Hellbound With You Chapter 580

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Kai saw the shock on her face and he silently berated himself. But it was no use regretting now that the did was done. When he saw Abigail's name on her phone's screen, Kai immediately thought that Abigail must be calling Kelly to tell her about him. Kai was certain that by now, Alex already knew what had happened to his body, and knowing Alex, he would definitely tell his wife about it. And Abi would certainly tell everything to her best friend.

The thought that Kelly would hear about his self-destruction and his reduced lifespan made Kai's heart jumped with unease. He didn't want her to know. Not now. Because once this woman realized that she wasn't the only one in danger, Kai could already foresee her sending him away. She wouldn't ask him to stay with her anymore once she found out that he could harm himself and die in her arms. He knew she deserved to know, but Kai forced himself to believe that it was fine. It was fine for her not to know anything about it for now. He would give his everything within these two days. He would do everything to make her happy. No matter how momentary it was, Kai decided to make these two days a paradise for her, for them, before both of them finally jumped down to their very own kind of hells and live there for the rest of their lives.

"I've met Abigail before I came here," he said calmly.

"Oh," was all Kelly uttered after the shock of the moment passed through her. Her eyes were still questioning as she eyed her phone in his hand.

"I think she's calling to tell you something unnecessary."

"Unnecessary?" Kelly raised a brow, now looking at him with curiosity.

Kai stopped himself from looking around and just stared at her eyes. He didn't want her to suspect anything. He didn't want to ruin this moment because he knew this could be their last. "She had barged in in my villa, and she saw how messed up I am," he explained, carefully. "I'm certain she's calling to tell you how miserable I was when she saw me."

"And you don't want me to hear it?"

"Yes. And if you answer your phone now, there's a possibility that Abigail might invite you out to speak with you personally."

"And you don't want that to happen?"



"Because that would disturb us. We're supposed to be locked up in here for two short days without any contact to the outside world." As he said those words, Kai pressed the phone's shutdown button.

Kelly watched her phone die in his hand, and she could only gape, speechless. She never expected him to say such words! Eventually, a giggle escaped her throat as she shook her head in disbelief.

"I can't believe what you just said." She told him, and she climbed on top of him to look into his eyes closer and deeper as she could. "I am feeling guilty because I think that I bloody forced you to stay, you know? Yet you said those" Kelly bit her lips to stop herself from smiling widely like an idiot. "You're actually dying to stay with me, are you?" she whispered as she lowered her lips and playfully kissed the corner of his lips.

The tips of her breasts dragged through his chest before she pulled up a little and looked into his eyes again. "You even dared deny my opportunity to speak with my best friend, Kai." Her finger trailed on his chest as she lowered her face down once more. But this time, her lips landed at the hollow beneath his ear before she caught his earlobe between her tender lips. "Do you know how daring you are to do that? Huh, my prince?"

Kai was already aroused. Now her lips and hot breaths on his ear seduced him even more.

"I am not sorry." He replied with a serious expression. "Because in these two days you are mine alone and I am yours, Kelly. You were the one who gave me that impression when you asked me to be locked up here with you."

'And yes, I am always always dying to stay with you. There is nothing in this world that is bigger than my desire to be with you, except your death.' He added inwardly.

Kelly could only blink, once again surprised by his words.

"What. Am I wrong, Kelly?"

Before Kelly could form a response, Kai suddenly moved, and in the next instant, Kelly was under him. His eyes were smoldering as he stared down at her, and then he did the exact same thing Kelly just did to him, kissing the hollow below her ear before gently biting her earlobe.

"Forget about Abigail and think of no one but me," he then whispered, his voice husky and hypnotic. And for the nth time that night, his words rendered her dumbstruck again.

"Oh god, are you jealous?!" she exclaimed in utter disbelief.

"If that's how it sounds, then so be it." He replied thoughtfully, and Kelly couldn't even form an immediate response that she laughed instead.

"My god, Kai." She looked genuinely happy as she continued chuckling, her eyes twinkling in delight. "Why am I so happy?"

But her chuckles were cut short because, without warning, Kai captured her lips. He seized the insides of her mouth, and he licked and sucked her tongue as though it had been so long since the last time he had kissed her. He didn't stop until Kelly was breathless from his savage attack.

When he finally pulled away, Kelly was panting hard. "Y-you are you trying to kill me? Who's going to kill you if you kill me first? And I am supposed to be the one to kill you!" she burst out with both fake anger and genuine thrill as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to push him, planning to be in control again, but Kai didn't let her. Oh, my what is he planning to do don't tell me he's going to...


One more chap later today.

P.s. to my patrons, I will be updating new chapters for Spellbound tomorrow. ^^

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