Hellbound With You Chapter 582

578 Little Demoness

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A glint of deviltry flashed across Kelly's eyes the moment Kai relaxed beneath her. She could feel his complete surrender, and she licked her lips in delight, showing him how ready she was to take him fully.

An acute lust rolled through Kai at the sight of her. Her naked body, her exposed breasts, her every curve, those glimmering eyes which were filled with lust and desire for him, and the way she licked her lips took every particle of his will to keep his body still.

Kai knew what she was thinking. The intense determination behind her lustful gazes made him realize that she has never forgotten what had happened that night. He could tell she was nervous and uneasy, but it was apparent she wasn't feeling that way because she was afraid to die in his hands. This girl never feared him, even during that very moment when he nearly killed her. He knew she must be uneasy because of the possibility that this time too would be like last time, and both of them were once again get slapped by the reality that they were simply impossible.

He used to feel quietly infuriated whenever she acts as though she didn't care about her life, but now Kai finally understood what she had been feeling. Because right then, despite knowing the fact that he could die in her arms, there wasn't even a tiny glint of fear that surged within him. It was as if he didn't care at all if he dies as if it didn't even matter anymore whether what they're about to do was wrong or right.

Finally, he understood why Kelly had been so bold and fearless. He finally understood why she carelessly and relentlessly came after him despite the danger signs. Because now that she too had officially become his very own danger zone wrapped with all the vividly clear warning signs, he would still jump into her as if he was blind, as if he never saw any danger signs at all.

He loved her despite the danger signs. He loved her so much he would rather choose death than a future without her.

"What are you thinking?" his attention immediately returned to her when she spoke. Her face was hovering over him as she searched his eyes. "You're not plotting about how to take over the moment I let my guard down, are you?"

"If my answer is yes, what will you do?"

"I will have to force you to swear. Promise me you won't do that. Promise me you will let me take complete control over you until the end!" The intensity in her voice nearly made Kai smile, but he held it.

"But even if I were to promise that, you should know that sometimes even I cannot control myself."

"You can. For my sake." Her eyes blazed as she said those words while Kai admired how breathtaking she looked when she was on fire with both determination and desire.

She reached out and played with his dark locks as she whispered like a little demoness seducing him to his demise. "Promise me, Kai. I know you can do it. Please?"

And he couldn't resist the temptation. No, there was actually no need for her to tempt him because he was already tempted and prepared to surrender before she even asked.

"I will try, I promise." He said, and despite purposely including the words 'I will try' in his response, Kelly beamed in delight, and she kissed him.

"I love you," she whispered against his lips, and she delved inside his mouth as deep as could. All the while, she was rubbing her body against him. The feeling of her wet flower rubbing slowly against his hard abs was enough to threaten Kai's self-control.

He was already so hard and aroused that Kelly had to gently pull his hardness away from his navel before she could place it between her thighs. When he felt her hot and wet sex against him, he held his breath and clenched his teeth together. It was finally happening again. Finally, he was going to be one with her again.

Kelly supported herself for a moment on her knees as she guided his hard shaft between the hot folds of her sex.

Kai never moved. But when she had pushed the head of his manhood into her entrance, Kai's breaths hitched. He was only barely an inch inside her, and the pleasure was already taking his breath away.

A deep groan escaped from within his lungs as Kelly writhed a little. Her hand was still grasping the length of his manhood, slowly guiding him deeper. And then, she stilled and looked at him.

He struggled to hold himself still, waiting for her to resume. But the little demoness took her time, and when she finally lowered herself, it was only another inch deeper. My god! Would he live through this? She was really going to kill him for real!

Kai's head could only fall back to the pillow. All he wanted that moment was to thrust forward and penetrate her as deep as he could.

Again, another inch and Kai could no longer hold his voice back, and he groaned in utter exasperation.

Looking at his face, the little demoness reached out and cupped his cheek without moving down on him. "Easy, babe. Be patient, okay? It's not easy to accommodate your uhm bi "

"You're going to kill me, Kelly."

"Hush, love. I'm just testing your self-control, and so far, you're doing very well."

"My god"

His reaction made Kelly let out a satisfied hum, and she finally started to move. She rocked slightly forward and then back in a very slow rhythm. She didn't even take him inside her fully, and it was maddening how sweet the way she tortured him. He wanted to reach deeper. Deeper. He wanted to be buried deep inside her.

He looked at her, and the torture became even more unbearable. He could see her erotic breasts moving with her body and her mouth-watering throat exposed completely. Yet he could reach neither, and the agony only made his manhood swell even harder. She would really kill him this time. He knew she would!

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