Hellbound With You Chapter 579

575 Eclipse

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Kelly let out a soft but humorous chuckle. She didn't know if keeping him with her was a good idea but she just didn't care anymore. 'Come what may,' she thought because, in these two days, there would be no one in the universe but just the two of them.

Finally climbing off him, Kelly knelt between his long legs. She kept her eyes smoldering towards him as she moved. The heat immediately resumed when Kelly naughtily eyed the mighty bulge in his groin. She licked her lips in a very slow and sensuous way as her gaze traveled from his bulge to his eyes in an oh so seductive way.

Kai could do nothing but groan at the sight of her erotic face and her naked body because his already stiff length started to ache with need. He bit his lips and looked away, his body so damn tense, and Kelly could tell that at that moment, he was trying his hardest not to seize her. At the very least, his cautiousness was still there. However, Kelly was confident that a little push was all that's needed and this little beast will definitely lose it.

She leaned in on him and waited for a moment for him to look at her. But when the man remained facing away, Kelly raised a brow, and then her lips landed on his nape. And then suddenly, she bit him hard. She heard him grit his teeth and shuddered a little. His reaction pleased Kelly, and she let go of his skin. She knew her teeth left a mark, so she started to lick it gently as if to soothe the pain she had inflicted. Low groans escaped from Kai's throat, which Kelly thought was damn sexy.

Her fingers traveled down, and she cupped his bulge. As she continued kissing his neck, Kelly's hand started to rub him through his trouser. She sucked his flesh hard as if she was trying to mark every exposed skin of his neck.

When she was finally satisfied, she pulled away and admired her work of art. Beads of sweat were scattered on his temples, some already flowing down his neck. His eyes so dreamy and were flooded with lust and desire.

Kelly then bent, and she unbuckled his belt without breaking eye contact. She returned the same gaze back to him and their lust and desire for each other collided. That moment, they felt the moon and the sun was about to become one. Would it finally happen? Could they finally get their very own eclipse they've been longing for so long?

Hastily, Kelly freed him, and Kai grunted. His manhood had risen so stiff it was touching his navel. The sight of the moist in his tip made Kelly swallow and licked her lips. She was damn pleased to see how aroused he was as she gently pulled his sex away from his stomach.

"Kelly" was all he could say and without wasting a moment, Kelly lowered her lips and nuzzled the tip of it. Kai groaned and his breath snagged in his throat at the contact. She pressed tiny kisses along his sensitive length and lingered when she heard him groan with pleasure.

Kelly loved how he responds to her. She loved drowning him in pleasure. As her tongue progressed all the way back to the throbbing head of his hardness, she looked up into his face. His face flushed but his long dark lashes were lowered to his cheeks, concealing the look in his eyes.

Returning her full attention to his throbbing sex, Kelly opened her lips and slowly swallowed him. Kai clenched his fists so tight his knuckles turned white as the sensual pleasure raced inside his entire being. When she started to move, his brain completely turned into a mush, making it impossible for him to think clearly.

Her wicked and naughty mouth caused him an agony of pleasure he could never ever get tired of. She was so wild, like a lioness.

"Oh god, Kelly right, like that" he uttered between his gasps and Kelly made a little satisfied hum in her throat before she concentrated on taking him inside her deeper. She ravished him with her mouth and tongue until he swelled even harder.

And then, his head fell back as his gasps of pleasure resonated inside the quiet room, followed by an almost unbearable sensation that racked his entire body.

After he had calmed down from the extreme high, Kai pulled her in his embrace again. He held her tight and as his breath slowly stabilize.

"So, is this the killing you're talking about?" he whispered after a long while of silence.

"Of course not."

Her response made him look her in the eyes, his brow raised.

"Oh c'mon, love. I simply returned the favor. I haven't even started trying to kill you yet, babe." The mischievous and devilish look in her eyes as she said those words made Kai catch his lower lip between his teeth. He knew he was crazy to feel this surge of great anticipation and thrill inside him. He truly had gone mad.

"I am looking forward to it," he replied, and Kelly smiled.

"I will not disappoint you. I'll make sure you will never get bored in your two days stay here with me. I promise. In fact, I wanted to start now."

"Now" he echoed.

"Yes, now. I don't want to waste even a single second, Kai."

When he fell silent and just stared at her, Kelly traced his strong jaw with the tip of her forefinger. "Scared?" she asked playfully, and he smirked. "I always love your smile. But I think I am loving your smirks too." She giggled before she became serious and commanded her prince. "Now, my prince, shall we go get a relaxing shower first?"

Without a word, Kai stood with her in his arms and they both entered inside the bathroom. As soon as Kai put her down, Kelly immediately filled the tub with warm water.

When she looked back, her handsome man was already fully naked before her. He was a sight to behold and she couldn't help but lust over him again. 'Behave, Kelly.' She managed to stop herself from pounding on him by focusing her attention on tying her hair. After that, she dipped herself in the tub.

The warm water relaxed her tensed muscle as she watched Kai wash himself under the shower. She couldn't help but swallow and hold back her droll. How could he be so delicious? She wanted to eat him all night all day.

Noticing her intent gaze on him, Kai glanced at her through his wet, dark locks. Kelly gestured him to approach her and he didn't even hesitate to obey. The little beast seemed to be behaving himself for now as well.

But once he joined her in the tub, the behaving lioness lost it. Kelly stretched out her long legs until she touched his mighty length. She relentlessly teased him and when she felt him getting close, she stopped and left the tub.

"Time to leave the bathroom and go to bed, babe." She said, and Kai groaned but didn't protest.

She was already lying on the bed, tucked under the sheet, when Kai entered her bedroom. His lower half was wrapped with a towel as he approached her.

"I don't have any clothes for you, so I'm sorry, but you'll sleep naked with me tonight, my prince." She told him but her eyes were fixated on his groin. "Did you relieve yourself?" she asked with a naughty smile.

Kai wordlessly climbed on the bed and lay next to her before he answered. "I wanted to survive the first night at least."

A soft chuckle echoed, and Kelly moved closer to him. The next moment, she was on all four over him. Her eyes were brooding as she stared down at him.

Kai held his breath, waiting for what she was about to do next. However, Kelly did something unexpected. She lowered her lips but not to ravage his mouth again. Her lips landed softly on his forehead before she uttered a sweet and sleepy 'good night.'

That little action made Kai's body stiffen. He was so surprised that he failed even to say a word. He was expecting her to attack him again and he knew he was anticipating it. Yet, here she was now, leaning her head on his shoulder and wrapping her arm around his waist in a possessive manner after kissing his forehead. He felt an indescribable feeling inside him as he kept imagining the look in her eyes after she landed that innocent kiss.

For a long time, he was silent. And Kelly didn't move again. She fell asleep hugging him. He carefully turned to face her and watched her sleeping face. The lioness looked like a cute little cub when she was asleep that Kai couldn't help but caress her face gently. Oh, how he loved this woman.

Kai never slept. He just watched her. He didn't even notice that it was nearly dawn until a vibrating sound broke the silence inside the room.

Kelly's brows creased, and she opened her eyes. Kai didn't know why he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He felt her rolled away before he opened his eyes. But the moment he saw the screen of her phone and saw that Abi was calling her, Kai suddenly grabbed the phone away from Kelly's hand before she could answer the call.


Something came up so I failed to post two chapters but this chapter is long(1600words, my usual word count per chap is 1000). I will try two chaps tomorrow instead.

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