Hellbound With You Chapter 583

579 I promise*

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Kelly continued with her torture, sliding forward then withdrawing just as he thought she would finally straddle him completely. The agony of keeping himself from grabbing her was consuming him he didn't know how long he could hold on.

He tried to move his hips, but the little demoness seemed to have anticipated it, and she raised herself, causing him to slip out of her.

"Oh my god, Kelly," he could only utter as Kelly pushed him down. "Don't be so cruel."

Kelly bit her lips to stop herself from grinning. She was surprised to see his every expression, his every reaction, and how badly he wanted her. That night in his villa, Kelly hadn't seen his expressions when they first had sex because Kai never gave her a chance, or she never had the opportunity to pay attention to his expressions. And she was too lost in pleasure to watch his face. But now that she was watching him, Kelly couldn't help but want to see more because she found herself enjoying the feeling of him being crazy for her, begging her. She knew she was being bad, so bad, but she had told him she'd kill him, and he said that's what he wanted her to do.

"But you told me this is what you wanted me to do," she retorted as she grasped his length again and guided it inside her. "You asked me to kill you, darling. And this is my very own way to fulfill your desire. So don't move again, okay? Or else, I'll pull away again."

His response was a loud groan, and he could only tug his hair. His body was now glistening with sweat as his hardness twitched when she slowly swallowed him again.

Kelly smiled then licked her lips, and finally, she lowered herself when he least expected it. She slid all the way, straddling him completely, causing Kai's eyes to widen for a moment before they abruptly drifted shut as he felt her took him to the hilt.

The feeling of him filling her completely nearly drove Kelly to insanity. She struggled so hard not to throw her head back and shut her eyes. She must not take her eyes off him. She had to watch him close. She must not lose herself completely or else...

"Oh, Kelly, that's it like that please move your hips" he uttered shakily. Kelly was panting as she looked down at him. She was proud of herself for managing to regain her senses. Her eyes immediately searched his eyes, and she was relieved to see that there was still no sign of them going red. His eyes remained normal.

She began to rock against him, but still in an excruciatingly slow rhythm. She didn't forget to stay wicked as she swallowed him, then retreated very slowly and making him wait, and wait until he clutched handfuls of the bedclothes. He had gripped the clothes so hard that it didn't take long for the sound of ripping fabric to resonate inside the room. His body was slightly arched, and he felt as though he were being stretched on a torture rake.

This was seriously killing him. This was the worse torture he had ever gone through. And he was shocked himself because his body was still not betraying him despite how wicked this little demoness was treating him right then. It was hard to believe even for him that he managed to hold on this long.

When he closed his eyes, the voice of the demoness he loved resonated in his consciousness. "Don't close your eyes, babe. Look at me," she urged. "I'll go faster if you open your eyes."

Immediately, Kai looked at her. She smirked devilishly as she bent forward and kissed him lightly. "Okay, I'll move now. But if you close your eyes or try to pull me, I'll stop."

He couldn't believe she was threatening him in bed while he was sheathed inside her, but he nodded anyway. His desire for her was greater than anything else.

"Yes, please. Move on me, yes faster Kelly" he uttered as her lush body lifted and settled, deepening his penetration. She gripped and stroked him by her wet depths until he was muttering endearments and sex words.

"Oh, Kai," she inhaled sharply as his hips began to ram against her. She was about to force herself to move away, but when she saw that the color of his eyes still didn't change, Kelly couldn't make herself stop the impossible ecstasy they were sharing at the moment. She thought it was okay because his eyes were still normal. She told herself that once his eyes start to turn red, she would immediately pull away and stop. But it didn't, and so she let him nudged deeper with steady strokes until her sex clamped so tightly around him.

She could no longer stop herself from rocking harder and faster. She was starting to get lost completely. It took every fiber of her consciousness never to close her eyes. And she remained locking her eyes to his all the while, hoping and praying deep within her consciousness that his eyes wouldn't turn red.

"Kelly" Kai uttered her name, worshipping her. Every part of him moved along with her, his manhood, his heart, his body, and soul. He was lost, completely, drowning in her.

His mind filled with nothing but her and the beyond heavenly pleasure they were currently sharing. The pleasure had long taken over him ultimately, he could no longer think at all. He just thrust faster, harder, and deeper until, at last, he felt himself convulse and pulse inside of her as Kelly clenched him spasmodically.

"Ah," she moaned and shivered on top of him, unable to keep her eyes open anymore. The long-awaited eclipse had finally happened.

Kelly looked down and searched for his eyes, and when she saw they weren't red, she finally collapsed over him. Kai drew his hands over her back and filled his hand with her damp hair as he pressed his lips against her head.

"We did it" she uttered between her gasps, and Kai stilled as if he just realized something extremely crucial.

It took him a long while to respond. "Yes. You did well" he said, but Kelly's breathing had already lengthened and slept on top of him.

Kai silently swallowed as he carefully lay her on the bed. He looked at her sleeping face before he reached out and smoothed the strands of her hair away from her face. He could now see the weariness on her face. It was apparent she'd been through hell since the day he sent her away. The pain surged within his heart, but they disappeared almost immediately. An intense emotion kicked all the dark emotions, and his eyes burned with the kind of hellfire that wasn't related to any destruction.

He bent and gave her an emotional and long forehead kiss before he pulled away and whispered, "I'll be back, Kelly. And once I return, I will claim you all over again, this time, wholly and surely. I won't be late, I promise."


[Hurray, at long last. Lol. I did my best. I hope I am improving writing smuts.

This author is still learning and I know I still have a lotttt to learn. Hope you liked it. And I hope you're enjoying Kelly and Kai's moments.

P.s. chapter 9 and 10 for Spellbound is out.]

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