentence because Alex already turned towards the hole in the wall he had created.

"Well then, Zeke. I must go. Make sure you're back in the castle tomorrow, or else I will come here again, and I will make sure to burn this chateau into ashes. If you continue this hide and seek and refuse to help Kai, all brothels in this kingdom shall be burned by the almighty Alexander." Alex said with a serious and smug warning before he smirked at him and disappeared.

"Idiot. Who the hell's playing hide and seek?" was all Zeke murmured as he threw his head back and gulped the blood in his glass.

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