Hellbound With You Chapter 570

567 Desperately

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After leaving Kai's villa, the trio headed to a place Alex called 'Human only zone.' It was a place where humans, sober or drunk, could freely roam around the area the whole night because vampires were restricted from going there. In the past, there were cases about drunk humans who had thrown themselves to the vampires. Of course, the result of such action was a disaster, so the government had thought of this solution.

Alex was already waiting in their rendezvous when the trio arrived. Humans were familiar with witches, but they were not aware of the existence of silver-haired ones. The vampires did not see any reason to educate them about the witches, so the humans only knew that witches exist, and they often disguise themselves as humans to blend in.

As expected, Alicia and Zeres had caught all eyes and caused a little commotion as they entered the bar. Their eyes and hair just wouldn't help them keep a low profile. The humans couldn't help but gasp and gape at their unusual appearance. Thankfully, none of them dared to approach the two witches.

The bar was clean, spacious, and harmonious. A woman was singing a chill and mellow song on the stage.

As soon as the four sat around a table near the glass wall overlooking a cityscape, Abi and Alicia dominated the chat while the two men quietly drank their alcohol. Abi hadn't had a fun chit-chat with her female friends for a while, so she didn't want to waste a moment talking about all sorts of topics with Alicia. Abi knew they would soon leave the kingdom and go back to her country the next day once Alex's business with Zeke was over.

"How about you two get your own table so you can have your manly talk?" Abi suggested after a long while, causing Alex to lift his brow at her. "We'd feel bad if you two just sit there and listen to us. Our girls' talk will not end any time soon, you know?"

As if Abi and Alex had exchanged words through their eyes, Alex nodded and rose.

"Your wish is my command, my wife." Alex winked at her, causing Abi to blush before he faced Zeres slightly. "Let's go, Zeres." He told him, and the silver-haired man glanced at Alicia before he too rose and followed Alex quietly.

Alex led him to a table where they could watch over the two girls who had already resumed their chat.

"So? How's everything?" Alex asked as he brought the glass to his lips. His gaze intent as he surveyed Zeres.

"Not bad." That was all Zeres replied before he gulped the alcohol in his glass.

"You looked like you're dying with boredom, though."

"I don't think so. Did you forget watching over a witch queen had been my job since I was born?"

Alex rested his chin on his knuckles before his gaze flew towards Abigail. He drank from his glass before he spoke without averting his gaze from Abi. "Well, I really don't know what you've been doing back then. All I know was that you're leaving every time the day ends to protect your queen. You didn't tell me anything about it. I'm not asking you to talk about it now, though. What I'm saying is," he paused and looked at Zeres, "that time and now is definitely not the same."

Zeres' response was a soft sigh. He placed his glass on the table and stared at the moving liquid. "I know," he said simply. Alex narrowed his eyes, then leaned back as he regarded the other man with another expert assessment.

"I don't remember you being this quiet. You're a bloody annoying creature back then." Alex rubbed her chin with his fingers, looking as though he was considering how best to provoke him.

But there was no response from Zeres. Not even a glance.

"You, when did you even learn how to ignore people?"

When Zeres just calmly drunk his alcohol, Alex glanced heavenward.

"Say something," he told his old friend. Alex was on the verge of challenging him in a fight, but at the very last second, Zeke's voice, telling him that pregnant women were sensitive, echoed in Alex's head, and it miraculously killed all the thrill that just awakened inside him.

Gladly, Zeres finally reacted. He let out a sigh and looked at Alex. "I learned it from you, Alexander. Did you forget you used to ignore me back then?"

"Well, that's because you were an annoying brat back then."

"You're the one acting like a brat now, Alexander."

"I'm just concerned about my melancholic younger brother."

Zeres choked. He glared at the smirking Alex as he coughed.

"What. I am telling the truth. As I said, I am thousands of years older than you now, Zeres. Ah, don't even argue that we're the same age. The times of your slumber doesn't count." Alex was flashing a smug smile, looking so proud of himself that Zeres could only shake his head.

"It seemed, living for so many years turned you into an annoying and arrogant creature, Alexander."

"Thanks. I don't mind being annoying and arrogant. My wife loves me anyway."

Zeres shook his head again, speechless. And silence reigned between them again until Alex burst.

"What. Bloody hell Zeres, when did you catch Zeke's boring virus? Sigh, listen to your old man Zeres, one day "

"Enough, Alexander." Zeres pinched the skin between his brows. "I don't want to listen to an arrogant old man right now." He threw his head back and finished his drink.

But Alex chuckled. His eyes glinted in amusement, looking very satisfied to have unsettled Zeres' composure finally. He then nodded like an old man as he muttered. "You and Zeke are desperately in need of someone who will breathe sense in your hearts. This old man is worried about this world's future if that won't happen anytime soon."

Zeres gaped at him, entirely at a loss for words.

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