Hellbound With You Chapter 572

569 Master Of Disguise

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When Alex stubbornly continued his teasing, Abi began to lose it, and before she knew it, she had started to move her waist against him, making Alex's eyes burst into flame. "Oh, Abi," he groaned. His rock-hard member inside her throbbed, and he lost his senses. He had wanted to tease her more a little, just a little longer, but it seemed she was not going to let him. God, this woman this wife of his his desire for her was insatiable.


"Ah, Alex More please"

He trusted deeper and her inner walls squeezed him, aggressively reacting to him. Her insides throbbed and squeezed tighter, causing him to shot his eyes with a frown, and gasped for breath.

The feeling of her insides filled him with ecstasy and thrill. Alex entered all the way to the hilt, and the place deep inside of her body tingled and ached for him. He began to move faster. His hard member repeatedly penetrated her, ravaged her. The room was filled with erotic sounds as her stimulated insides tightened again. Alex swallowed a groan as her insides squeezed him tight and spasmed as it clamped down on him. A shuddering sense of pleasure struck her entire body, and with one last powerful thrust, they both flew to the land of ecstasy together.

After they both come down from the high, Alex propped himself up on his elbow and stared at his wife. He planted loving kisses on her face before he scooped her. Abi placed her hand on top of his, then entwining their fingers together.

"How's Kai?" he asked after a long while of silence. Abi slowly opened her eyes, and she turned, facing her husband. The look on her face made Alex's brows creased.

"He didn't even say a word, Alex. I explained to him Kelly's situation. I also told him about that jerk Tristan." Abi told him. "But he just sat there and listened to everything that I said... I am really worried about him, Alex."

"Did you tell him about Kelly's offer to Chris?"

"I didn't mention that. But I told him she's going to get married a day earlier than scheduled."

"Good." Alex reached out and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Don't worry, love. Kai is stronger than he looked. And it's nowhere near over yet for them. There's still time for him to make a move."

"Mm." Abi nodded, understanding that Kai and Kelly's situation was very complicated. She wouldn't know what to do either if she was in Kai's shoes. "How about, Zeres? Do you think he's fine?"

"Hmm. I think he's fine for now. But I did feel like he's hiding something."

"Do you think he's already bored?"

"Nope. I don't think it has something to do with boredom. But next time, I'll try to make him speak. This is not the right time yet, and I assure you, he's fine for now. So don't worry about him."

"I see... I understand... And how about the talk with Zeke? Is there anything that we can do to help Kai and Kelly?"

"We're going to meet him in the palace tomorrow, so sleep now, Abigail." He kissed her forehead, and Abi's lips curved a little before she obediently closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

The couple had arrived in the Reign Castle early the next morning. It was summer, and the weather was lovely. The castle was quiet, emitting a serene atmosphere. Lately, everything had been so peaceful that it almost felt too good to be true.

Raven had welcomed the couple and led them towards Zeke's study.

Once they entered, Abi's eyes immediately fell towards the man sitting on the grandest chair inside the luxurious and regal room. The man's physique was entirely identical to Zeke's that Abi thought it was him. But as she approached him and looked at the man's face, she blinked in surprise. Abi couldn't help but stare at his face. If heavenly gods crafted Alex's beauty, Abi would describe this man as someone molded by Lucifer into perfection to possess the epitome of dangerous male beauty. Who was this man?

Abi was expecting to see Zeke, that she didn't think about seeing anyone else inside the room. Where was Zeke?

Curious, Abi turned and looked at her husband. "Ah," Alex sounded like he just remembered something as soon as she saw Abi's expression. "I forgot to tell you, Abi. That's Zeke."

"Huh?" Abi's eyes widened, and then her brows creased together in a hard knot.

"That's his real appearance. His previous face belongs to Ezekiel Qin, and since that guy's dead, he didn't need that face anymore." As Alex explained, Abi's lips parted in shock. Disbelief colored her face as she glanced at the man and then back to Alex, demanding more explanation. "He chose to become a famous man, so he had to do that. He can't go out there revealing his real face." Alex held her hand as they sat across Zeke.

Abi was still shocked as her gaze surveyed Zeke. And now that she looked closer, the man indeed had the very same air around him that Zeke always possesses - cold, assessing, and always with that deadly calm. His eyes precisely the duplicate of Zeke's intense and ice-cold grey ice. Those beautiful eyes that showed no emotion even when he smiled were definitely no other than Ezekiel's.

Befuddled, Abi leaned in towards the man. "Oh god, it's really you?!"

"Yes, it's me." That was all he said.

"H-how?! I would never even imagine that Ezekiel Qin's face is fake!" She shook her head when Alex butted in.

"Well, he's a master of disguise. He's been doing that for countless years, and he's enjoying it, right?" Alex smirked at Zeke, but the man simply shrugged.

Abi assessed Zeke's face again and compared it to his previous appearance. She noticed that most of his prominent features hadn't been altered at all. But he changed a few minor details that made him looked older and looked very much like a human compared to his real face. His previous appearance was very handsome but in a savage, human way. Now, his face was different. She could now put him in the same category as Alex because, like Alex, Ezekiel now had that kind of unearthly beauty that was almost indescribable.

"I've spoken with the prophetess again," Zeke started. Abi still wanted to ask more questions about Ezekiel's disguise, but upon hearing Zeke's words, she immediately turned her attention to what he was about to say. The talk about Kai and Kelly was the most important now.

"And? Is there any good news this time?" Alex asked as Abi looked at Ezekiel, silently hoping and praying that the prophetess had seen any vision or whatsoever that could help solve Kai and Kelly's problem.

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