Hellbound With You Chapter 578

574 Ruined

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Inside the quiet room, smacking sounds of kissing echoed. Every rational thought was starting to dissolve.

Kai's mouth slated deeper over hers and he sucked and teased Kelly's luscious lips for a long while before his tongue pushed between her lips. She welcomed him and let him explore every corner of her mouth. She liked how wild and hot he was that moment. She liked that he was kissing her like a starved beast. The heat and intensity between them as their tongues mated were beyond reason. They were being swallowed whole again in the inescapable whirlwind of their desperate desire for each other.

When Kai eased back, both of them were breathless. Their breath mingling in steamy puffs as Kai pressed his forehead against hers. Both of them felt so unsatisfied. Their eyes were burning with an insatiable need for more.

Kelly was about to pull him when Kai started to plant light kisses across her cheek to the intricate hollow of her ear. Sensation streaked down to her breast and then down her intimate and aroused sex. She knew she was already damn so wet for him.

Her naughty free hand then traveled down his abdomen and farther, but the moment she touched Kai's stiff and more than excited length, he grabbed her wrist and pressed her hand against the wall.

"Oh, Kai let me "

Another kiss silenced Kelly, and he ate at her mouth again. Kelly couldn't help but submit to him. His savageness thrilled her beyond comprehension and she could only moan and quiver in pleasure under his mercy.

He had hauled her fully against his body, his feet pushing between her thighs as he continued ravaging her mouth and Kelly couldn't help but move her hips and rub herself against him. It felt so good she felt her insides throbbed deliciously.

She wanted more. She wanted him inside again. She wanted to experience that inexplicable pleasure again, and this time, she didn't want any interruption. This time, she wanted to really reach that still unreachable peak, both of them almost almost reached that night back in Hidden Kingdom.

"Kai" she uttered his name as both of their chests rising and falling unsteadily.

Without warning, Kai placed his free hand on her breast. He caressed her softness, and then, a gasp escaped Kelly's lips the moment he tore her nightgown. But too soon, as soon as she realized what her savage beast had done, her lips curved into a wicked sensuous smile. All she could do was wait in agonizingly great anticipation on what he will do to her next.

He threw her torn piece of clothes on the floor, and his mouth captured her nipple. Gone was the gentle and in-control Kai. His tongue flicked out as he licked her peak and then stroked and sucked in an erotic rhythm. He that again and again, as Kelly moaned and gasped in pleasure.

When he palmed her between her thighs, Kelly cried out, and she began to move wildly against his hand.

"Oh, Kai. More, please. Give me more," she begged. Kai glanced at her aroused and lovely face before he slowly dropped down on his knees.

Kelly was about to protest when she felt his body moved away, but before any sound could leave her lips, Kelly felt Kai's ruthless tongue licked her folds, and all she could do was grab his messy hair, pulling him closer.

He looked up, and there was a hint of mischief in his fiery eyes that Kelly found deliciously hot.

"More, please, Kai. Pleasure me ah!" His fingers entered her as his mouth relentlessly kissed, sucked, and licked her sensitive folds. He stroked and ravaged her inner softness until Kelly's face was contorted and flushed.

When he increased the delicious rhythm, the level of pleasure also dramatically soared. He continued the merciless onslaught that she liked. His fingers skillfully thrust inside her as his mouth danced across her swollen flesh until her head fell back and began to shudder violently. She squirmed over him, and fireworks shot out before her very eyes.

Shaking, Kelly's knees finally lost their strength, and she slumped into him. Kai caught her and he put her in his lap as he sat on the floor where she had been and leaned on the wall.

He didn't speak. He simply sat in silence, listening to Kelly's heavy breaths as she came down from the high as if they were music in his ears. His arms wrapped around her and his head settled on her shoulder, hiding his face from her.

When Kelly was finally back in her senses, she lifted her hand and caressed his scalp gently. She could feel his throbbing hardness under her and she moved to return the favor. She wanted to please him too and send him to heaven like what he just did to her.

But Kai held her and didn't let her escape his grasp.

"Kai, let me "

"Kelly," he broke off. He didn't raise his face to look at her. "You want me to stay with you for two days. What do you want me to do here if I stay?"

Kelly stilled and fell quiet for a long while. But eventually, a determined sigh left her lips before she spoke. "Look at me first," she demanded. Kai took a while to move and lift his face.

With a smile, she lifted her hands and cupped his face. "Just stay and hold me and love me more." She said without any hesitation. But unexpectedly, Kai's lips curved up into a smirk. Kelly's eyes immediately widened. Her Kai does not smirk like this. He does not smirk like a bad boy!

She was speechless and couldn't find her voice for a moment.

"My god, Kelly" he muttered as he threw his head back, even lightly hitting against the wall. "I love you enough already. I love you more than anything, more than anyone, more than my life. My love for you is already too much it's killing me. What else do you want me to do? Ruin me?"

Kelly took a while to respond. His words shocked her entire being. Her heart began to swell uncontrollably with so many emotions. But she had to respond to keep him from leaving. "Okay, fine. Yes, that's what I want to do to you in two days, Kai, ruin you."

There was a momentary silence before another smirk curved on Kai's face. He shook his head and ruffled his own hair before he stared at her. "That would be fun, but I forgot that I'm already ruined. You've already ruined me, Kelly. So you better think of something else aside from that."

A chain filled with thorns seemed to squeezed Kelly's heart as she heard his words. She knew he was right. Just one look at him now, and she could tell he was right. Because all semblance of the elegant Prince Kelly used to know had vanished. He was right, she had already ruined him.

"Then" Kelly swallowed the ached and responded mischievously. "Since you're already ruined. Maybe, I'll try to kill you instead?"

Kai stilled, not averting his still fiery gaze off her. He didn't smirk this time. "Good, I think that's what I want you to do. You have two days to kill me." He said as he cradled her face with his hand.

"You're crazy."

"I know."

"But I'm crazy too."

"I know that too."



[I decided to keep Spellbound's first chapter here so that others can read it too. Note: Spellbound is not Hellbound Heart and it has nothing to do with hellbound.]

Title: Spellbound

Chapter 1. In the middle of the night

"Milady, they're here the prince is here."

Evie's shoulders immediately tensed up when she heard the shaken voice of her maid. Cold sweat dripped on her back as she shot a nervous look at her mother who had just arrived to check in on her.

"Mother, I" Evie subconsciously grabbed her mother's skirt. She couldn't help it. She thought she had prepared herself enough in the last few days but it seemed the fear and uncertainty still threatened to crash her resolve now that the moment had arrived.

"Hush, dear," her mother said as she gave her daughter a reassuring hug, but the concern in her eyes gave her away. "Don't worry, you can do this, my dear," she whispered as she gently rubbed Evie's back. "Don't forget the reason you have to do this, Evie"

Her mother kissed her head, and though she didn't look shaken, Evie could sense the anxiousness and distress within her mother.

Evie took a deep breath. "Yes, mother," she replied, as she flashed a forced smile toward her mother. "I can do this."

"Good girl..." Her mother's arms wrapped around her again for one last hug and after a second, her mother nodded at her maid.

"I am going to meet the guests now while you get ready," she told Evie and after giving her daughter one last encouraging smile, Evie's mother finally left the room.

Evie closed her eyes and her maid immediately hovered around her. She tried her best to calm her pounding heart, talking to herself inwardly and telling herself it would be alright, that everything would be alright. She was so focused on hardening her resolve that she was a little startled when the maid finally spoke.

"You look stunning, milady." Evie's eyes flew towards the mirror and she studied her reflection. Her hair was so beautifully arranged; her face painted just enough to emphasize her natural, innocent, maiden features.

Evie stared at herself quietly. It had finally arrived, the day of her wedding. She used to fantasize about this day when she was younger, daydreaming about how magical and wonderful it would be to marry the man of her dreams. She had seen herself smiling with so much happiness and excitement and delight as she marched down the aisle towards her dream groom.

But none of these fantasies of hers were going to happen. Instead of excitement and delight, her heart was filled with dread and unease. Well, nobody could blame her because like most of the ladies in the highest echelon of power, Evie couldn't choose whom to marry. She had mistakenly, stupidly thought she was safe from all these things because she wasn't a princess. However, she was the daughter of the most powerful noble family in the entire Empire. In the end, she couldn't escape this fate. In fact, she couldn't believe she actually had it worse than anyone else she knew, probably even more than the princesses of any Empire in existence. At least those princesses were married off to emperors and high ranking military generals from their neighboring human empires.

Yes, she too, was about to marry a prince but unlike those princesses, her husband-to-be wasn't human he was a vampire. And vampires were their enemy, the human's mortal enemies.

"It's time, milady." The handmaid's voice almost made her jump from her seat again. She let out another long and deep sigh - noble ladies like her did not express their dissatisfaction audibly - before she stood up with her head held high, and walked towards the door.

The door at the entrance was opened for her and she stepped gracefully over the sill before proceeding calmly along the corridor. She couldn't count how many times she had taken a deep breath as she walked towards those doors, doors which looked more daunting with each step she took. With one last step, she finally stood just before the large double doors leading towards the wedding hall.

'Be strong, Evie. For the sake of your family and the entire empire,' she whispered to herself again and again. She squared her shoulders and looked up once again as she waited for the doors to open. The moon and the stars were brightly shining down on her.

In her daydreams, her wedding day always took place on a fine sunny day where she would be surrounded by falling petals dancing in the wind. Who would've thought she was going to get married in the middle of the night and to a creature of the night?

The sky was clear and calm and peaceful. The stars blinked at her but even the calmness of the sky couldn't ease the turmoil that was bubbling inside her. Her pulse was racing and all she could do was take deep breaths, again and again. Her hands were shaking and it took all her strength to keep them still again.

Her presence was then announced and at long last, the procession began.

The hall she walked into screamed of luxury and was a feast to the eyes, but contrary to all the beautiful grandeur that filled the room, the atmosphere was, as expected, tense and heavy. It was extremely rare for vampires and humans to be present under one roof. There were occasions, of course, where the two races stood under the same roof but the difference this time was that they weren't intent on killing each other. Because of this wedding, the vampires and humans agreed to a ceasefire, the first one in history.

As she walked closer to the altar, her long, tapered fingers clutched her dress hard - an action that went unnoticed by the guests because her hands were swallowed by the voluminous folds of her gown - but Evie's eyes remained fixated on the floor. Her face was still facing forward but her eyes were trained on that single spot, always 5 feet away in front of her on the floor. She couldn't relax. She felt like she was walking on a small, thin stretch of road between vampire and human armies on the battlefield right before they collided and killed each other. Above all, she felt like a small, innocent little lamb voluntarily walking to the butcher's house to be sacrificed, despite being promised that her soon-to-be husband and the vampires would never hurt her.

The tension was so thick in the air that all she wanted to do was turn around and run away, but she didn't. She couldn't.

Evie couldn't hear anything but the loud pounding of her own heartbeat. She couldn't even raise her

eyes to take a peek at her husband-to-be because she was terrified! All her encounters with vampires terrified her to the core. Granted, she hadn't seen that many of them, but five years ago, she had come across a captured vampire. The vampire had had his sharp teeth bared, snarling with disgust and rage at his captors, and his eyes had glowed blood red which was a stark contrast to his overly pale skin. This vampire's appearance had horrified Evie. The same was true of the vampires who attacked her carriage a year ago.

She was scared of all vampires. All humans feared vampires. Vampires were the villainous monsters that mothers always used to scare their children. And yet, here she was, about to marry one of them.

Lost in her own fears, Evie didn't realize that she had reached the altar and she was instantly pulled back to the present when a hand appeared in her view. She almost stumbled in shock. Staring at the hand, Evie swallowed. She just knew this was the hand of the vampire prince she was going to marry.

Slowly, she lifted her eyes, her gaze moving from his hand, up to his elbow, across to his abdomen before stopping on his chest. She breathed in silently before she continued upwards, finally stopping on his face.

And the moment their eyes met Evie's heart momentarily stopped.


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I can't post \u003cSpellbound\u003e here on Wuxiaworld because I am working with an artist for it's comic version. So it will only be available on patreon.

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