Hellbound With You Chapter 571

568 Breathless

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At last, it was time for them to leave the bar. As the quartet stood outside, Alex draped his arm around Zeres' shoulders as he leaned on him and whispered. "I will visit you in the Black Forest one of these days." He grinned. The gold in his eyes glimmered momentarily before turning black again. "So better sharpen your sword, Zeres. Don't you dare disappoint me."

"I'd be happy to entertain you, Alexander." Zeres finally smiled. It was that challenging smile that used to always rile up Alex back then.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Alex patted his shoulder, then, before letting go, he again whispered on Zeres. "And you better spill out what the hell's bugging you the next time I see you. Or else I'll bring you down and then force Alicia to read your mind."

Zeres's expression darkened at Alex's words. He glared at him, but Alex just haughtily smirked.

"So for now," Alex ignored Zeres' reaction and walked towards his wife as he continued talking. "Why don't you go trouble Zeke while waiting for me? It'll be a great exercise for you. You've been in a deep slumber for thousands of years after all."

When Zeres didn't respond, Alex halted and inclined his head slightly, thinking. 'It seemed I need to order Zeke to provoke Zeres for the time being,' he thought. But then, he remembered that Zeke might no longer listen to him. Zeke had only been obeying Alex because Zeke didn't want him to cause any trouble in the present world. Before Abi came back to his life, Alex had managed to order the stoic prince like he was his underling by threatening him. Often, Alex threatens to start a war against humans for fun or wreak havoc in the middle of a famous city and reveal his existence in the whole world. But now, Alex could no longer do that. He wouldn't, and Zeke knows that. And that was why Zeke doesn't even bother to appear before him anymore.

Thinking deeper, Alex narrowed his eyes, but eventually, his mischievous smirk reappeared. It seemed he had thought of an interesting idea. 'Well, well I think this one could work,' he muttered as if having fun before he finally reached his wife.

Abi had just pulled away from Alicia's embrace when Alex stood right behind her. "See you soon, Abigail," the witch queen said, and once Abi nodded, she walked towards Zeres and stood beside him.

Abi smiled at Zeres, and the man nodded at her before the two witches turned and slowly disappeared from their eyes.

A long sigh escaped Abi's lips. "I wish you two happiness," she whispered as if she wished upon a shooting star that had just appeared in the dark sky. Alex, whose eyes were glued on her face, smiled, and he gently swooped Abi in his arms.

"I didn't bring a car, so we're going to fly." He said, and before Abi could speak, he leaped and in not time, he quietly landed on the roof of a building. Abi's hands were wrapped around his neck as she enjoyed the magnificent view of the city.

"Ah, I love this, Alex." Abi closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the gentle and cool breeze of the night.

"Me too, Abigail. I love you."

His words immediately opened Abi's eyes, and her reaction made Alex chuckle. Suddenly, Abi pulled herself up and captured his lips. She slid her tongue inside his mouth and kissed him passionately.

"God, you're getting bolder by the day, little lamb. And I love it." He muttered when their lips parted before he slammed his lips on hers and kissed her in a hungry kiss that had weakened Abi's knees. "Alexander..." Abi moaned against his lips, causing Alex to immediately pull away.

"Damn I'm already hard," he cursed.

"Oh," Abi bit her lips as she stared at his gorgeous face that was now screaming with need and desire. "Hang in there, husband. We're almost there."

Alex groaned. He gripped her harder and leaped again. He did his best not to increase his speed. "Abigail" he called out as he continued leaping. "Next time, don't seduce me like that when we're outside, unless you want me to make love with you outdoor."

Abi was speechless. "I just kissed you, Alex. Can't I kiss you outdoor?"

"But my wife" he looked at her with a gaze filled with both mischievousness and helplessness. "You already know that your kiss alone is enough to drive my sanity away, sometimes. And you purposely called my name that way."

Abi was about to retort, but the moment she looked at his face, she could only chuckle.

"Damn, why does our house suddenly seem so far?" he complained. His expression desperate, and Abi chuckled again. Alex glanced at her and upon seeing the sparkling playfulness in her eyes. His lips twitched. "You're actually having fun, watching me like this, huh? My wife? Just you wait, Abigail. I will make you cry for me tonight." He smirked.

Abi: ". . .!" Oh no.

"Ah, Alex please ah," Abi looked at Alex's muscular body that was glistening with erotic sweat with misty eyes. His eyes filled with overwhelming desire, like a starved beast, as he looked down at her. He had been torturing her with pleasure for a while now, and it was unbearable. Whenever Abi felt the wave of ecstasy that was about to blast inside her, Alex's movement suddenly stopped and then stayed still for a while inside her.

"Oh, please don't stop" she could only beg once again, pulling him, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Stop teasing me Alex"

Alex's eyes glimmered in appreciation as he watched his wife begging for him. He always found her pleasured expression cute and, at the same time, so damn arousing. Damn, he almost gave in, but he held back. He wanted to tease her more and savor that lovely look on her face. A face that was screaming her intense need and desire for him.

"Not yet, Abigail." He whispered as he planted kisses on her sweaty skin. And then, his tongue entangled with hers. He drove deeper inside her mouth and sucked her hot, sensuous tongue as if he wanted to swallow her whole. He repeatedly sucked on her soft lips that when the long fiery kiss came to an end, they were both breathless.


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